you ever try to get organized? it's funny, the blogs that
i check out daily are all talking about organizing and
getting rid of anything you don't "love, love, love".
i have been totally going through the same thing.
since i have began putting together my studio, it
has been nothing but a sty...
so for the next month it is my goal to boot the crap
to the curb. if it ain't groovy, it goes. in the last
week i have filled 3 black trash baggies with
stuff that just does not matter in my life.
my kids hate me! so far it has been from their
rooms, but today i began in the studio.

next weekend...road trip - ikea or bust.
oh my gosh i love ikea. then the eggplant goes
and a cleaner brighter hipper color shall emerge.
pictures to follow.


the fat wife

so i have to say this entry really has nothing to do
with anything...but me and
my neurotic thought processes.
bryce [my very young husband] plays softball
every summer.
he couldn't go without playing. [i rarely go to his games].

but tonight, we were childless, so i went. as i walked up
to the 2nd field [
carrying a bag o' burgerking] it hit me.
i was a fat wife. please believe me,
i am not making fun
or mocking anyone over weight. but as i walked up
of munching on my whopper w/cheese. i noticed all the 20
in their halter tops, and i realized now in my 40's
i am the fat wife. she is the
wife i used to look at with pity.
you know the one who went to cheer on her husband
he flirted with the 20 something during his game. yep that
is now me.

i ate the whopper with cheese anyway. only really fast hoping
no one would
see me chomping away.

on a very funny in crawfordsville always brings up
the past.
you know very small town, very big fish bowl.

bryce has a team mate [can't give you a name] who i made
out with when i was about
19, at panhell [wabash college]
[he just moved back to town]. he also goes to my church.
can't even look at the man. he probably doesn't even
remember me. of course i remember it like it was
yesterday...warped demented soul that i am.

and even though i am 40, i can still make out with the best of them. so i keep telling myself!


good morning world

good morn!

wow, what a week...
i just have to say although busy, i have
been able to keep up and stay pretty organized.

thanks microsoft outlook. so since i have been
serious most of the week here is another little
list of really groovey things in my book...

dave matthews - verizon [they rock]
flip flops
violette [happy birthday!]
"the five people you meet in heaven" [read it!]

silver in the city - mass ave [check it out]
cotton candy [superhero designs]



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crawfordsville strawberry festival 2005


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busy weekend

hey everyone. i just made it through the strawberry fest.
wow how busy can one weekend be! even squeezed in
a beautiful wedding [blessing to erin and andy!]

just some images of what i have been up to.
thanks for looking.




i am finally out on my own as an artist. the financial
security that i once knew will now be gone. but hell
i am excited. everyone's been so supportive. i have
to say, it has been a really hectic week. i have the
strawberry fest to get ready for, so i am making beaded
crosses, stationary and painting windows. plus working
on my side jobs [actually they are jobs, no longer
side jobs].

funny how little moments in life put things in perspective.

today, i attended my daughter, clancy's recital. [she
plays acoustic guitar]. i sat and listened to all the
talented kids. wondering to myself why the hell is the
state yanking these programs out of our schools.
one of the last kids to perform was a little boy-riley.
i had watched him earlier enter the school. he was on
a mission, he was excited and serious. he had a job to
do. rileys dad is irag. he has been gone most of the year.
as i sat and listened to riley play the guitar, tears started
flowing and i realized that as that little boy played with such
determination, he was playing for his dad. as he played
it became surreal, i could actually see his dad in the streets
of baghdad walking through the streets, monitoring the

i tend to forget on some days that we still have troops
in the middle east. and regardless of what my views of
of the war and the decisions that my government makes,
there are familys who sacrifice every minute of everyday
for my family. so to anyone who has a loved one protecting
me and my family...god bless each of you.
and rock!