studio friday {something old.....}

something old, something new,
something borrowed, something blue

a. blue - my handy blue clipboard. one of my favorite bargains
b. new - purchases for my painting. i got all these on a trip
last friday. there is a happy shop called {archivers} on
the southside of indy. i am not into scrapbooking, but
this place is full of great mixed media finds. i could have
shopped there all day. i also found some fun little magnets
in the dollar bin at target.
c. old - my trust old brushes. i just can't part with any of them!
d. borrowed - time. i feel like i am always on borrowed time. making
time up here and there.

have a great monday!


happy tuesday

{layers of sketches on tracing paper}

happy TUESDAY to all. what a
great long weekend we had. the
kids were gone. saturday, b and
worked the boys swim sectional and
chs came out on top by 8 points...WHEW
that was close. the boys threw b in
and i had to bring him a change of clothes.
it was so cold, he would have been a
BIG popsicle if he had come home wet.
we went to dinner and the came home
threw on our jammies and were in bed
by 8pm. true BLISS it was!

i am quoting on a new job....HUGE job. well

considering i have gone a month without
steady jobs coming is huge to me.

the sketches ABOVE are what you can find
strewn all throughtout my studio. i am always
AMAZED at what i find laying around. i have sketches
doodles, and notes on all TYPES of papers. i find

them on invoices, job sheets, scraps of paper.
do you do this? i just BOUGHT sheet protectors, so
that i can START organizing my doodles! i just need
to be able to keep track of them.

if you are looking for something to get your CREATIVE
juices flowing or if you just want to hang with some
really HAPPY girlies....check this out. melanie and misty
have started a new creative fest! JOIN in and have some

need to get to work, get a workout in and then off
to get my tresses worked on!

happy tueday!


studio friday {poison}

what's my poison.....

face and hair ~ aveeda
cappucino ~ 2 every morn

beer ~ red stripe, rock bottom wheat, yuengling
food ~ mexican
sodie ~ diet pepsi
candy ~ black licorice and chocolate
art supplies ~ well duh....any art supplies
food ~ mexican
company ~ a quiet night with bryce and good friends.

if you want to checkout other's poison, stop by
studio fridays and say hello



here is where i am at this morning.... i feel just plain crappy

my eyes are burning, my head is achey and i just
want to go to bed and pull
the covers over my
head. [sorry about the bad
rhymn...not intentional.]
i have the "incredible
shrinking eyes" syndrome.
the older i get, the
smaller my eyes get and my
annoying allergies
don't help in this matter.

we have a bug in our house. he has been
visiting for a few weeks. nothing major, but
he is here lurking and jumping back and forth
between the 4 of us. the can of lysol is coming

this is what i want to look like, i want some
energy, i want this headache to go away. i am
crabby and tired. so that is where i am at today.
i think i will work on my new mixed media piece
and finish that up. that will make me feel better.

on another note...look at that my bitchin' superhero

necklace! isn't she pretty. it makes me happy
to wear her.

thankful on thursday....

seeing the jack johnson video this morning
laughing about sticking my foot in it with my old boss
my warm striped blanket wrapped around me
dove chocolates
giggling with gabe and clancy this a.m.
looking over at my new collage

the phone message from swirly that i can't erase
and listen to over and over again

my emails from
kim, melanie, penelope and tine

very thankful for mac, el conquestador and steph
last nites visit with an old friend
warm showers

my cappuccino machine

happy thursday


pink and red on tuesday

{valentine atc's} 1st atc trade

happy valentines's day to each and everyone

of you. sending hugs...whopping hugs to all. i am
so blessed to receive the encouragement, support
and laughter from each of you. may this day be
filled with lots of love, friendship, candy hearts
and chocolate.

i dig those necco candy hearts!

happy music for the day....

ben harper ~ beloved one
sarah mclachlan
~ ice cream
al green ~ let's stay together

van morrison ~ brown eyed girl
jimmy buffett ~ come monday
dave matthews band ~lover lay down

happy vd day!



indiana morning moon

reflecting on all my blessings...

my funny husband

cheri's independence
gabe's silly sense of humor
clancy's singing debut
my wide range of friends
a warm, colorful studio

all the new toys that i have
been able to purchase this
past year...who needs clothes!

my auntie lynne - don't know what i would do without her

my creative artist mind
jimmy buffett - live at fenway
my ole striped blanket wrap
the kind words and encouragement from so many of you

being able to work from home
and getting to be a mom.

what are your blessings.....


fear [studio friday]

{when you hold back on life, LIFE holds back
on you.}

FEAR...seems to rule my creative life. i have been
staring at the mixed media piece above for over
two weeks. i have put my taxes on top of it,
books have been placed on top as well. my mess
seems to continually find its spot there. i cleaned
a bit yesterday, i seem to clean up everday. never
finding time to just loose myself in the studio. i
lose myself in the untidyness. i can always find
something else to do. i fear that i am not good
enough. i fear what would happen if i did succeed.
i fear making too much money - not enough money.
that i may gain recognition, yet i yearn for recognition.

i have an unbelievable support system, from all sorts
of walks of life. many i haven't even personally met.
but they are there cheering me on.

i want to feel worthy, i need to believe that this
is what i am meant to do. i have to rise above
the fear.


cotton candy

{oh so happy...}
this is just a really quick
and heartfelt post...i just
went to the post and found
an oh so happy postal envelope
addressed to my husband from
miz andrea scher.

i am an official superhero...yippee!!!

bryce of course is the true hero in
all of this. and if you knew how
hard it is for him to splurge and
give gifts, well then you would
know why i am singing his praises!

not only do i have my cotton candy
bauble, i also have andrea's biz
card and a lovely superhero design
postcard that i can hang on my
eye candy sphere!

happy wednesday - now i am off
to show it off over lunch


fours on tuesday

[look at my new oil cloth apron...isn't she pretty!]

miz mawn!
here are my fours.....

four jobs
dekalb [i trudged through rain, sleat and heat in
corn that was 7 foot tall and pulled tassles]
holiday inn-bused tables
library [college work study]
graphic designer

four places i have lived
my parents
college dorm
my parents
my own home

four places i wish i lived
key west
san antonio

any place near a beach

4 favorite authors/poets
la vie rose

dr. seuss
maya angelou

4 favorite artists

sarah smith
van gogh
oh......i just can't help myself!

4 vacation spots
cancun - oh the warmth
daytona - oh the love
catalina island - oh the fun
new orleans - oh the joy and beauty of it all!

4 tv shows
crafters coast to coast
gray's anatomy
dancing with the stars

the ellen show

4 movies
napoleon dynamite

lord of the rings series
any monte python

4 foods
marty's superbowl brownies...she dreams of freddie couples
as she whips the beauties
shrimp anything

4 wishes/dreams/goals
run an artistic coop where artists can work, display, sell and teach
renovate an old building into a loft and live and work there
get rid of my moody disposition
take my kids on a vacation to the beach

and just for fun....during the superbowl party the woman had a little session
to see who our dream dates would be. celebrity - musician - local
they varied from freddy couples, sly stallone and well i had 5 beers, so i don't
remember the rest....but here were four of mine. shocker that it was such a
broad range....i won't tell my local crush, too many people will see...hee!

tommy lee jones
lenny kravitz
ben harper
anderson cooper

we even polled our husbands...i was just glad that my husband named someone
sensible - mia hamm!
really i was shocked that most didn't name the usual
skanks!....that is for you heather.

happy tuesday!

mothers and daughters

...vinegar and oil and white
...somedays my relationship with my mom is like
me trying
to squeeze my size 12 butt into
my size 8 jeans - it just don't fit.

what is it about mom's and daughter's. my mom has
been stopping by on
monday mornings after her swim.
it has been nice, we really don't get to see each other much.
we talked for about
a half hour and the next thing i know she
is in tears. she begins to say how painful it is for her to see
my unhappy. [i am not unhappy]
she doesn't understand
why i have low
self-esteem [i don't either, but i know it is
i have to work on everyday]. she thinks it is
because she starved herself while she was pregnant and she
only gained ten lbs and that this affected
my chemical makeup.
[i disagree]. the whole time my head is reeling with questions.

wondering what in the hell i said to upset her. she is crying
and the things she is saying are really upsetting me. it was like
a bad train wreck. i love my mom very much, but i will be honest,
she drives me nuts. the things that i don't like about myself
are the same thing that i don't like about her. we are moody,
we can be set off easily. we feel deeply. and as she is
giving me all of this grief i am thinking - jesus, you are talking
about yourself. but my mom is 65 years old. i don't think
she can handle what i have to say to her. when i do try to
be honest about any subject, she get very nervous and shuts
down the conversation, because she can't handle what i am

i grew up in a very close knit, strong willed family, traditional
family. my mom and i weren't especially close when i was young.
i was very attached to my dad. and i have realized that if i
want to be close to mom, then i was going to have to include
her more in my life. and i did and it got better. but as my
parents grow older, my once young at heart parents are getting
old. they bicker constantly. my mom has always taken the back
seat to my dad. he makes the decisions, pays the bills, calls the
contractors, etc. she doesn't like it when i call my husband out
about something. i think she equates this with an unhappy marriage.
but i have learned that if i need something from my husband, i need
to tell him. i am extremely independent. i don't need my husband
to call a contractor, to pay my bills [eventhough he does], i can take
off for the day and drive wherever i want to go and i like it that way.
and i can't stand it, that my mom is so dependent on my dad. i
consider it a weakness. and this, as i said earlier, goes very deep.
i won't bore you with all of the whinnie details. i just need to

i am so angry at my mom at the moment. this happens all the time.
she wants to discuss something, but shuts me off the minute she
is uncomfortable with the details and i have told her this. today
i said to her, that she can't come to my house and expect me to
be someone i am not. i won't conform to what todays world thinks
a woman should be. life is dirty, it is scary, dark and somedays
rather gloomy. but i know this and i am okay with dealing with
it. i am not a morning person, so don't come over in the morning.
don't ask me what i think and then be upset because i am honest
with my answer. don't label me when you have no clue what my
day has been like. and don't, don't assume there is something
wrong - when there isn't.

messy messy messy. my mom left in tears and i was left trying
to figure out my part in this whole thing and how i am going to
move on and not be really angry with her.

on a lighter note, the opening superbowl act should have been
the half time extravaganza! wow...i could have watched stevie
wonder and his crew all night! too bad the ads were so weak.
although there were a couple decent ones.

sorry this has been so glum, but it does feel good to blow
off a bit....

oh happy monday, everyone!


52 figments

whoo...i am finally caught up with my
52 figments projects. i am behind by four weeks!
so i have sat myself down for the last two days
and whipped my weekly sheets out! yes, dear
bryce, i know i should be working on pulling the
tax info together. don't you worry you little
analytical head. i will be there at 3pm with all
my receipts, invoices, studio dimensions and
totals. i have have to say [I FEEL GREAT!]

looking for something sweet to partake in -
go here and check out all of swirly's site.
pure inspiration!