what to wear

leah apron - modern myrtle

i am loving aprons! they truly
can make an outfit. i just got
this one from modern myrtle
and it is so damn adorable. i
could wear them everyday.

if you are looking for a work
apron check out these from
the little room. today i am
wearing my natasha. liz does
such a great job and her soul
mantras go right along with
the aprons. go check them out.

happy shopping!


2girls, 2clicks *[no.4]

2girls, 2clicks [glisten no.4] with the most awesome kiki

just another collaboration with my girl kiki. if you would like to
see more happiness, then skip this way.
*[ on a yesterday note - i am fine. not laying in the fetal position,
really i am not! just needed to vent, lack of sleeps just sucks. but
a 2hr full body massage, finishing up new pendants and looking at
my little tree did the trick. okay did the trick. the
emails and comments were so sweet. i honestly felt bad about even
p0sting it. but thanks for caring. damn indiana gray skies!]
peace out.


today....a bit cloudy

Originally uploaded by indigochickie
not sure what is happening here. may be a lack of enough
sleep. little miss c, has slept with my the last two nites. b
is gone and she seems to think i need someone next to me
a i slumber, last nite she was tossing all over and that means
i didn't sleep well.

i often wonder if i am making the difference i yearn to make.

i want to be inspirational, but am i

i need to be creative, but i seem to be stuck

i want to create great things, yet i don't feel i do.

i am missing so many girls right now. i read your blogs
i look at your images and i yearn to head back to the trees
and drink a red stripe out of the ice box. i miss the morning
hugs, the walks over the muddy paths. i miss you. i feel
very alone here in the center of earth.

the days seems as if my hands are tied. i know it is just
the lack of sleep.

saturday we celebrate my family's christmas, meaning sibs
and all the little rugrats. this crazy aunt will make a new tradition
this year....every one gets their birthday gifts for the next year. i
am so bad about remembering that i thought - what the hell.
how fun will this be to see all the gifts on a table! i think they
will love it

our tree is up and so cute. i got her for $10! long scrappy limbs
a little frazier fur, lots of blue and pink glass balls and little drink
umbrellas grace the limbs. you know how i love to use drink

more pendants on the way. there are 4 heading out the door
this week. so i am going to focus on that and move on.

hope your day is happy and warm, and if not warm then bundle
up and smile.



art pendant cheer

new art pendants!

boots artpendant no.1
i always forget how bad my lighting is here in the studio, until i have
to do more photos for the shop! ugh. and these little pieces of
sugar are encased in a glass lense....even worse! but i have four
on etsy, ready for homes.

i will be part of a month long exhibition at paper and stitch. brittni
was so kind to let me be part of her 3rd show. so YIPPIE! please
stop by and check out all the artists. the exhibition will be live

greener pastures art pendant no.1

in the meantime...if anyone has any thoughts on the photography
i am all ears!



2girls, 2clicks *[no. 3] collaboration with miss kiki.
she is waiting and my trixie twilight is waiting on a frame.
anyone have any instructions on making a box frame
to pop her in?