..squam love and more..

splash....journal pages.

1. check out my squam love over at
athena dreams! it's an interview!

2. summer weather in middle indiana, window open wide. loving the
fresh air smell throughout the house

3. celebrating cinco de mayo with some silly chicks

4. the new display from steel dreaming...lots of fun here

5. and this chickadees birthday, today. she brings so much
light and fun to my world. happy birthday danielle!!!!!


mermaid chalenge no. 6

velma jane, sassy . sweet . fiery

2 friends::creating, supporting and cheering on
6 weeks::mermies galore keep us both on track
2 daughters who love coming up with names
3 descriptive words for each mermie

week no. 6 is upon us, the last of the mermies
from the challenge. and this one is going to
a chick who is just starting her cupcake biz.
i can't wait for her to name her company so
i can put it on the banner.

here is what i learned from this challenge...thanks to
my friend danielle.....

1. i need to push myself. more
2. weekly painting is a must.
3. it really isn't hard to put time to the side each each
4. if i sketch it, i will paint it.
5. gorgeous beautiful friendships are formed at art retreats

we double dog dare ya, to come up with your
little mermie or another other creative challenge.
talk to a friend and do it!

and i have to say, don't these really look cute
together. love it!


..days of not..

bouncey balls + brain = kelly's crazy mind
i like to think that i am in control, that i can fix the unfixable. that
i am okay.
i like to think that i mask my emotions well, that even on my worst
day, my worst isn't visible
but then i have to pinch myself and remind - me - that i am human.
that some days i can't hide my sadness, my fears, my anger.
most days i yearn to make a difference. i love making someone happy
and i feel that i can do that just by smiling or laughing. you know -
those little random acts.
most days, i don't do enough.
but with all that, i do know that i am okay. that if i am not
up to "par" today, then tomorrow - maybe.