looking for a little new.

on the eve of new. 12.31.10

after yesterdays post...this popped up in my inbox. gotta love
that universe. always keeping my ass in check. i realize that
whoever signs up on, gets the same message everyday
but isn't that the beautiful part....we each get that message and
from there we are all working on the same thing. magic.

kelly, soon the new year starts, so now's a great time to:

1. Wipe the slate clean.
2. Focus upon what you really want.
3. Chart your course.


Well... only if you want to risk having to repeat these steps for
the same wishes next year! Maybe this is splitting hairs, but
here's an adventurous alternative:

1. Give thanks that life is... just as it is (and that it's been... just
as it's been). Because of it, you're now "READY."

2. Define what you want in terms of the end result. Don't worry about
the hows, or even the course. KNOW that what you want is ALREADY
yours in spirit, by divine LAW, just focus on the certainty of this
ownership, understand it, claim it, and "it will be on earth, as it
is in heaven (spirit)."

3. LET THE UNIVERSE show you the way via your impulses and instincts
that appear as you take inspired action. Don't worry that your first steps
seem silly or futile. And if you don't know what to do, do anything! Go!
Get busy! Do not insist on intermediary successes, only upon the end result.

2011 is going to be your year (it already is),
The Universe

so with that - to each of you be safe tonight. and in the following days. a
quick thanks to each of you who send me the sun. 2011 is gonna be good.

*to our universe....lets add more peace, kindess,compassion and more
giggling to the mix. our world needs more of that, i know i do!

peace, ya'll


good stuff.

some good stuff happening....

hoping to get my website moving. i have
a person to put it together, now i just have

to find the time to organize the files and send
them off. the holidays really put a wrench
in this.


going with this feeling that 2011 is going
to be a swell year. 2010 was to say the least
an emotional journey. i found that i was allowing
old wounds to fester and friendship of many years
steer my path. what i found is that i don't have
to own anyones juju but my own. with that comes
much introspection, some rather uncomfortable
days and constant reminders, that i am me, and
unless the other party is honest - there is nothing
i can do to change the mood. so i am working
on maintaining my mood and living the life i
believe to be mine. although i have to say, there
are days that sadness creeps back in, i miss some
of them, but i am no longer willing to jump thru
all those hoops like it is show time. i am me . i am
okay . i am enough.


several ideas i am mulling around to send
out for submission. this makes me so nervous.
what holds me up most?
1. fear of not doing it correctly and it being
sent back

2. time. there just never seems to be enough time


the studio is a wreck, yes - again a wreck.
the vintage suitcases with what is left
of 5 holidays shows litter the floor., found
papers, paints, bubble wrap. all covering the
ugly berber carpet. soon the deconstruction
will begin and hopefully with the help of
my hubby and kids - this space will soon be
what it is intended to be. new color on the
walls, no more carpet and a load of stuff i
don't, want - use - or need sent away.


christmas morning spent where it needed to be,
at home, with my kids, bryce my parents and the
pooches. this made me so so happy. holidays need
to settle down and be enjoyed. sometimes you have
to be a rebel to make that happen.

yep...i don't mind being the rebel.

some good stuff i think,

hipsta dig it. original

christmas cheer

mcdonalds cup

i finally broke down and went with an iphone. after
4 months of no phone. i am excited about what i will
be able to do with some of the apps. the hipstamatic
has been so fun. honestly i have barely taken any
pics with my cameras of late. i have been feeling
rather elementary with photography attempts, my rebel is
refusing to load on either of my computers. i have about 3
months of images on there that i can't work with. so the
hipstamatic apps has made things fun again.
the trick for me is not to be pulled to the darkside
with constant texting, answering while having company
or at dinner. fingers crossed i will stay over here.
because i hate that crap.
so what are some other fun apps


so this is christmas.....

a christmas altar

i am tired, my hands are sore from the cold
and the wrapping , white snow is falling
out the window. snuggled in for the eve, waiting
for the kids to come home. i have a love hate
party with christmas every year. i really wish we
could all soak up the message that these winter
holidays bring us. regardless of our faith, our beliefs
or world...the message is clear. and here is what
i love about it all. show compassion, extend kindness,
give love...even if it is a warm hug.

to each of you who touches my life i thank you.
for the love, the compassion, kindness and most
of all for letting me be my silly crazy emotional me.

my blessings are big i tell ya!

peace be with each of you and yours today.



drive by

the skyway toll road....three bucks a pop!

navy pier....lake shore drive





happy mail

Sharing her heart she healed.

handmade package by bonnie rose

mystic heart

live peace necklace.

the whole fricken stash.

monday was a happy mail day.

1. mystic heart and sharing her heart she healed. by
the so very talented juliette crane. i am so happy that
i finally have a little bit of her love for my walls.

2. i finally found some puncherilla to use with my spray paints. i fell
in love with this in mccabe's class and have been looking everywhere
for it. bonnie rose sent me several sizes - you can find it in her shop.
she also sent me funky paper blooms. so cute and fun. i am thinking
about using them in a garland!

3. and new all buttoned up necklace. handmade and inspired
by my live piece original. amy's necklaces are so much fun. if you happen
to fall deeply in love with amys wares, i can hook you up.
and when she finally gets my art on her arm - dont' you worry your pretty
little heads - i will be sure to show it off. i know she will be!

i love happy mail.


views from a show

earth house - lockerbie - indianapolis, indiana
[apologies for the blurry images. i am not rocking the camera right now.]

saturday was spent at my last holiday show of the season. this is
my first year of shuffling my wares at multiple holiday shows. i can't
say it was a successful season, but what i am grabbing a hold is, the
warm faces, the caring and kind words spoken about my work and
all the fun chats. i love getting to talk about
the be present
and squam. these have been true gifts in my life. they have
opened up my world both creatively and spiritually. each one has
presented something that i have deeply needed. and to be able to
tell young women who are searching, to show them the books - it makes me
stand taller, smile and breath deeply. so deeply sometimes i release
the sigh that is a beautiful release. and with that release, each of
my scarf sisters, each chick who sat on the dock and read tarot cards
with me, who created next to me in a class or took a picture of me
whether i loved it or hated it, all those who wear my baubles
throughout this world - each one enters my thoughts, as a smile
shines across my face. i call that happy pride. yep i surely do.

i have been a bit bummed about the shows, the lack of sales
but as i sit here the gifts have been presented. the ownership
is known. talking with two who i lean on - i have been reminded
of the path i am on - and so i walk on.

i am a lucky girl. so thanks a bunch - you. and you too.


five for sunday


1. a day spent with b

2. meeting up with friends, heading to
the pub for lunch

3. irish coffee that warms the tummy and soul

4. seeing more friends at barnes and noble and
getting to walk across the store to finally see
this in indiana

5. the white snow that is falling outside my window
i love it even more since i am wrapped in a blanket,
with my feet kicked up on b's lap warm and home

was a good day.


seek the journey

seek the journey. 2010

seek the journey the shop.

seek the journey is one of my favorite paintings so far.
it was one of those pieces that i started, painted over
different areas and just began building up those layers.

and as those layers did my thoughts and
i knew where i wanted to take it. deep within each of
us is the elephant....strong, brave, nuturing and the protector.
i have felt it as a child, a sister and a mother. it is where we all
pull our daily strength

so with that....the seek the journey original is now in the shop. and
through the month of december - no shipping! i will wrap it ups
gently and send her your way. she is so bold and colorful. and to
carry on that new seek the journey lockets. they
include a little fortune inside each one. a simple reminder you
can carry with you each day.



one of my beloved tim's sally christmas balls

one last holiday show. i am really hoping this a good show, that i
meet some new possibilities and friends. you never know what these
will turn out to be. but i have met so many amazing artists at each one
and i love that.

bryce and i will be heading to dull's christmas tree farms
to pick out our new fir, that we will place in the foyer. why the foyer
you ask. because we have two airedales who with little supevision,
could have the tree torn down in about 30 seconds flat. how they
love anything shiney. hopefully we can get this done sunday, but
with this weather may not happen.

two new originals entered the shop today....go check them out.
i am offering free shipping on them both, just for the holidays.
hope you enjoy them.



the creative fire. zena moon

Art is my chosen form
of MEDITATION-where I feel
closest to my true and
HAPPY self. -- Mary Stanley


things of my everyday.

my bag from kendra

my little alters with carla's candles

my 2 orangyporangy skirts

creative books...a new fav.

a daily dose of kind

my days are filled with many
things, but here are five that
right now, in this moment
get me through, inspire me
and bring me peace.

1. handbags for healing bag...i have 2
messengers, 3 purses and 4 pockets.
oh and two of her "favorite things.

2. zena moon candles are the best.
carla is an amazing soul and her candles
are gentle reminders of what we need
in our lives. i have little alters throughout
the house and each has one of these candles
liz introduced me to these...they make
my house happy.

. orangy porangy...natalie makes the
best skirts. i was so worried about the
fit, especially with the poly, but they fit
perfectly and dont' show my imperfections
miss jen gray swore by these skirts....she
was so right!

4. liz lamoreux....inner excavations.
this book means the world to me for many
reasons. i have sat with liz over the past
few years and have learned so much about
myself and other women. i am blessed to
call her my friend. this full of good.
i will have more on this journey soon.

5. if you haven't been over here....then
please go check it out. kind over matter
rocks, in my book. i am now a sponsor
because i believe in what they are putting

what are yours...come on tell
me - it is fun to share.

live peace. 2010

If someone thinks that love and peace
is a cliche that must have been left
behind in the Sixties, that's his problem.
Love and peace are eternal.
...john lennon


a new look and shop

new logo...cheri m. studio

i have a new etsy shop too!

the happygirl shop will continue on, at least through
the beginning of the year. still trying to get it all figured
out and organized. so for now you can conveniently shop
at either shop! how fun is that.

it has been a very busy end to the year. a workshop but the sea,
a retreat by the sea, 5 holiday shows, gallery show and plenty
of new paintings. it feels so good. and the best part is all the
support and cheers i have received along the way. in celebration
there will be a G.I.V.E.A.W.A.Y. coming soon. so keep a look
out for details this week. i hope you play along.

there will be another sale soon in the shop. keep your eye
out for that too.

some pretty good stuff, i say.



training wheels and some grace.

spring and summer shine in my kitchen

It's not real, kelly.
It's not now.
You're not here.
And nothing matters for the reasons you think.
Yet in spite of all this, there's order, you're learning,
and everyone is having the time of their life.

Talk about training wheels,
The Universe

love me some universe. this past may, my two girls
tracey and sarah came to stay with me. tracey had
scheduled a "universe" workshop with mike dooley.
sarah and i hit the broadripple art fair after we
dropped her off downtown...promising to pick
her up later in the afternoon.

once we were done hopping around the art festival
and slurping down some delicious smoothies from
the monon coffee shop we headed back downtown
to pick up the girl with golden glow all around her.

i just remember driving us all back to the land of
corn and listening to tracey talk to us about the
workshop. she was so full of energy and life. it
was catching.

so for me...the universe coming to my inbox each
day has been a gentle reminder that goodness does
exist, that we need a little love each day and
sometimes some grace.

i have to say i am one that many days focuses on
that half empty glass. i don't like to admit that,
but i know that i am not the only one and i do
try to change this.

last nite before heading to bed. i took one more
lap on fb and i found this from a girl named amy.
it really took me home. so i have rubbed her shoulder
and i am hoping a little grace has rubbed off today
for my grace fix. tomorrow i will try going it alone.

todays forecast is a little painting with a chance of
more goodness in the shop and my world.

peace and grace for you today.


the sunday soup

sliced potato....around 8

saute approx. 2-3 of the potatos with some of
the leeks and onions

in another pan....saute leeks, onion add remaining
sliced potatoes and chicken stock

cook until soft, the do a rough mash, add heavy cream

add remaining potato mixture. i also added prosciutto and red pepper

serve it up hot with a slice of artisan bread...yum

before we heading out of manzanita we ate lunch at the bread & ocean
a couple of the girls got the potato soup with prosciutto. of course
i had a couple of bites and had wished that i had ordered the soup.
it had big chunks of potato that had been sauteed. it made the soup
extra thick and smokey. ever since i returned home i have been on
a quest to find this recipe. well i didn't, but i did find this one that
i converted to suit my needs. this is an easy, hearty soup. once
you get the potatoes moves so so fast. i followed the
recipe, except i sauteed some potatoes with a portion of the leeks
and onions, then added the prosciutto. once i mashed the potatoes
in the big pan, i added this mixture and the cream.

i love soup. i could eat it everyday for lunch and now that
there is snow here in indiana....time for soup.


the story desk

..the story desk..

this is my new little vintage desk i found at our trinity mission
thrift store. i paid $15 bucks for this beauty. and i put her in
my new little studio space. after i got her in place and went home.
i was on facebook late getting ready to head to bed, when i saw this
little note.......

so I get to the gallery and I check out the cool new girl in the spot
right next to mine and what do I see in the back of her studio but an
old shabby chic let me tell you the history of said desk...once
upon a time ...that very desk resided in a dumpster outside of my
apartment. Matthew my friend at the time rescued it as I told him I
would paint it. A year went by then Matt the friend became Matt the
husband and it resided in"our" garage for two more years. It was only a
couple weeks ago when Matt built some shelves for the garage that I
finally said "I don't think that I have time to paint that - I was going to
donate it to the gallery but I don't think it would go..." so he took it to
Trinity mission because at GoodWill they sometime ship the items out
of town and he wanted to keep his donations local. hahaha Unlike a bad
penny - the shabby chic desk looks divine in the cool new girls spot."

my new studio mate, nina had walked into our area and spotted the little
desk she just had her husband haul to the mission. seriously it was kismet.

i am still giggling.

don't you think athropology clearance drawer pulls will be sweet!

( and now a little plug for nina....nina smith cunningham has been one
of my artist idols since i saw one of her paintings in our fall art show. this
was over 4 years ago. i sat looking at the window thinking, someone who
i can relate to. over the years we have gotten to know each other a little
better, we have brainstormed a little and i am a great admirer of her art
and i adore her. and now, i get to share a studio space with her. she is
such a talent, i wish you could see her body of work, it is amazing)

12.02.2010 from the studio!..

my studio mate nina...she is quite the talent.

tin ceiling full of stars

the pinky tree

my unfurl piece...waiting to be finished.

loving the newness

the new digs.

love how our spaces meld.


..i came from here..

one of my very favs...she lives in los angeles now

the old studio

my first blog banners...this makes me smile....b.i.g.

2008 doo rag.

i love this image of me. because for once the doo rag
what i wanted it to. and no heather...i don't look like
brett michaels twin brotha.