frida on friday

favorite frida and free necklaces
busy busy finishing up wedding programs and a HUGE canvas.
say a little prayer that i get it all done and keep my sanity
in the process!

happy friday.....


5 really good things

my new find by
five good things.......

1. while in nashville, there was an arts and craft show
in the opryland hotel. i found this as soon as i walked in
to door. martin the dollmaker sat in his booth sketching
and making little clay spiders with wirey legs. he was the
only artist there. the rest was basically flea market vendors.
i have to say - i have never loved the trolls, but this sweet
face scooped a full load from my heart. i need to name her,
so here are my thoughts....
a. mettalise [graceful pearl]
b. nissa [friendly elf]
c. gerta [protection]
d. effie
martin and his wife celena live in denmark. celena is from
the states. they are trying to get their books published with
their freakishly beautiful dolls and illos. please visit their website.
the shop will be up soon. their trolls and fairies are gorgeous, unique
and very soulful. the craftmanship is something else. the face and
hands are polymer clay. face is handpainted. simply gorgeous.
polymer clay
2. 5 days of rest and fun with bryce. we really REALLY needed it.
3. christmas around the corner
4. 3 healthy, funny, warped, gorgeous kids
5. my little warm and creative artistic community who always have
time for my silly questions, and wrap their supportive arms around
me as i skip along in my artist path.

a big shout out to liz elayne, who is always present and here for
so many of bring your butt back to middle indiana so
we can meet for a cup of joe!
happy, happy thursday!


opryland hotel - december 07

just got back from 5 days in this place is
so full of life! a city within the city. and we went to
the legends corner bar and saw this group

johnny t and due south

....they rock.
check them out here...or here...
they had to be one of the best
live bands i have ever laid
my eyes upon.

beer + live music = dancing kelly

peace ya'll



last nite, i opened my email and this is what i found....


I saw your work in Moondance today, and I have to say its really inspiring to see such wild and crazy and might I say beautiful art come out of this itty bitty town we live in.
I love your work, and you've really inspired me to use my creativity to speak my mind instead of holding it inside, like I've been doing for so long.
Im really young and just starting out, Im only 16 so I still have time I suppose.

Thank you. (:


this is why i paint what i do. the girl is still in my head. the colors of my childhood,
comes out with each stroke.

a gentle gift this holiday season.

peace ya'll


pink christmas

fluffy pink, glorious wreath.
i had to make made my hectic crazy
day all better. i have done very little
decorating this year. just too many irons
in the fire. but still it is enough. plain
and simple just the way i like it.

if you would like to, please sign up
for my newsletters. i have some exciting
things on the horizon and i am so excited.
just need your name and email.

so go over here--------------------->

thank you oh so much!

and liz - your shirt is heading out tomorrow!




cropped image of [i am] #5 in the h.o.m.e. series

"i am home"

new items added on etsy
two new prints and the i am original
one last original from the girls series
left - [ahead]

you can find them

happy thursday!