today my pop's lays in the the care center
in carmel. he was taken in yesterday and
today the performed a heart cath on him.
they found blockage and did the good old
balloon treatments.

4 years ago this march - he suffered a massive
heart attack and again found himself at the
care center. there they put in two stints. he
had 98% blockage.

in the last couple of months i confronted him
on his health and told my mom, something
wasn't right. he reassured me he was feeling
great and i told him i didn't believe him. i hope
he listens to me next time. i now feel like his

his best friend retired today and dad was supposed
to be the master of ceremonies at the roast. i fear
he is very down because he had to miss it.

they are two of the best men i know. loyal, faithfilled
and hard working family men.

my blessings are...

...more time with my dad

...seeing easy ed one last time driving through
town in the neal tire truck, sporting a santa hat.

...dedicated siblings

...laughing with steph and casey. i don't know anyone
more dark or demented.

....our family of friends -brother and sisters at heart
the labbes.

blessings ya'll


bless you charles schultz

main street 2006

Charlie Brown: (shouting in desperation) isn't
there anyone out there who can tell me what
Christmas is all about?

Linus Van Pelt: sure, charlie brown, I can tell
you. Lights, please. [a spotlight shines on Linus]

LinusVan Pelt:
"and there were in the same
country shepherds abiding in the fields, keeping
watch over their flocks by night. and lo, the
angel of the Lord came upon them, and the
glory of the lord shone round about them, and
they were so afraid. and the angel said unto them,
Fear not, for behold, i bring unto you good tidings
of great joy, which shall be to all people. for unto
you this day is born in the city of bethlehem, a
Savior, which is Christ the Lord. and this shall

be a sign unto you; you shall find the babe
wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a
manger. and suddenly there was with the angel,
a multitude of the heavenly host, praising God,
and saying, 'Glory to God in the highest, and on
earth peace, good will toward men'". that's what
Christmas is all about, charlie brown.

merry christmas to all and to all a good night!


clancy's idea....

my execution....

what a day! i whipped out wedding stationary
samples, raced them to lafayette so that they
can be carried by the mother to her daughter
in sunny california! another job! and from so
far away, makes me feel rather wordly, ol' chum!

while in rainy gray and gloomy lafayette, i ran
over to the saturn dealership and hopped in
a midnight blue vue and took her for a spin.
loved it - hated the manual transmission.
the saab is manual and i feel like someone
kicked the shit out of me after every long
trip. she drives like a tank, i am ready for
an automatic, not ready for 2k more on the
sticker price. we also drove a caliber and
a jeep compass. caliber was at the top of
my list and compass last. compass is now
at the top, with vue running a close second
could move to first if i can find a automatic
in our price range.

clancy came to me with a vision and together
we got it done. i have been making notepads.
in the last month i have probably popped out
over 65 of them. i sold over 44!

i love that my kids are proud of me and want
to give my goods as gifts.....



mixed media
4x4 inches
acrylics, oil crayons and papers
on wood block


laguna beach, california december 2006

california was grand. b and i had a great time
doing nothing much of anything. oh we had
a few moments here and there. visiting jim
and dru on their home turf was fun. walking
the shops and gallerys at laguna beach and
sitting out at las brias watching the sunset
was simply peaceful.

palm trees, twinkle lites and christmas tunes....

driving down the ca-1 seeing all the beaches....

sleeping, sleeping sleeping.....

seeing the grand canyon and all its glory from the plane window....

sitting across the table from this chick on a sunny santa monica day....
[she is as sweet, funny, and kind as i imagined she would be...swoon!]

returning home on a long flight, no food eight hours, really cranky -
finding dad and miz c looking for us in baggage claim, then home.

i am grateful for the trip and b all to myself
- meeting someone i truly admire
- returning home safely

go here to see more of sunny california


jet lag

california was just what we needed. so much
fun and a lot of down time. pictures and stories
to follow. in the meantime, i need to get some
stationary printed for xmas and catch up
with the kids and sleep.

back home in middle indiana....there's no place like
home, there's no place like home. damn where did
i put those ruby slippers!


tomorrow bryce and i head out to california.
brite and early in the morn. i pulled an all-niter
last nite, just so i could go. christmas orders,
design jobs, laundry. yep, only 2 hours of sleep
in the last 36 hours. iam beat. my muscles tingle
from sleep deprivation. and really last nite
in the quiet of my studio....i could understand
why some people work best in the quiet. but
my body and mind can't run on little sleep.

i am a little nervous about L.A. i am not L.A.
material, but just getting away with b for 5 days
will be worth it, visit bryce's college roomate
and his family in irvine and then [fingers crossed]
wednesday - i am lunching with a chick that i have
admired so. so being surrounded by a bunch of jocks
for 5days [national athletic directors convention]
will be worth it on wednesday.'s to the sun beating down on my face
and warming my soul.

{once in a while it really hits people that they
don't have to experience the world in the way
they have been told to. ~alan keightley}

blessings ya'll


dear james....

{life is a promise, fulfill it....mother teresa}

this morning while watching the national news,

i of course, heard for the first time, that they
had found james kim's body. the ulitmate hero
in his families eyes and in mine. sometimes it
is overwhelming watching the news. we are
constantly given images of celebrities who have
forgotten their panties, athletes who can't behave
themselves and refuse to leave their guns at
home...thank you
steven jackson - you make
indiana so proud. and yet on mornings like today,
it hits me of the
importance of what is real. dads
who go beyond
the norm to save their children.
mom's who take
the time to be mom's, not superheros.
people who
work to make our world a better place.

advent is a time to give, slow down and relish
the blessings that have been given to our
family. i received an email to day from marilyn
she talked about the need for help in new orleans
and while i visited her blog, i noticed an icon
for darfur awareness....please remember the
those in need during this advent season.

victims of darfur

our troops overseas and their families

the firefighters who are braving the cold

the sick, lonely and hungry

our families who need us to be present

the kim family and other families who have lost

loved ones

children who live daily in abusive environments

victims of katrina and other natural disasters

the ones who volunteer and make it a mission to
make our world a better place.

my blessings are true and many. my familiy, friends
my creative spirit. today my thoughts are with
the kim's and others who need happy thoughts and

wanna join me?

[get together - chet powers]
C'mon people, now smile on your brother,
ev'ry-body get together,
try to love one another right now.


bless my soul *[finished]

{ stretch your mind and fly ~african proverb}

i just finished a really big order and i am

happy. happy that i accomplished it, happy
that i took it on and happy of what i have
learned. i had hoped to have my website
live by this time. i am so close.
but i have
been blessed with new design
jobs and
holiday orders. and well i am
the only
employee in the studio. so the shop will
be opened january one!

the shop will feature paperware, notepads,

some eclectic finds and my artwork as
it comes to me. so please visit and
spread the word.

coming indigo soul


bless my soul *[miz alison]

tis the season for giving,
the season of advent is

upon us. advent is a reminder
of the gifts we have received,
the arrival of christ' birth and
the ability to celebrate our
life we have been given. my
blessings are pure and true.
some days we forget what true
blessings have been bestowed
upon us.

if you are looking for something
to give to, during the season
of advent you may want to start
here. Penelope Dullaghan - is
looking for you. her sweet sweet
sister in law, Alison is in the fight
of her life. she is fighting cancer.
a fund has been set up to help out
alison and her husband tom.

so if you are looking to share a smile
with an extra someone, please start
here. and while you visit toms site
or alison, please take the time to read
through their blog entrys. the have
a simple, loving relationship that is

prays, zen and positive thoughts
are very much needed as well. so
if that is the gift you can give...
please do so.


white stripe

oh....i have yet another new doo. not so much
in the cut, just trying to grow my hair out.
but the color - i LOVE it. i have really fine,
thin hair. i work really hard to get it to look
like it isn't so fine and thin. so brandy, put
in deep brown low lites, some dark blonde
and a sassy little white stripe in the front.

i may never go blonde again! i have always
stayed blonde because i fear i look like my
mom if my hair is darker. don't get me wrong.
mom is very cute, however as a daughter, i
don't want to be my mom. but i like the dark.

happy wednesday!


bless my soul *[happy feet]

if you haven't already...go catch happy feet.
sweet sweet story and bitchin music.
elvis, stevie wonder, queen....and pink's

rendition of [tell me something good!]

go see it - it doesn't make just your
feet happy.

oh...and don't eat yellow snow.


nola on my mind

bourbon street~new orleans, la november 2006

it has been 2 weeks since i got back from my

working vacation in new orleans. and a vacation
it was. i haven't worked or laughed so hard in
so long. this simple journey re-lit my wick. 14 months
have gone by since katrina's force devasted
southern states.

14 months after katrina~9th ward new orleans, la

the lives of many will never

be the same, they have years of reconstruction.
years of looking for old friends, records, family

and self worth.

we worked through st. gabriels of the archangel.
we worked with several parish family's needing help.
miz lula - braving breast cancer on a 5 year treatment
plan. pete and sonia - a retired couple who now have
had to start all over. frieda - a single mom of three
teenage boys. we gutted her house. so paralyzed
by the storm. she hadn't even gone in the house
to look for posessions. when we entered the house
it was left as the water and storm had left it. furniture
piercing the walls. old fish tanks still holding flood
water and memories flowing throughout. as we
walked through our labor, house stripped down to the
bare studs, mildew creeping up the wires and wood. a

back closet held what we saved for frieda to look
through. precious memories left equaled 2 small boxes.

2 small boxes.~9th ward new orleans, la

i don't want to preach or get on my horse about our
government. but what i do want to express the need
for help. need for assistance. need for hands.
they need hands, hands that will lift, move, hang,
sweep and hold. they need hands to hug, hands
to extend towards them.

you want to help. contact the red cross, contact
a local church. its not just new orleans, its the south.
if you can help, please take the time to do it.

lower9th along the levee~new orleans, la
what worldly posessions would you put in 2 small boxes?

[great things are done by a series of small things
brought together. ~vincent van gogh]


bless my soul *[hands]

[ twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by
the things you didn't do than by they ones you did do.
so throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor.
catch the tradewinds in your sails. explore. dream. discover.

~mark twain ]

oh...look at my new journal. a pal dropped it in
my mailbox yesterday along with a check for some
work i had done for her. i love it. it looks like my
doodles. 9 days i am heading to new orleans to work at
st. gabriel's parish. this is the 2nd team from my
church that is going down. 14 months after
katerina and most are still displaced, living in trailers,
other states or never left there destroyed homes.
we will be gutting, cleaning, dry-walling and working
in the yards - hoping that we bring them closer to

the journal came at the most appropriate time. she
will be traveling with me on this journey. i hope
to fill her pages with whatever comes my way.

i have waited for one of these trips to bless me
and now it is finally here. i am excited, anxious,
scared and thrilled all at once. bryce is behind
me on this, so that helps so much. the kids seemed
proud of their momma....that just feels good.

if you have any ideas on simple supplies i can take
to use in my journal, let me know. i am all ears!

happy wednesday!


bless my soul *[meme]

this comes from miz sarah , you can find her here!

When was the last time you shaved? i work from home...2days ago and that is rare

What were you doing this morning at 8 a.m.? sipping a capp in front of the computer
What were you doing 15 minutes ago? printing a job
Your prom night? queen - stop laughing i'm serious!
Do you have any famous ancestors? surely
taken out a loan to pay for school? who hasn't
Last thing received in the mail? a very sweet note

How many different beverages have you drunk today? coffee, diet and water
Do you ever leave messages on people's answering machine? only if i have too
Do you draw your name in the sand when you go to the beach? the beach if only i could find one
What's the most painful dental procedure you've had? wisdom teeth
What is out your back door? deck and yard
Any plans for Friday night? help heather move
Do you like what the ocean does to your hair? who doesn't love the smell of fishy salt water
you ever received one of those big tins of 3 different kinds of popcorn for Christmas? yum!
Have you ever been to a planetarium? sure...nmhs!
Do you re-use towels after you shower? if you did 20 loads of wash a week you would too!
Some things you are excited about? a clean studio with wide open space on the art spot
What is your favorite flavor of JELLO? lime
Are any of your great-grandparents still alive? Nope
Where do you keep your change? a green wine bottle
When was the last time you spoke in front of a large group of people?tuesday i group of jr. high students
What kind of winter coat do you have?a fuzzy black poodle coat
What was the weather like on your graduation day?warm and sunny
Do you sleep with the door to your room open or closed?closed...i have kids

8 lasts --8.] last kiss:ummmm....2 days ago, we are a sad sad couple
7.] last beverage: diet
6.] last movie watched: monster in law
5.] last phone call: El Conquestador
4.] last cd played: nicks mix
3.] last "i love you": ditto #8
2.] last time you cried: this morning
1.] last alcoholic drink: 2 nites ago...coors lite

6 have you evers --6.] have you ever dated someone twice: wayne my first love
5.] have you ever been cheated on: i am a woman, of course
4.] have you ever kissed someone: 3 kids, uh yes
3.] have you ever kissed someone you regret: do i need to count?
2.] have you ever been depressed: sure i am a scorpio
1.] have you ever been drunk and thrown up: binge drinking is bad

6 things you've done today
1.] filed
2.] swept
3.] cleaned
4.] printed
5.] update a website
6.] smiled

3 favorite colors --1.] Orange2.] green3.] Blue

2 things you want to do before you die
1.] Visit Ireland/Scotland...ditto sarah!
2.] have a successful artistic eclectic business and live above it in a loft

happy friday!


need the info...

my husband resigned last nite, as head tennis coach. you
can read about it here that is how i found out. men...
what the hell is he thinking, not at least telling me he
was going to do this. seriously, don't get me wrong, he
has enough on his plate as a.d. but he should have told
me. this is my everyday. i am sure he was thinking of
me and the kids, when he made the decision. but just
out of humor and a bit of spite. i called the secretaries
and told them to leave a note on his desk saying this -
[your wife has taken a job in colorado. she will call you
when she gets there, she will discuss it then...]

he is not going to want to come home for dinner!

oh sweet wednesday!


practicality vs. the saab

practical [prak'ti kel] adj. 1 of or obtained
through practie or action. 2 useful 3 concerned

with the application of knowledge to useful
ends [practical science] 4 dealing realistically
and sensibly with everyday matters 5 that
is so in pratice, if not in theory, law, etc. -
practicality [-kal'e te],pl.

-ties, n.

in 1994 a saab 900se sticker price

was approximately $26k

2 years ago we paid $4500 cash + $6k repairs
and maintenance

cute, yes, practical, NO!
practical joke, maybe~

oh happy day....



bless my soul *[miz c]

[What are little girls made of,
made of?
What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice
And all things nice,
That's what little girls
are made of.]

oh miz poor poor girl. grandma is

already planning frilly pink dresses, so
hideous they will be. but don't you worry
aunti k and cheri' will make sure you get
some funky baby t's and leggins. we have
plenty of great shops bookmarked.

welcome to our crazy world little girl...

we can't wait to watch you grow.


bless my soul *[delilah]

sweet 16 miz d....[16 weeks]

[Buy a pup and your money will buy
love unflinching.] -Rudyard Kipling


bless my soul *[peace]

remember today the lives that are lost, those

of innocent citizens who didn't see it coming.
the forces who protect everyday and through
the night as we sleep peacefully in our homes.
those who give up time with their own families,
holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. the
volunteers who left there homes to take grayhound
buses to ground zero to find a way to help those
in need. the ones who drove supplies into the
devastation. the loved ones left behind.

regardless of political views, whose side you
tend to migrate towards, political party
or the faith you choose.




happy birthday to you....

then out of the water! sing loud while you dry!
sing loud, "i am lucky!"sing loud, "i am i!"
if you'd never been born, then you might be an isn't!
an isn't has nofun at all. no he disn't.
he never has birthdays, andthat isn't pleasant.
you have to be born,or you don't get a present.
a present! a-ha!now what kind shall i give....?
why, the kind you remember as long as you live......

[from dr. seuss, happy birthday to you]

happy birthday are such a gift.
sense of humor, kind, loyal and sensitive.
you know how to make mom laugh and
lord knows i need to laugh. 15 years have
flown is hard to believe that 15 years
ago, you laid in a hospital for 3 days before
you idiot parents could agree on your name.
but what else is new...not much has changed
now has it!



miz delilah *[she's a green dog!]

miz delilah is entering her 15th week.

she is a blast to have around the house!
with the exception of bitey face on my
ankles when i take her out to pee.
damn she has some sharp teeth.

today she is modeling her funky
[mutt high life]
bandana from
the green dog co. the proprietor

of this shop of happy is mary
kathryn and she donates a percentage
to great charities everytime you get
the shopping bug....and your pooch
will love you for it!

{The best way to get a puppy is to beg for
a baby brother — and they'll settle for a
puppy every time. -Winston Pendleton


bless my soul *[blessed]

{before me lies the edge of the world. i am on my way there running
~from a papago song

blessed is watching her write a number on the palm of
her hand and coming in 8 seconds ahead of her goal.

happy thursday...blessed


bless my soul *[parking]

{no parking...wabash college

parking...oh parking. your date, thinking they
were so damn smooth. driving out of town,
windows down bugs smacking the front windows.
pulling down a dark country road, the rush of
adrenaline surging from the anticipation of not
only the makeout session but running the risk
of big joe sheriff coming upon the stopped car.
the car was a red ss nova, cassette player jacked
up just a bit....goosebumps still tingle my skin
when i see an old nova


bless my soul *[road taken]

road taken
Originally uploaded by indigochickie.

delilah and i walk along this path almost daily.
wabash college has such a beautiful campus
we live just a couple blocks away. this is my
favorite time of year. i can listen to the football
game while sitting on our deck, the chanting
rituals ring throughout our open windows late
at night...and music, lots of music.


bless my soul *[new doo]

Originally uploaded by indigochickie.

at last....i dig my new hairdoo! short choppy bangs,
little fauxhawk. not liking this chicken neck of mine.
my god! i turned 40 and i suddenly have an old
lady neck. but i have a funky new cut/color so that
is what i am concentrating on today!

happy thursday!



bless my soul *[vintage]

Originally uploaded by indigochickie.

i heart classic cars

i would really dig a ford falcon, old chevy truck like grandpa
jim's or a vw bus!

10 things i am doing when not creating

happy monday all!
i woke up this morning thinking i had
one more day on the weekend...bummer!

i found this idea on this
chick's site....and
thought it would be interesting to see what
is keeping me from my beloved creating

here are the ten things that keep me from
my art...

1. a.d.d.

2. my messy desk [ i am always behind on work,
invoicing, preliminary ideas, writing job quotes,
tax time is just around the corner and i have
not filled out the books...ugh!

3. chasing our new pup around making sure
there are no accidents

4. two walks a day with delilah

5.keeping the house picked up

6.well meaning family and friends who stop by unannounced

7.annoying marketers calling, f.o.p. who call at least twice a
week looking for donations

8.laundry activities

10. me not being able to say no to others!

and after all this i most generally need a nap around 3-5pm.
any ideas on how to get on a schedule, leave them here!
i am open to almost anything!



bless my soul *[peace]

Originally uploaded by indigochickie.

in my parents yard....pretty and peacful


bless my soul

Originally uploaded by indigochickie.

i am going to be a copycat [] and try to post new photos daily or weekly. just depending on my mood and those will be titled BLESS MY SOUL. i need daily reminders of my blessings simply because, i am noticing what a crappy attitude i have about life in general at the moment. i need to wake up and
cut it out!

yesterday i sat in the bathroom taking numerous spt's and needless
to say out of about 20 images, i got 4-5 decent ones! i also realized
that if i don't stop eating like a horse, well i am going to be a horse!
after my physical today, i am hitting w.w. online.

here's to shedding a few pounds!

happy friday!

oh and if you want to see a few other can
go here -



changes in latitude

changes in latitude
Originally uploaded by indigochickie.

some days it's all relative

...happy wednesday!


new address

i have moved my blog to my website. hopefully i will have
that up and started in a week or two. if you have my blog
as a link on your is the new address.



studio friday [sidekicks]

sidekicks....oh that would be miz delilah.
she is our new pooch. she's an airedale.
we picked her up last sunday in illinois.
she has been such a delight. she sleeps
in the studio during the day, and we go
out to play in the yard several times a

she's a keeper!


joe the ironman

[coriopsis in the garden]

today i was blessed when i was able to watch
a dear friend cross the finish line at the Lake
Placid Ironman Race. Joe Labbe....YOU ARE
AN IRONMAN! Joe is one of those all-around
great guys....faithful, intelligent, athletic, kind,
and a great son. his twin jim is the same way.
we have known them most of our lives, we spend
christmas eve together every year. my parents
are dear friends with there parents. Today
i watch joe, on-line, finish his ironman.

i can't even explain the emotions that i felt. but
mostly there was pride. pride for knowing him,
pride for the hard work he has put in to train.
and pride that this man graces my life, my husband's
life and my kids lives.

he is an IRONMAN!

[ the reason for any journey is this:
in a journey
discoveries are made. ]
~kobe yamada


hey there delilah...

first bryce suggested the name, then i heard

this song , cheri gave her seal of approval and
that was that. so here is our
newest family member...miz delilah.

we dig her!


simply awake

[surfin' on main]

it has been a long month for
many reasons, but through
the muck, i have also been
able to dig myself out and
feel renewed. i was able
to do that because i have
such a strong circle of family
and friends. even when i
get really down, scared and
full of fear. i do know that
it will be okay - my biggest
problem is that i DWELL on
too much negative. you know
the glass half empty. even
though i really know that it is
half full. this week i found
this on miz mawns site....
simple awakenings. yesterday
i was blessed when i was able
to sit down and talk with someone
that i truly admire as an artist.

she was kind, generous, and funny.

she put me at ease and when she
asked me "where do you want your
career to go" a light went off. just
a gentle simple she says
[swoon!] so here are my simple
awakenings - blessings - loves....

...the twisted trio now living closer

...happy times with this chickie

...watching clancy run the bases,
guarding first & winning first round

...being a [creative] - sorry tom!

...preparing for our new pup

...cold watermelon

...wilted lettuce salad - fresh from our garden

...healthy - smart - funny kids


...a cold yuengling - yummie!

happy thursday!



["Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot
about little puppies."-- Gene Hill]

the new addition to our family will arrive in 3 more
weeks! she is one of the four airedale pups above.
she comes from a litter of eight....4 girls/4 boys.
her daddy is ernie - ch. stoneridge wings of airetyme

and mom is holly - orrick of stoneridge. both very
handsome pups! i think this just may be the big event
of the summer!
we will be heading to the chicago area
the weekend
of our anniversary to possibly see a game,
visit the
biggest show on earth [IKEA] and bring her home.
anything to get out of this lazy little town.

stay tuned...

["The average dog is a nicer person than the
average person."--Andrew A. Rooney]


need the zen

{lilac bush}

hello all...our house has been
so busy with getting our summer
yard presentable. yesterday
my mom and dad stopped by
with a lilac tree to plant. lilacs
are one of my favorites. if you
noticed the stake is a pitchfork.
that is an official trademark of
my dad. he uses whatever works.
i love it! very creative, resourseful
inexpensive and funky. it's going
to stay!

you would think summer would be

appealing, but this is when my kids
take off for the summer to stay with

their dad. as much as they drive me
nuts with the arguing, back talk and

always wanted to be going somewhere-
i miss them and wish that they were
with me.

i hate to even ask this...but i am going
to take a break for a bit. i am about to
enter a very sad and scary phase in life
and i feel that i need to concentrate on
some important life issues. so please
keep me and my family in your thoughts, prayers
etc. i have learned over the past year -that
this group of women are such a beautiful
force and that is why i ask. and don't
worry, no one is sick. we just need
positive thoughts, a little zen.

so i will be checking in occassionally and
emails are good. just don't want anyone
to think that i have left.

so more important today, than blessings

heather for her laughter, knowledge and strength. i simply don't
know what i would do without her.

cheri...raw loyalty and fiery spirit
gabe...huge smile and massive heart
clancy...beautiful voice, and new dance [the dip] and and levelhead
lynnie....kind spirit

elconquestador....he will read this and send me some snotty
email and make me laugh

my newly tilled/planted garden and green green lawn
sitting out in front of my outdoor fire...relaxed

happy summer to all and love the ones you are with!


the menagerie

we have new family members! gabe has adopted
an iguana from depauws lab and clancy has thrown
precaution to the wind and invested in some
very colorful fish. i am digging the orange rocks!
she found a very arsty aquarium at petsmart and
it goes perfectly in her very colorful room! i just
hope the fish last. she named them bob and fred
and gabe's iguana is bowser for now. we seem
to always have a hard time sticking with names.

my kids love animals and bryce just can't figure

out why we need any. but he is pretty good
about just going with the flow and besides, he
is rarely here and the kids are incharge of their
own clean up.

we will be welcoming a new pup this summer
and i am trying to put a game plan in place
before she gets here. the kids are so happy
that we are getting a dog. cheri' is just glad
that it will be a sturdier dog. she wants a great
dane when she gets out of college and has
her own place.

so with that being said - here is why my life
is so blessed...

cheri going off to chicago for her internship
our new family members
my great mother's day gifts
the sun finally finding it's way to indiana
dear friends near and far
el conquestador and the family moving to the ville
my packet of seeds waiting to hit the dirt

happy tuesday!


studio fridays [ [[ sounds]] ]

[peonies mysteriously appeared on my kitchen table]

studio sounds throughout the day and night in the back ground, road sounds,
toilet running, keyboard [backspace is a popular
sound] telephone ringing, turning pages and
coffee slurping. as the day moves forward, you
will hear the bus stop, kids voices, sometimes
arguments, doors slamming and nightly walkers

but my favorite daily sounds are those that keep
me is what i am listening to -

jack johnson - lullabys [curious george]
ben harper - anyone of his cd's
matt costa - my sweet rose, sunshine [songs we sing]
jimmy buffett - need i say more
tom jones - its not unusual
bob marley - is this love
ray charles - [duets]

and so many more....

if you want to witness more sounds then skip your way over

enjoy your weekend - take time to love the ones you love.
slow down, breath deep and live life

happy friday!



long last week...i am dreaming of a

warm sandy beach. running my feet
through the rough sand - instant
pedicure. i am sure i am lazily coddling
a strong

i am finally finished with my graduation orders,

and once i get my two estimates off to clients
i get to take a deep breath.

bryce is running the mini this weekend. he has

really been kicking ass on his training. i don't
know how he does it...i suck air just watching
him. gabe shot a 50 today at his golf meet.
so he hit his goal and earned back his #3 spot.
he was happy. clancy is out on the porch with a
friend and i am loving the fact that i can see my
studio floor again.

i frantically pulled it together this morning - i had
a student come and shadow me this morning. she
is only a freshman and i hope that i let her see that
the world is hers. as i talked to her about design
options, i realized that 25 years ago [are you kidding
me...25 years!] when i was entering the real world
my options seemed to be teacher, nurse and secretary.
i majored in child development. i would rather jump
off a cliff! i made it through 2 years and i think my
gpa was a 1.7. but i could play a mean game of
quarters and drink any guy under the table. however,
this is no longer true. today...3 beers and i am done.

so to round out this day of babbling i will leave you
with some funnies...i am totally being a copy cat.
miz kelly rae was kind enough to share hers
[btw - check out her paintings - i dig them]

so here they are!
1. when i was little - i could walk on my hands, forever!

i was so limber that my feet would skim the floor. today
i can't even touch my toes.

2. i have quite a sassy mouth and most people don't
realize how shy insecure i really am

3. i dream of having my own stationary/textile design business

4. i hate when i hurt someones feeling

5. i will drive past my house and around the block if steve miller
band's [jungle love] is on the radio. i can't get out until it
plays all the way through

6. i am a closet dancer [outkast - hey ya! is a favorite]

7. i start a painting and struggle to finish it - this really isn't
funny. but it is one of my querks. i think i am afraid

of the result!

8. i can pop my hips out of joint.

9. when i am sitting around with my kids...they crack me
up. i wish i thought they were as hilarious when in public.

10. i make bitchin guacamole!

happy tuesday!


ode to friday

it's friday....amen!

this week have given me a swift kick in

the ass. i am wiped out and am dreaming
of a long nap this weekend.

yesterday when i opened the mailbox, i found
a card from a friend. inside she wrote...
[ i miss your friendship]. she lives one block
from my front door. it made me cry.

i have realized over the last year, that although
i have began my freelance journey - i am not
any less busy. i think i have more on my plate
now then when i went to an office everyday.
it truly is a better busy, but i have found that
i still can't say no. i am still pulled from many
directions. and since i have began working from
home - looking back on the year - i have
distanced myself from so many people.

i was burnt out on people and all the crap that
goes along with office politics, downtown politics
blah, blah blah. we live in a very small community
and if something happens, it is spread throughout
the county very quickly. there isn't much privacy
here. few honor others personal space. when
working in our office, i went from a cubicle, to
an office and back to a cubicle. when i had the
office - the door was my favorite feature. i could
close it - when i didn't want to listen in to the
town gossip. not that i didn't sit in on plenty.
but my door became my best friend. when we
had a new employee join the group, i went back
out to an open air office...i cringed everytime i
heard something i shouldn't.

when i received the card yesterday, alot of emotions

came to the surface of my pain. my friend - has become
friends with my previous boss and i know that subconciously
i have pulled back because of this. i know that she loves
me, but they have kids the same age in the same class.
but i had talked to her at length about issues i had
both personally and professionally with my boss. nothing
serious, just occassions where i needed to vent. and
because i trust few here, i worried that their friendship
over ruled our friendship. i knew i was pulling away - and
i just couldn't stop.

i have done this with many others. i am not trying to be
unfriendly - i just needed a break from all the gossip,
and involvement. i don't want to hear things that are
none of my business. it isn't healthy for my psychy.
i hold too much - to close to my heart. and i know
it is hard for people to understand this. they feel i am
not being friendly, that i am not playing the game. but
that is just what it is - a nasty, mean spirited game.

when i opened my card...i was in the middle of writing

a letter to my family. i love my warped little cherubs and
bryce dearly and i truly love the fact that i am available to
them at most any time...but they have began taking advantage
of my presence at home and my letter is titled...
[mama is tired]. you may see me on the news as the
mom who has gone on strike. and soooooo all the babbling
has a point - kelly is tired, as stated in a previous entry

tired kelly = bitchy kelly

i am missing all my painting - i was in a good flow
i am not accomplishing any of my 2006 goals
my studio is a fat mess
i have yet to take on art class
i have got to begin saying no more...on all sides

i will nuture my soul
i must rework my organization
i will make my family read my letter
i will take better care of my physical health

i will take time to nuture my friendships.
i will work on not allowing negative forces to
intrude on my life
i will start participating in my creative groups again
and i will take the time to read, paint and create
because these are the things that keep me sane
in the crazy superficial world.

just babbling again....have a happy weekend

- k