new earrings in the shop! 4 new originals coming saturday. heading
to zionsville for their brick street gallery walk tomorrow nite. i will
be set up in front of The Best Little Hair House" located at 255
South Main St.

stop by and see me if you are around.



hot in the shop.

new baubles in the shop!

i have a little collaboration with liz
too. new girl art pendants with a little extra
, one is in the shop - more coming
in the next few days.

whew.....busy busy month.

peace out.

[ thanks so much made my
heart swell ]

happy friday!

swell...on etsy soon!
happy friday ya'll.
i am ready for a slow down weekend, maybe some time
sitting on the edge of becky's pool, little sushi, long bike
rides and taking sometime to put some new originals
and baubles in the shop. stop by over the weekend and
see what i have been working on!
i think i need to list my five swell things for the week. so here
1. feeling good about all the painting and creating i have gotten
to the last few weeks. and knowing that there is so much more to
2. this giveaway on indiefixx, go visit jen and wish her a happy
birthday too! there is some really fun shops in the giveaway.
3. two, count em', two really exciting shows that i am a part of. is sweet. more info coming on each of them
4. oh....and lookie here. this chickadee ceases to amaze me. i love
watching her skip down the path. go here to read about her big BIG
news and.....she is offering a little download to spruce up the ol'
iphone...hurry up, now go get one!
5. watching little devon coco walking into work with her pigtails.
peace out.


the view from here

the strawberry festival

vintage bikes

biking 26 miles for diabetes

life is sweet


"You only ever have to do what you're capable of doing, kelly,
because by design, no matter how things appear, you'll always
have enough time to do it, you'll do even better than you would
have thought, and life will get even richer than you could
have imagined."

The Universe

do you tut? oh you really should. it is crazy how the daily
love fits. seriously - i have been feeling a bit frazzled, probably
from a craZy weekend. 3 days of a booth at the local strawberry
fest. saturday at 26 mile ride for diabetes, plus a hot day in the
booth, more on sunday and i am really missing my friends that are
sprawled out across the nation, on other coasts....i yearn to meet
up again in september.
i have so much to do. i have new baubles to make, new originals
to put in the shop, along with several vintage pendants and note
cards. i am working on three sets of wedding announcements. lots
of goodness.
life - richer than i could have imagined.
how rich are you....cmon - tell me.


five. five - o, count em' dan-o the works.

it has been a long, energy filled week. i had major deadlines, so i
had no choice but to paint like there was no tomorrow, wrap beads
till the tips of my fingers ached and print out a pile of new cards.

here's hoping to making the vibe last and with that, i am
grateful and count 'em, i've got five, five-0.
1. this ditty by this chick
2. a new discovery via liz's - nine interviews.
3. spending the weekend with peach and rachel
working our tent at the local strawberry festival
4. the tour de cure ride, tomorrow with missie and gus
5. anessa's dang paintings. i dig them
okay...i am out. big festival weekend, big ride for a great cause
and drooling just thinking about the fried green tomatoes and
funnel cake.
peace out



i open our local park and rec each morning.

i get up between 4-4:30am each day to go
to my am job, so that i can maintain my studio
and freelance biz. i am not a morning person
and it is beginning to weigh on me. it is so hard
to go to bed at a decent hour, so that i get enough

i get to to talk to so many fun and kind people
each day. many come in every day at the same
time to work out. i also get to deal with some who
aren't so kind or happy.

there is one guy who comes in, he graduated a
couple of years ahead of me. he played football
and we weren't friends, but knew who the other
was. this is a small town.

he is married with two

today, his wife was meeting him to exchange one
of the chickadees. i looked out this large window
and saw him greet them. the little one slowly walked
over and wrapped her little arms around his big
legs. he pats her on the back several times, as he'
talks to his wife. they work different shifts - they
are always passing in the daily grind. then he bends
down and hugs his daughter and gently kisses her
cheek, smiling the whole time. he and his wife then
meet each other for a gentle kiss and then goodbye.

a simple gift for me today. one more day.

simple. kindess. today.


polaroid....west end tree.

really....i am still here! just taking a little time
to breath after several long stressful months.
but when looking back - are there ever lulls
where you look back and say, whew, those
months were totally stress free.

my uncle tom passed away last month after
a year long battle with cancer. he was my god
father, wed to my auntie juju and together
they made life fun. he loved golf, i don't, and
he was addicted to his cell phone, i am not.
he had a laugh that could bring the roof down
and i miss him terribly already. but with all the
tears, i smile knowing that someone loved me as
much as he did and that i have been blessed with
amazing aunts and uncles.

i am busy in the studio, getting ready for the local
strawberry festival. i am sharing a tent with two
other local talents.

i am also yearning to hear all about squam in june.
so if you have stories.....i would love to hear them.

what's new in your neighborhood....