6.29.2010 here..

because i said so.....

funk tee hangin' with the baubles.

here are some good things from my week...thats
right, maybe not be for everyone, but i say they
are goodness.

...bob getting the a okay
...sending clancy off to see michael buble with
her squeeze. i know they are loving it.
...sitting on the deck enjoy a relaxed everning
...knowing that no matter what, there are plenty
who love me, for just being me. even on my
bad days
...bantering with a pal who makes me laugh and
...listening to kids on the street riding bikes
...the ice cream truck singing to us all
...spending the day with miss cheri', toodling
around trader joes, pier 1 and target
...the breeze that is whistling through my windows
...the boys at the course, always making me laugh blushing epidsode. as silly as it was - i realized
that somethings can still get me.

hope your weather is fine.



how i spent the last 48 hours

2 girls + sometimes a too stressful life, decide to create
in order to get through it. and we did.

once again danielle and kelly pair up for a little fun.
the best part, besides a blooming can
play along too. if you have 48 hours and you know you us what you can do.

c'mon - you know you want to.


strawberry fest....this weekend

come join us this weekend at the crawfordville
strawberry festival...good food, not too sure about
the music and many familiar faces.