what to wear

leah apron - modern myrtle

i am loving aprons! they truly
can make an outfit. i just got
this one from modern myrtle
and it is so damn adorable. i
could wear them everyday.

if you are looking for a work
apron check out these from
the little room. today i am
wearing my natasha. liz does
such a great job and her soul
mantras go right along with
the aprons. go check them out.

happy shopping!


2girls, 2clicks *[no.4]

2girls, 2clicks [glisten no.4] with the most awesome kiki

just another collaboration with my girl kiki. if you would like to
see more happiness, then skip this way.
*[ on a yesterday note - i am fine. not laying in the fetal position,
really i am not! just needed to vent, lack of sleeps just sucks. but
a 2hr full body massage, finishing up new pendants and looking at
my little tree did the trick. okay did the trick. the
emails and comments were so sweet. i honestly felt bad about even
p0sting it. but thanks for caring. damn indiana gray skies!]
peace out.


today....a bit cloudy

Originally uploaded by indigochickie
not sure what is happening here. may be a lack of enough
sleep. little miss c, has slept with my the last two nites. b
is gone and she seems to think i need someone next to me
a i slumber, last nite she was tossing all over and that means
i didn't sleep well.

i often wonder if i am making the difference i yearn to make.

i want to be inspirational, but am i

i need to be creative, but i seem to be stuck

i want to create great things, yet i don't feel i do.

i am missing so many girls right now. i read your blogs
i look at your images and i yearn to head back to the trees
and drink a red stripe out of the ice box. i miss the morning
hugs, the walks over the muddy paths. i miss you. i feel
very alone here in the center of earth.

the days seems as if my hands are tied. i know it is just
the lack of sleep.

saturday we celebrate my family's christmas, meaning sibs
and all the little rugrats. this crazy aunt will make a new tradition
this year....every one gets their birthday gifts for the next year. i
am so bad about remembering that i thought - what the hell.
how fun will this be to see all the gifts on a table! i think they
will love it

our tree is up and so cute. i got her for $10! long scrappy limbs
a little frazier fur, lots of blue and pink glass balls and little drink
umbrellas grace the limbs. you know how i love to use drink

more pendants on the way. there are 4 heading out the door
this week. so i am going to focus on that and move on.

hope your day is happy and warm, and if not warm then bundle
up and smile.



art pendant cheer

new art pendants!

boots artpendant no.1
i always forget how bad my lighting is here in the studio, until i have
to do more photos for the shop! ugh. and these little pieces of
sugar are encased in a glass lense....even worse! but i have four
on etsy, ready for homes.

i will be part of a month long exhibition at paper and stitch. brittni
was so kind to let me be part of her 3rd show. so YIPPIE! please
stop by and check out all the artists. the exhibition will be live

greener pastures art pendant no.1

in the meantime...if anyone has any thoughts on the photography
i am all ears!



2girls, 2clicks *[no. 3] collaboration with miss kiki.
she is waiting and my trixie twilight is waiting on a frame.
anyone have any instructions on making a box frame
to pop her in?


2girls, 2clicks [week*2]

2girls, 2clicks with kiki

week two and as she stated, you
can't say it without coming off
sorid....i've got topsy's and she
took the bottom.
curious? click here


5 happy tings

happy blue skys....rocky mountain high

five happy things this sunday am.
one..just found out that boho girl is now a mama. oh happy day!
cedar leon is here finally. welcome to this crazy world little one.
[peace to the whole boho clan]

two..two fun productive sessions with missie. lots of giggling
over art pendants, scrabble tiles and her painfully slow computer.
seriously you need to upgrade child.

three..a surprise call from girl liz, who i adore and how constantly
reminds me that five really good things are even better reminders
of the gifts i am given each day. three cherubs and hubby who are the lights that brighten
up my world.

five..the polaroid that was gifted to me by this chick and this chickies
new artwork that i am drooling over and hoping to soon be hanging.

i am truly blessed with such kind, giving girlies in my life, along with
a husband that is strong enough to give me space, understanding and
loves to laugh at my crazy brain, many days. three cherubs who are
all grown up and still hug me most days, laughs at my silliness and
say's "i need to talk. two adorable pooches and a warm big studio
that i so love.

in case i don't post before thursday....happy thanksgiving to each
of you. maybe you find peace this week. the crazy holidays are
upon us!


in between *[2 girls, 2 clicks]

2 girls [kiki and kelly ]. 2 clicks [gears and mountains silly]
collaboration with miss kiki
day late, but i finally got to it!
this past weekend was spent in the moutains of colorado. i am
not a cold weather person. but seeing the sweet moves of the
skiers as we drove in warmed my heart. a gorgeous simple
wedding and good friends who we don't see nearly enough of.

driving between the moutains was a reminder of the simple
life i am meant to live.
peace to each of you today.


tuesday ..peace..

new ..peace.. bullet cards

i have pretty much stopped watching the coverage, today is a huge
day in our country's history. regardless of the outcome i have
watched something amazing. something raw and beautiful. and

for that mr. obama, i say thank you. thank you for restoring my
hope in the world, in the people. no matter what happens at the

end of the day - i have faith that you have made changes and will
continue that journey.

if you are looking for a bit of inspiration today go visit miss
jaime. she has left each of us a little glitter.

bumper at squam.

"when the power of love overcomes
the love of power the world will
know peace."
peace be with our nation today. and that means each of you.


a tuesday morn pounce

sweet cassiopeia ring ~ jess taylor
an early morning pounce found this sweet bauble
by jess taylor. she has really fun jewelry.
not really a diamond kind of girl. have one and i respect the
meaning behind it. but not really me. i would pair this with
one of her silver bands for the complete wedding set.
just a thought.


44 - old habits die hard

Originally uploaded by indigochickie
i just began twyla tharps [the creative habit]
within the first 5 pages this is what i grabbed.....

"some people find this moment - the moment before creativity begins- so painful that they simply cannot deal with it. they get up
and walk away from they computer, the canvas, the keyboard;
they take a nap or go shopping or fix lunch or do chores around
the house. they procrastinate. in its most extreme form, this
terror totally paralyzes people."

44 years - i have a lot of work to do.

yesterday was filled with watching my oldest cherub toodle us around town in her new car. big smile didn't leave her face. we dined on scrumptous sushi and visited an art store where i bought
my first screen.



thursday *[bless my soul]

hey notes on etsy!

so many things going on here in middle earth.
new cards finally on etsy.
big day on sunday
two eve's of happy with miss c
finally getting some work done, amen.
two holiday shows coming up
laughing through emails with the girls.


friday *[bless my soul}

go buy a pack of bubble yum, chew through the sugary
grit and blow the biggest bubbles you can.

cmon' i double dog dare ya. its fun!

happy friday.



thursday and some sweet peace.

oh sweet peace..mixed media..12x6 inches

i recently submitted "oh sweet peace" to the
"of peace of artwork" blog. i found it via the most
talented leah piken.

"an art movement for peace brought to you by
1000 faces of mother henna and artists all
over the world."
kara was so kind to pick my artwork as a piece
for peace. thank you miss kara. you made my
day so very happy!

if you would like to see more peaceful works
of art, please mozey on over.


a cornucopia *[indie fixx giveaway]

goodies galore #1

if you love a good giveaway, and we all do,
head over to indiefixx and check out the
indie fixx autumn cornucopia giveaway
sweet baby jesus - there are so many goods
to look at and drool over. jenn was sweet
enough to include two of my prints, so thank
you for that jenn. this happy girl truly
appreciates it!

goodies galore #2

so here is the plan. i am going to tell you what i
dig in the giveaway, you run over and post a
comment or you can even tell your thoughts on
your blog, you know give a little shout out to
indie fixx, like i have an then hop on over and
let jenn know. but first, head over and read
through all the fluff and stuff to make sure
you fully understand how to play.

contest ends november 14th. so hurry up,
go on now - get over there and play!

[oops, almost forgot! here is what i am
-jewels karalee designs
-jenny hart's sublime stitching
-funky journal from ex libris anonymous
oh, hell - i dig it all.]

go on - get!



mister j....the belly rebel
many comments on my playlist and some questions.
intrigued? here are a few answers.....
momma don't let you sons grow up to be cowboys.
*urban cowboy came out my freshman year of high
school. i was dating 6pack abs, all state football,
wayne who is now a "joe 6-pack" still as cute as
he always was, but very different paths. he embarrassed
me so damn bad at that movie. karen and i totally
snubbed our dates, but fell in love with the movie.
needless to say waylon jennings was soon a fixture
at our swim practices. when you do nothing but
swim yards - you have to have something to
make yourself happy and prunie fingers get old.
limelight - rush
yes, i know. but seriously - i loved this group
and it wasn't because my boyfriend did. he
loved lynard skynard - remember, "joe 6-pack"
enough said.

and liz - i love his voice...wink

fat bottom girls - queen
are you kidding me???? you have to ask.

for the love of cheese it's freddy mercury!
and if you want to become a runner, but
don't know where to start - put this on
the ipod and just go.

in my life - dmb [beatles]

because i walked down the aisle to this one.

beautiful girl - jonatha brooke
daily reminder.

and because i love to dance in the studio....
say hey - michael franti

cmon eileen -
send me on my way - rusted root
i'm yours - jason mraz

and these just because of i am me....
beloved one - ben harper

redemption song - bob marley
love - john lennon
taxi - harry chapin
bartender - dmb

happy tuesday....


self portrait challenge mirror:1

quiet. canon rebel. october 7, 08

quiet girl
i would liken you
to a night without stars
were it not for your eyes.
i would liken you
to a sleep withou dreams
were it not for your songs.
~langston hughes.
looking for a specific reflections....look here.

beautiful girl

art altar
Originally uploaded by indigochickie
the first song i heard this am
as i sat here opening up my
blog was jonatha's "beautiful

i don't think of myself as a beautiful
girl, but hearing her lusty voice
sing those words, i felt beautiful
the corners of my mouth lifted
in a smile. i am sitting here
sweating from my cardio, crappy
workout clothes, a bit of bedhead
and i feel pretty cute, but not just
that - i feel good about me. i have
found so many creative souls who
surround me with support, kindness
and love. and today, for that, i am
happy, blessed.

here are my five happy things.....

1. purging the studio
2. the creative, nuturing souls who
each day, call, email - keeping me
lifted and on track
3. seeing each of you on your jouney
flitting through life - smiling and singing
4. my message in the phone from a one
miss jen gray - i am never erasing this.
i have one from swirly, 2 years old - can't
erase it!
5. empty canvas waiting for some color.

todays wish for each of you....color beyond
your wildest expectations.


flaming red rocket....not appropiate for the weak of heart

oliver, our dirty martini...
here is a happy little story to brighten your hump day.

last nite i worked out, played vball and came home around 7:50pm. little ollie
was out in the yard by himself and didn't run to greet me, so i start to head to
the house and realize...he still is laying in the yard. so i go over to talk to him
he stands and then lays down again. i realize something is wrong - so i go in
the house and ask bryce what is wrong with him and this is what bryce " the
mature one" says

"he has a flaming red rocket", very nice shakespeare, thanks for the editing.

so i go outside and he wasn't lying - poor ollie has the perpertual hard on!

so i finally pick him up to carry him into the house and go upstairs to call a vet.
god forbid the city of pets have an afterhours e.r. vet. oh no i have to call
lafayette. so i go to the studio to make the call and the kids ask what is wrong
and i say "he has an erection that wont go down. sir is in hysterics but then
little c says "bryce or ollie" she is half listening, god forbid she stops watching
tv. i said to her "why on earth would i tell you bryce has an erection. sir g at
this point is wetting himself.

so i call the vet, they tell me that i have to keep it moist with water or k.y. and try
to manually manipulate it to go back in. ARE YOU EFF-IN' KIDDING ME"!!!! what
the hell. so i go back down stairs toting my hair dye glove, get a bowl of water
to splash on the said "rocket" and my husband is giggling on the couch like a little
boy, because he IS ONE~!

nothing works, i make bryce go to walgreens for the k.y jelly - which cost $12!!!

i try that and realize that he has something bulbous protuding and it looks enflamed
and just bad.

so i call them again, i call a local vet to see if they have an after hours service
the vet tells me to put ice on it and doesn't offer to see him

so i finally tell bryce we have to take him to lafayette.

they have to put him under to get it in. the flaming bulbous issue was
the gland! so $200 later and back home at 11:30 - that was my nite
how was yours!

***upate*** [little ollie is fine, rocket again functioning in a normal fashion, i am sleep
deprived, but what the hell else is new.]

myself *[sacred]

myself : my favorite
Originally uploaded by indigochickie
my new little 50 mm portrait lens c
ame in the post yesterday.

oh happy day!


mornin' world

i must
Originally uploaded by indigochickie
"Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn't learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn't learn a little, at least we didn't get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn't die; so, let us all be thankful." ~ Buddha

can i just say i so love the dancing mermaid, images, rocks
and blog. and while there today, she led me to boffo panda.
two sweet blogs.

in the crazyiness that our lovely wall street and government has left us with - i wish each of you a day of solitude, peace and understanding.

we each will be okay, there is no other way. so hold tight, treat others with love. we are all frustrated and scared. so with that
i am sending out BIG FAT hugs.



some happy monday

cabin fever
Originally uploaded by indigochickie
since mondays can sometimes be crap and today it is cold and rainy in middle earth - here is what i am happy about

1. big bro's 6-0 football season, GO WARRIORS!
[ i love watching him coach]
2. my nieces who think i am okay.
3. little c participating in golf regionals as a freshman
4. new music on my playlist
5. a notebook gathering new ideas, goals and lists
6. opportunities
7. phone calls and emails with my creative know who you are.
8. yueng-ling beer
9. a gorgeous weekend
10. my new studio layout that will really rock once i purge old supplies, books and furniture. i am about 1/2 way there.

happy monday!


a thursday and a wedding

mavris art center ~ indianapolis photo courtesy of mavris

a thursday nite wedding, who does that?

that is all i could focus
on yesterday as i drove to indy for this
wedding. miz c played club
volleyball with the bride. i get up at
4:15am each morning - so the
thought of getting home on a week
nite so late is not appealing.
but this place made it all worth it.

the mavris is an old converted
warehouse. three floors of exposed
brick and beam. a side yard
terrace that would make anyone drool.
and as the music began and
the first course served, the black blinds
in each window - raised
to expose the gorgeous indy nite sky. heaven
is where i was last nite.
i have to take the little jewels of moments,
as i get them. living
here - we don't have options like the mavris.
all i could do on the
ride home was plan my future store front. artgallery
and design
shop first floor, reception hall 2nd floor, class rooms or
3rd floor. i swear this is the only way my athletic
department, loyal
husband will keep me here in the little sleepy town.
we have the
buildings to do it. we can downsize and become loft
dwellers, we
really can! i just have to run it past the man! yeah
right - we all
know i am the ruler of the land!

i also realized last nite that my nite blindness has gotten much worse.
i don't like driving at nite - because....I CANT SEE!!!! i about took
out a curb on delaware street. miz c asked if i had had more than
one beer, no only one - four hours prior. [insert - do you know how
good a cold heinie is, while vegging in a really sweet art center is -
the best!] after i dropped her off, i am heading down 116st, a
road i have traveled many days and nites. so i go to turn on
to 96th to head to the interstate and realized i am turning onto
the oncoming lanes! i had to swerve to get to my lanes, because
i have NITE BLINDNESS and can't see. i can't believe i didn't get
pulled over for suspision of drunk driving. i was mortified. and
laughing all at once. i finally pulled safely into town around 11:30.
looking for a nappie this afternoon.

the mavris is owned by john, nicely done john!

oh and happy weekend - woowhoo!


funky finds art giveaway

head on over to funky finds for the september giveaway.
the happygirl shop is giving away two prints of your choice.
all you have to do is leave comments for your favorite shops
so you can comment on as many as you want.

last month i won a $45 gift certificate from harrilu.!

I'm Yours

this song makes me happy every damn time i listen! hope it makes you happy too.


campbell turns two

i am campbell - september 2008

finished just in time for the birthday party.
of course her dad couldn't figure out the eye patch, but
he is always saying what a "shit" she is, so i had to give
her a bit of "rebel" oh how i love ruffling his feathers, it
is so easy.



campbell turns two - 3ft x 3ft mixed media
now drying and waiting for the finishing touches.



Originally uploaded by indigochickie
'if you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.' ~robert fritz

miz missie shared this with me today.



morning, lake girls, and a few boys...

image kindly borrowed from beth, photo take by heather

the sun is shining today in middle indiana, but squam cool to
say the least. i am curious if any of you have had an emotional
let down this week. yesterday i trucked over to wal-mart for a
few needed items and as i went in i felt like the world was closing
in. by the time i got home - tears. i cried all nite! much better
today, but i think reality set back in.
i miss my cabingirls, i miss my vintage sliding bedroom doors
and walking out to the view of squam lake. i miss the hugs,
i miss the smiles and the full acceptance i felt while there.
i just miss that. all that.
so no intentions of sounding woe is me, just curious if i am
the only and if you have felt this - know i am sending a hug
your way.
for anyone who is looking for a soul mantra, do i have a
place to visit. liz elayne....oh how i adore her....has some
of her mindful necklaces on her etsy shop. apparently they
are some hot potatoes, they seem to be flying out of the shop.
but i am sure she will have more....right LIZ?! go check them
out. HERE
happy thursday!



happy, a bit sleep deprived, blessed. sept 2008
it was everything i wanted and needed it to be. silly car
mates, cabin mates that i feel in love with. a dining hall
full of food and seconds! ice cream cones!
meeting those who i have only talked to via email, new
chicks who i adore and instructors who gave themselves
and their talents to each of us. i am not a wordsmith,
at this moment i wish i were. so when those, here at home
ask how it was - all i can do is smile and say "perfect"
if anyone knows where the hell lou is - shoot me an email!
the hugs, giggles, live music - the hauls to the dning room
and the magic swirls around in my crazy dark brain.
love runs deep for every creative soul who attened, this
gorgeous event, year one. history in the making i say.
for more happy, click here..


the camp off to soul camp...squam

squam art workshops

off to squam - no cell, no laptop - just re-plenishing
the ol' creative spirit. i am sure laughing, dancing and

some tears will be included and why the hell
is short so lets paint!

for anyone attending, please stop by my table and
say hello. the number of creative chicks at this
camp is amazing - to be included this circle is

see you next week.



check it.

head over and visit erin at
design for mankind and her
new mag.

it rocks!


..crap that bogs the life..

my brain spins....
not sure where i will end up with this post. today my
mind is full of chaos, things i wish weren't there, floating
around - banging into each other like bumper cars
at the fair.
last nite i got out of bed at least 4 times, to check my squam i need sheets, should i take a rain coat. do
i even have a rain coat, where the hell is that flashlight
and i pray someone didn't run down the batteries.

i have a friend that calls this monkey brain. gotta
go, got to swing - branch to branch, back and forth.
this summer - oh this summer. a huge disappointment.
we have not planted one flower, no garden. no lawn
cushions, no tiki lanterns or cookouts. my yard seems
baron. i need color, i need the cool breeze on a summer
nite on my face. we haven't even had friends over for
a cookout. not our normal summer

..swing, branch to branch...
too many obligations, too many jobs coming in
at odd times of scheduling [odd way to put it]
all we did this summer was work and do things
on weekends, that weren' t ideal summer fare.
with all of this comes so many other branches that
i swing back and forth too. dear friends who are
struggling to keep it together. where is our place
in this. when do we step in and say, please - let
us help.
we, as humans, have such a desire to be heard.
our feelings must be validated, justified. and
yet as we cry out. we tend to make terrible
decisions, hurtful decisions, that change our
whole course. why. why are we so self-destructive.
i am constantly amazed at in our nation, our generation
of information. we have every self-help, diy book
imaginable....yet - we still make decisions that are
so hurtful. how is that. ah yes, the whole human
factor. doctorates, masters, bachelors.....further
education. yet - it doesn't make the heart any
smarter, wiser or forgiving.
no no...for that we must dig deep into our character,
our soul and remind ourselves that sometimes,
we have to put the other in front of our own
desires, our validation.
one other thing. school is back in session. b is back
in the middle of fall athletics. some days, i just
wish my husband had another career. our town
is so small and it takes two seconds for the word
to hit the street. only this time, i heard it first.
and the info weighs heavily on my mind.
i so want to get through this week, box up all my
artwork and supplies and get on that plane. to
sit and paint, talk, dance, giggle and learn. to
meet a new dear soul, running into another friend
face to face. no emails back and forth. just sharing,
creating - growing., the mind is slowing down and i am
feeling calm.
thanks for the ear!


..sweet peace..

oh sweet peace..

12x6 canvas, mixed media art
ready for vendor nite.
hope to see you there!

studio is full of life.
squam two weeks.



working towards squam

no panic here! just working in studio, putting all the pieces
of the squam puzzle together.
how are you feeling today?
*on a squam note, if you haven't heard already - a girlie that i
really look up to and adore has self published a book. you can
find it HERE. mine arrived saturday and it is a gorgeous tribute
to the creative life. i love her for sharing it with all of us.
now go on and check it out....cmon' you know you want to.



atra - auction extraordinAIRE original.
mixed media-gallery wrapped canvas.
vintage map of the midwest, acrylics,graphite
found papers and silverleaf.
off to the auction!



donation for airedale rescue. atra fall frolic
work in progress. i have been spying alot of sillohettes
out there. i thought this would be something fun and
different to try.
i have to add my flowers and maybe a few targets
and it will be off for the fundraiser.