where's your soul

jeepers...what a week! i have a friend [tom] who came up with my
tag line...where's your soul.
i love it. it is totally me. i giggle every
time i use it. tom is getting married this saturday
in maine. so many
blessing to the happy couple. if i could only get everyone to sing

toms jones' [its not unusual] on saturday that would be great...tee hee.
he knows what i am

so with that being said heres where my soul is at this moment... - penelope illustrations goods
sheila bell - great jewelry
cooler weather
suburban bliss - motherhood can sometimes be scarey!
swirlygirl - check out her journal
laughing so hard you feel sick!

i also have a friend who was in italy the last two weeks. i did some
work for her while
she was gone...thanks for the rosary and
murano glass pendant. you rock kelly

be good to yourself and remember to do things that make you happy [legal of course]


minimum wage

ahhh....minimum wage. i just got done watching
morgan spurlocks [ 30 days ]. remember
him from [supersize me]. pure genius.
this episode of 30 days work around how
people survive on minimum wage. he
gave up his salary for 30 days to see
how he could do it. if you have the chance
to catch this episode. do it. it gives you
the appreciation for the folks who actually
live their whole life working for nothing.
we say, we live in america. we live in the
greatest nation.

my thought...we can do better!

check morgan out on fx network.
he puts out really good stuff
he makes you think, he makes you
want to do better.

bryce and i downsized significantly this
past year. after watching this, i realized
what we gave up is still nothing compared to
what so many do with out everyday


rowdy girls

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happy summer things

robert randolph and the family band
red stripe beer
jimmy buffett - see you there!
painted toenails
day run - ikea

weeks end

it is 5 o'clock my house.
this red stripe is oh sooooo good. i just
hit another deadline...yippee. oh the joy
of thinking it won't get done, new problems
arise, but you somehow dig in and hit it.

i have not had time this week to think of
everything thing that is going on around
me - the devastation in london, the horror
in idaho, our troops still in the middle east.

my day seems to go on uneffected. my
heart aches for all involved. my mind
wanders and trys to make sense. i will
never make sense of these crimes. i just
say a prayer for all involved.

so i say to everyone out there...many
blessings to you and your loved ones.
hold tight to one another.



power out

good morning world! how is everyone?
it is friday, it is a long weekend, and i
see a cold beer in my future. how sad
is it that it's 8am and i am talking beer.

we had a power outage last nite, just
on our side of the street. it was pitch
black in our house. i was, of course
working, then bam - black. gabe
screamed [a blood curdling scream]
[this really annoyed me - he is 13].
his friend, coleman asked if i had any
flash lites. i responded "of course we
do, they just don't work. God forbid
my lovely kids would ever turn them
off when they were done and put them
away. i don't know, say for a FUTURE POWER
OUTAGE! so i meandered through my house,
careful not to stumb anything, found candles
and that is how we functioned for the next
1.5 hours.

of course coleman had many hours of power
saved on his nintendo ds, so the boys were
good. i stayed with them fearful that the
littel pyro's would set the house a blaze.
[they could not leave the damn candles alone]
i saw gabe [my child] lean over the candles
more than once to retrieve something....
he makes me so proud!

it is amazing how we depend on modern society.
i was sitting there enjoying the candle lite, even
commented to them about can you imagine living
with only candle lite. they looked up at me with
their precious faces, then went back to the
flippin' nintendo!

i blew out the candles, and went to bed