10 on the edge

..tables edge..

"in the beginning, the price of giving great love is risking that
it won't be returned. until you understand, of course, that great
love is always returned." `with interest,the universe

the studio has been a busy place, so much goodness going on.
here are some new things in store....
1. squam art submitted and waiting
2. checking off the list
3. new baubles on the horizon
4. new shop updates coming, new shop, new look
5. listen and she wore pink featured at pecannoot!
6. two new works from this amazing duo
7. penny's new find, go - its a little daily gift
8. my gift from lizelayne....i wear it everywhere!
9. ideas for the local fall art show
10. creative sessions with peach.
"Accidents, coincidences, and serendipities don't create dreams.
Your dreams create them. ~Dream away,The Universe


got your daily dose?

jessica have heard of her - right! how
could you not. she rocks. i am in constant amazement
of her talent, drive and kindness. so if you haven't
already toodled over to her new abundance site. do
it today. think of it as a little gift to yourself.

she is also looking for abundant
inspiring submissions, cmon -
you know you have been painting -
send your artwork in!

and....go here to look over all of her goods.
i am diggin' the new coasters!
plenty of thursday goodness.


5 things to dig.

"bad fog of loneliness"

one.... completed.....squam submissions, all four. yippie!

two.... heading to meet up with this chick tomorrow.
i have to say that i have had a month of happy on the
tribe front.

three... this should be in the post next week. can't wait to see
her hanging on my wall

four....a lovely new glass star from my girl sarah. image will
be coming soon

five....all the blessings that fall upon me each day



monday : monday

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monday....winding down from a weekend filled with
some crazyiness, some downtime and much happiness.

how was yours

[your task is not to seek for love and beauty – but merely to seek and find all the barriers you have built against them.” -rumi]

5.07.2009 that's better.



new bauble displays....

workings to submit....

miss liz has been inspiring me to stick with my lists. if i knew how
to put a line through my list items that i have accomplished i would
do that, but i don't so i am putting the whole lists and you can just
guess what i have gotten done.

1. purge the studio
2. re-work my etsy shop, blog and website
[ have already created a new etsy shop, will be
announcing the new addy soon]
3. paint 3 pieces a week, or new baubles
4. keep desktop clean = file paperwork and put supplys away
5. organize paper goods area
6. set up a weekly calendar for art, biz/taxes and design jobs
7. file ideas/doodles in binder for easy creative access
8. purge closet
9. set up shipping and packaging area
10. get out my screen and work on some hankies.

for more creative biz ideas.....check out liz's list and
modish biz tips