studio friday *[quoted]

camp indigo...happy messy studio

{ as long as habit and routine
dictate the patterns of living, new
dimensions of the soul will
not emerge. } ~ henry van dyke

journey here....

bless my soul *[fins]

g's on his way to the state meet as an alternate
this weekend. i am so proud of his accomplishments
many seconds of dropped times, a new place
to exist. watching him walk out to the car with
bryce this am, big fat smile on his face....proud
of himself, of his teammates. and momma couldn't
be prouder too...not because he is going to state,
but for the hours he put in when he was sore
and tired. all the 5am mornings, the long weekends,
and the smile on his face when he spotted the
his time on the board, when he passed those who
have been passing him for 3 seasons and because
he always looks for me in the crowd.

swim boys swim.....

[look closely. the beautiful may be small] ~ emmanuel kant


studio friday *[drawing a blank]

happy 2nd birthday - studio friday!

7 blocks, ready to finish! seven!....8 months
ago, one canvas sat on my table, begging for
a bit of love. talk about drawing a blank. i finally
made myself finish her. there is something about
a canvas ready to finish. it exudes the possiblity.
for me - i rarely know how i will finish it. what
lies ahead. today - i am happy in orange, pink
and a bit of sunshine. sunshine, that is of a bit
of yellow peaking through. no sun outside today...
we are under a fresh blanket of snow.
to see who else is drawing a blank...walk this way!
oh and tell tine bravo, while you are at it.
blessing ya'll


bless my soul *[hands on]

lower 9th ward [nola]

today cbs - guidinglight shared footage of the
shows actors trip, to the gulf coast. 18 months
after katrina and those south, STILL looks like
the above image. common! we live in america
and this is all we've got?
november 2006, i traveled with a group from
st. bernards to st. gabriel of the archangel,
in new orleans. the devastation is wide, the
pain and suffering is deep.
as i watched the guiding light special, tears
ran down my face. i cry for the ones i had
to leave behind, still trying to gain control
of their lives, i cry for the new friends i met,
for the children who attended st. benedict
of the moor, on st. gabriels campus and i cry
because i yearn to go back.
if you are looking for something to do, something
that will forever change your life....please go
here. the hands on network is a great place to
start! they partnered with guiding light.


the girl series *[the girl bloomed]

the girl series one - the girl bloomed

mixed media 5.5x12 inches
acrylics, oil crayons,ink, silver leaf and papers
1 inch deep wrapped canvas
black finished sides
signed and ready to hang

the snow if falling rapidly here today in middle indiana.
i have spent the day downloaded files for a new
design job, cleaned our very dusty downstairs,
ate a warm bowl of chili, lots of candy and viewed
all of the warm and happy photos from the girly

bryce and the kids are home today. central indiana
is basically shut down. i grew up here and i am
very used to this. but as always i am wrapped in
a new fleece blanket, sitting infront of the monitor
loving life.

more boards sit behind me, gessoed and ready for
new life. i can't tell you the happy buzz that fills
me as i paint. amen for nudges!

blessings ya'll!!!!


messy happy studio

happy messy unorganized creative space

don't forget this night only
the girly show!
if you are in the LA area go say hello to these
creative chickadees.....