having a teenage girl - today has worn me down.
why is it so hard to teach girls to value themselves.
why do parent's no longer look out for your kids
when you are not there.

i look at her little face, those eyes and wonder if i am getting
through to her at all. i have been there, allowing boys to treat
me like i am their possession. the grip that makes you feel like
only you can make their life better, their baggage will go away
if you stay with them. only creating more damage for yourself.
unaware of the road that this will pave later.

another phone call, why can't i have a relationship with your
daughter. 6 months and he still won't go away.

i had her, had her feeling better. the loneliness was easing,
her personality was again like her old self and then, here he
comes. why is there nothing i can do. why are we still dealing
with this boy.

so many good things going on here, so many. but today, i can't
even think about the months to come. i am worn from this
intrusion. always trying to stay ahead of the situation, my
mind races with my next step. talking to her, listening, tears.



the girls of sommer::#2

porch life....squam lake

jenica at
the one little one has started some end of the "sommer" fun.
if you attended the squam art retreats last september you will recognize
jenica and this weeks giveaway sponsor - kristen.

kristen is the outgoing, sassy, and most talented force behind acukiki.
what you might also not know that she is also a roller derby queen,
an acupuncturist and chinese herbalist, a the mama of one sweet little cherub.

when i met miss acukiki, in our superhero class, i was immediately drawn
to her generous, sassy spirit. i have been blessed this past year with phone
calls, notes in my postbox and one of my alltime most cherished
polaroid camera.

piscina...original polaroid

i am the proud owner of fruit. kristen's images are
raw, beautiful images of everyday happenings. many
that she finds as she strolls the streets of nyc.

fruit....fine art print

kristen can be found in her space, in her shop or on flickr.

if you'd like a chance to win...head on over to jenica's place.

leave a comment with what is inspiring you today.
comments will close on thursday, july 30th, at 11:59 MST and
winner will be announced on friday.

***this is week 2 of 8 weeks of giveaways! so head over each

week to check out another girl of sommer.

peace, ya'll!


..five fabs for milwaukee..

1. food....simple delicious food at ever corner
look up water buffalo, swig and charlies
old 3rd ward

2. the architecture made me drool. little cafes with
outdoor seating, pooches laping water as their
trusty companions dined on breakfast.

3. miller park....home of the brewers
i have never sat under a retracting roof and
sitting there getting to watch was part of the fun
and of course, my hank.

4. little art and design shops everywhere.
i mean - everywhere!

5. drinks....i favored the lemon ginger cooler and
the vallemonde. tom decided to live on the wild
side with a schlitz. seriously.

so where have you been lately?


..hello monday..

the water buffalo, historic 3rd ward, milwaukee, wisconsin.

..up next - 5 really good things about milwaukee.


..five woot friday..

backyard glass - july 2009

five funky finds for friday.....oh yeah, their all good.
pouncing is fun.

1. ib watson - check these out.....for the photographer in each of you.
2. coup - have to get one of these tees.
3. pinkytoast - her girls rock and make me giggle.
4. vm jess - i just got happy.
5. smollthings - my friend tracy, who is so talented but just refuses
to believe it, is making these oh so cool mugs. i dig them.

okay that is my five for friday. you got any?

now go enjoy your weekend.


..9.. i dug those shoes..

he's academic, i am creative
he exercises, i used to
he runs, i walk
he is salt, i am pepa.

..this is happy..

..not because he has a girlfriend

..because it just allows you to go back to that time.

come on, you know it does.


this is me..

this is me.

and i am happy. really good day today.

how was your day.
c'mon tell me.

check em' out!

pink girl art pendant, now on etsy

five new baubles on etsy....please go check them out.

part of a little collaboration with liz elayne. my girls, her
charm. i love them.

so with that i am going to give you five really happy items
that are going on in my life.

1. working away in the studio.

2. being part of the good hearted - heather, wow what
a kind chick. i am so happy to be part of this.

3. two, count em' two giveaways on the horizon. stay tuned
more info will be coming in the next week.

4. 4 of my original pieces of art will be part of the 1st annual squam art show.
you have no idea how happy this make me.

5. i will be part of the paper and stitch gallery starting next

more to come. so much goodness. i so appreciate everyone
who has been giving me a nudge.

peace. out.