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bryce and kelly
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1998 - first buffett voyage together.


margaritaville 05

margaritaville - jimmy buffett

Nibblin' on sponge cake,watchin' the sun bake;
All of those tourists covered with oil.
Strummin' my six string on my front porch swing.
Smell those shrimp--They're beginnin' to boil.

Wasted away again in Margaritaville,
Searchin' for my lost shaker of salt.
Some people claim that there's a woman to blame,
But I know it's nobody's fault.

Don't know the reason,Stayed here all season
With nothing to show but this brand new tattoo.
But it's a real beauty,A Mexican cutie,
how it got hereI haven't a clue.

Wasted away again in Margaritaville,
Searchin' for my lost shaker of salt.
Some people claim that there's a woman to blame,
Now I think,-- hell it could be my fault.

I blew out my flip flop,Stepped on a pop top;
Cut my heel, had to cruise on back home.
But there's booze in the blender,And soon
it will renderThat frozen concoction that helps me hang on.

Wasted away again in Margaritaville
Searchin' for my lost shaker of salt.
Some people claim that there's a woman to blame,
But I know, it's my own damn fault.
Yes, and some people claim that there's a woman to blame,
And I know it's my own damn fault.

one day and counting...teehee


kelly and dad

kelly and dad
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even at 6 months, i was by dad
at the game.

busy busy busy

i have just made it through another hectic weekend...
another weekend of very little down time, no time
to lock myself away and create....

i missed penelope's opening nite at the munce art
center....bummer. but i did get to see gabe perform
with the high school band. he looked so small out there
on the football field and i got to see my pal rex beat
a state ranked team. chs has never beaten danville
and the friday nite frenzy was exactly that. my dad
was a varsity football coach. i spent my fall evenings
on the field with my dad. i also spent the summer at
two-a-days. dad would throw my bike in the back of
the old dodge and i would sit in the back of the truck
for the 11 mile trek on the back roads of montgomery
county. i often wonder how i never fell out of that
truck! mothers would cringe today. we just went with
the flow.

to top off the whole weekend. on my way to lafayette
today. my clutch went out on my [new-used] 94' saab!
i had 3 kids with me. we have been struggling with the
reverse. it is manual and i have to put it in first and
the quickly jack it into reverse [somehow the rocking
back and forth eventually throws it into reverse]
and if that doesnt work, i have to have gabe push me
so i can get in a position to drive forward. we might
as well be ma and pa kettle. gabe thinks is it the coolest
thing to push the car. i am sure the transmission will have
to be replaced. so much for putting christmas $$$ back.

oh i am ready to slow down on the design work, so i can
put my create flow to work. the ideas are not only swimming
in my head, but i have sketches all over the studio. i am just
going to have to set aside an hour or two a day to create.

money vs art....oh the pain!

buffett...3 days and counting



i have started running again...

as bryce wakes me up, i moan in
pain and beg that we not run today.
but he knows that i am just tired and
once we stretch and get out on the road
i will be okay. and i am. today i ran a
whole extra block. hey quit laughing.
i am not a natural born runner. i don't
have long lean legs - i was blessed with
stubby chunky legs. legs that drag
as i run. which brings me to my next
thought - clancy

oh that sweet little cherabim - clancy.
she is running cross country, so i thought
if i train for the 5k again this year, she and
i can run it together. that would be a nice
mother-daughter day. so when i told her
i wanted to do this with her she snorted...
yeah that's what i thought. what is up
with the snort. of course i asked. she
explained that it was beyond the realm
of possibility for her
to run with me,
because i run like a dork!
such a blessed
little thing, she can't run with
me, because
i embarrass her. embrass her? what the

hell does she mean embarrass her. i am
the hippest mom on the block! my children
are so sweet, i just can't imagine my life
without them. i could just eat them up.

reminds me of wedding receptions when
bryce and i are dancing to a really great
song and i look over as i throw out the
fishing line to reel bryce in and cheri'
is sitting in a corner with a look of
disgust! my children just adore their

sad thing is pay backs hurt. i remember
watching my mom, as a child, thinking
was i adopted? surely god would have
never placed me with this. i often
wonder if i had been nicer to my mom,
my kids wouldn't be so hard on me.

doubt it.


the girl with coffee colored eyes

the girl with coffee colored eyes
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life is a promise...fulfill it
~mother teresa

mocha eyes

we took cheri' to iu today...
she really doesn't want to have
to go back for another year of
studying, but she knows she doesn't
want to be here at home either.

this weekend wasn't a good one with
her. she was very moody and pretty
much a pain in my arse. but as we
got closer to iu her mood changed. she
was laughing and smiling. she drove
ahead of bryce and myself in the borrowed
truck. and i couldn't help wonder where the
time has gone. she has gone from a very
active child to an extremely confident, independent
young woman. sometimes when she is acting
like a typical 19 year old - i have to remind myself
that she is just that...19. most days she comes off
at about 25-30. she has been such an ease to raise.

i know i really only have her 3 more years. i know
that when she graduates, she will leave me. most
days i am glad of that. i want her to spread those
wings and fly. i didn't do that. that is a regret.
but today watching her drive ahead. hand out the
window, playfully moving through the air...i was
sad. no longer that little girl with the big mocha

[life is a promise...fulfill it -mother teresa]


indigo update

yippee...the walls are painted, new furniture in.
now i just have to make a run to lowes tomorrow
nite to pick up my shelving. then i get to put up
my lopie illos , make a few minor adjustments
and the studio will be up and moving


pictures coming

i am so happy i left the work for someone else world.



i am painting my studio today....
okay i'm not painting it, i have hired
someone to do it for me. we worked
out a sweet deal and it was worth the
money, especially since i have no time
to do it! cheri' will put together all
of my ikea purchases, desk, bookcase,
futon, etc. i will post before and after photos so
that you can see how pathetic it is now
and how great it will look!

when i look at the before pictures, i want to
cry...i cant believe i have worked in this hole
for this long. everything is at eye level, nothing
creative, horrible dark eggplant walls,
clutter-clutter-clutter. i don't know how
i am even creative.

to end on a happy note, we had a big family gathering
yesterday to celebrate my parents 45th wedding
anniversary. it was a great day



i've been tagged by swirly and i feel funny about participating. i just don't have that
many viewers on my blog....but what the hell i'm in. swirly named me, so i will step
up [ she is one of my sheros ]

here are my five idiosyncracies...

1. i laugh like betty rubble
2. i always root for the underdog
3. i tend to be attracted to older men, yet i married
a man 10 years younger than me
4. i despise rude people with cell phones [i don't own a cell phone ]
5. i hate alot of noise and i am extremely claustrophobic
[ you will find me outside during
parties or sitting in an empty room.
[ thank you lord for allowing me to work at home...amen ]

okay now it's your turn...tom, raquelle, violette, kim


wedding weekend

our friend strasser got hitched this weekend.
i had the honor of producing all the wedding
stationary. it was very simple, crimson in color
[strass is a wally]. gerbera daisys [my favorites]
and best of all, when he and kristin recited
their vows...they meant them. you could
hear the enthusiasm. they are so in love

those are the very best weddings.

strasser lived with us one summer when he
was working at wabash. he brought us
pizza and beer almost nightly. we all sat
around and talked, and ate.
he is part of
our family.

one a different is almost back in
session. cheri' will be heading back to iu. i
will have my hallway and closet back. yesssss!
gabe will have his bedroom back and we will get
back to whatever today is considered a normal
schedule. i can finally have some peace in the
house during the day. clancy and gabe will
have to settle their differences in the halls
of jr. high. oh the poor administration.

i will lose my husband for another 9 months,
i will be bitchy when too much falls on my
shoulders. gosh why can't i just deal with
this and move on. some days i think i am
psycho! maybe not psycho, but nothing
a little zoloft wouldn't relieve.

no i think i will just work on getting rid of
my [woe is me attitude] and embrace my
nine months of solitude.

yep thats what i am going to do!
remind me of this when i am
bitching and
[ i could win an award for whining ]

big blue ribbon for kelly



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1st moleskin page

what's on tap

happy happy happy
i have so many ideas i am going to burst......
here's what's on tap here,
lots of design jobs
big wedding weekend
messy messy studio
no time to think and i want some good sleep
i miss tom, i want to hear all about the wedding
i want to know how it all went. i want to see a blissfilled grin
i want to
bounce some ideas around...when in the hell
are you coming back? gosh!
i am a superstar!
is 40 too old to pierce your nose
this is so pathetic - wake up folks [gotta love cville]
i think this might be a good idea [need to find the time]

woo...i feel better

...tap off!