bless my soul *[miz alison]

tis the season for giving,
the season of advent is

upon us. advent is a reminder
of the gifts we have received,
the arrival of christ' birth and
the ability to celebrate our
life we have been given. my
blessings are pure and true.
some days we forget what true
blessings have been bestowed
upon us.

if you are looking for something
to give to, during the season
of advent you may want to start
here. Penelope Dullaghan - is
looking for you. her sweet sweet
sister in law, Alison is in the fight
of her life. she is fighting cancer.
a fund has been set up to help out
alison and her husband tom.

so if you are looking to share a smile
with an extra someone, please start
here. and while you visit toms site
or alison, please take the time to read
through their blog entrys. the have
a simple, loving relationship that is

prays, zen and positive thoughts
are very much needed as well. so
if that is the gift you can give...
please do so.


white stripe

oh....i have yet another new doo. not so much
in the cut, just trying to grow my hair out.
but the color - i LOVE it. i have really fine,
thin hair. i work really hard to get it to look
like it isn't so fine and thin. so brandy, put
in deep brown low lites, some dark blonde
and a sassy little white stripe in the front.

i may never go blonde again! i have always
stayed blonde because i fear i look like my
mom if my hair is darker. don't get me wrong.
mom is very cute, however as a daughter, i
don't want to be my mom. but i like the dark.

happy wednesday!


bless my soul *[happy feet]

if you haven't already...go catch happy feet.
sweet sweet story and bitchin music.
elvis, stevie wonder, queen....and pink's

rendition of [tell me something good!]

go see it - it doesn't make just your
feet happy.

oh...and don't eat yellow snow.


nola on my mind

bourbon street~new orleans, la november 2006

it has been 2 weeks since i got back from my

working vacation in new orleans. and a vacation
it was. i haven't worked or laughed so hard in
so long. this simple journey re-lit my wick. 14 months
have gone by since katrina's force devasted
southern states.

14 months after katrina~9th ward new orleans, la

the lives of many will never

be the same, they have years of reconstruction.
years of looking for old friends, records, family

and self worth.

we worked through st. gabriels of the archangel.
we worked with several parish family's needing help.
miz lula - braving breast cancer on a 5 year treatment
plan. pete and sonia - a retired couple who now have
had to start all over. frieda - a single mom of three
teenage boys. we gutted her house. so paralyzed
by the storm. she hadn't even gone in the house
to look for posessions. when we entered the house
it was left as the water and storm had left it. furniture
piercing the walls. old fish tanks still holding flood
water and memories flowing throughout. as we
walked through our labor, house stripped down to the
bare studs, mildew creeping up the wires and wood. a

back closet held what we saved for frieda to look
through. precious memories left equaled 2 small boxes.

2 small boxes.~9th ward new orleans, la

i don't want to preach or get on my horse about our
government. but what i do want to express the need
for help. need for assistance. need for hands.
they need hands, hands that will lift, move, hang,
sweep and hold. they need hands to hug, hands
to extend towards them.

you want to help. contact the red cross, contact
a local church. its not just new orleans, its the south.
if you can help, please take the time to do it.

lower9th along the levee~new orleans, la
what worldly posessions would you put in 2 small boxes?

[great things are done by a series of small things
brought together. ~vincent van gogh]