sweet baby tees

sweet baby tees
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ohhhh....i just got these in the
mail yesterday from the oh so
talented lori joy smith. check
her out here -
she is really sweet too!

they are going to my new niece
or nephew. our dear friends hutch
and sarah expecting in the fall too.
and our varsity basketball coach and
his wife, due in may!

oh the blessings!

happy thursday!


they say it's your birthday...

oh miz clancyface, today you move
into the world of the older girlies....
but you have been there since the
day you were born. you were going

to be molly, until your cousin was born
12 hours before and she beat you to
to you got to go with clancy
our very own bit of irish

always wanting more, living out loud
and rarely taking no for an answer.

you love being smack dab in the middle
of it all. you feel deeply like me and
you love to live life. you are pouty, moody,
caring, and can sing sing sing.

your hair stood on end from the day you
came into the world till the day you were

baptized. it was a divine intervention of the
hair. i mean really, how long could you take
being referred to as woodstock.

born the day before st. paddys day and always

having to share the birthday glory with miz molly,
you have been a huge brite light in all of our lives

and somedays your spirit needs to be reigned just
an itty bitty bit. but i cherish the days i can hear
you singing gospel in the shower, watching you
defend the little man and watching you work to
accomplish whatever it has been that you believe.

clancy the chick who never gives up or gives in...
may your day be filled with laughter and many
suprises and blessings.


holy shit!

these blissful books have all been purchased
in the past 6 months. i have yet to sit down
and read them. oh, i have scimmed through
the majority of them. but i have all this inspiration
at my finger tips and i can't seem to schedule
in reading time. not only that, i am realizing that
i am addicted to books, as i am addicted to art
supplies. i have no problem going out and buying
150.00 worth of paints, metals, beads, canvas -

but to go out and buy myself clothes...holy
shit - no way! books and art supplies fit, no matter
what! and i can get more for my money, and they
make me happy...oh so gleefully happy. how do
all of you fit your creative time into your schedules.
i have realized that i seem tied to my computer, if i am
not laying out designs, i am checking emails, blogs,
artistic sites for inspiration. i am going to have to
schedule my life and be strict about it! i say yes to
to many things that take me away from what i love
[next to my cherubs].. sure i can do that.
"oh, you need
that layed out?" oh let me do it, it
will be faster. and
before i can even say
"Holy New Year's Eve, he has me in his famous trick streamers!"
another whole week has sped past me and i still haven't

gotten to my painting. so please, please, please leave
me your advice....i would so love you for the kindness.

check out michelle today....i dig her post
and she looks really sassy with the pink flower in
her hair!



{photo taken by my pops....ireland

i am still here, busy with work
happy thursday to each of you!

oh the blessings...

my wee visitor being an good boy all week,
not one cry or one melt down...yea!

figuring out a design short cut while
working on the site map...holy yea!

b coming home and telling me he thought
of me all day...swoon

gabe's second in the 100 breast...cut another 2secs

clancy's bball win

seeing cheri' tonight

dinner at marvin's....home of the gcb

viewing all of swirly's new girl series...oh so sassy

stewie [gabe's leopard gecko] seems to be getting
healthy again.

my 10x10 wood slaps just waiting to feed on some


happy thursday, ya'll


steppin' away

the lovely and oh so talented mati doodled this on my
envelope that her prints came in...check her stuff out here
i dig this doodle!

a great big hug to each of you this week.
lain...thanks for the silly
are so sweet and you made my day.

i have such a busy week. we have a little visitor
for the week, while his mom and dad are vacationing.
i am in the middle of a large site map, revising
a website and i have a sign to put together.

today while attending mass, fr. dave pointed out
things to think about during this lenten season.
he talked about things that control our personal
freedom; anger, technology, envy, jealousy, etc-
etc-etc....all of those things control my everyday.
and so this week, i am going to work hard on my
design jobs, my paintings and my little visitor. i
also know that i have been allowing myself to sink
deep into the world of envy. i have to tell you all
that my life freelancing couldn't be happier. i love
being at home when my kids get off the bus. i am

blessed to be able to take off a day if i want or need
to. but i still wake up everyday and begin to compare
myself to so many others. if i could change anything

about myself - this would be the thing to change.
and so, through lent, i will be working on personal
inventory. the homily today was so beautiful and

i left church knowing that god was speaking to me.

i am going to be up late tonight playing catch up.
i wanted to have a large portion of the map done
by the end of the weekend, but as always, i allowed
too many outside influences, control my schedule.
and so since i play on the internet way too much...
sorry but you chicks are so inspiring i have a hard
time staying away...i need to step away and get
some work done.

blessing throughout the week...


studio friday...inspiration

i am inspired daily by....

my sphere of happy...see above
this guy and this one too
color, color and more color
the marshmallow guy...i want his job!
pretty sparkilie necklaces
kids art
funky fabric
gabe's first place [400 relay]last nite
clancy's german chocolate brownies
this puppy

swirly, penelope and so many
others of the chickies i checkout
daily...just check out my links
El Conquestador
and lil'mac

happy thursday...