..keeping it all straight..

before and after - studio cubie and new ikea boxes.

i don't know about you, but keeping the studio clean and organized
seems to be a daily action. storage area done, now on to the desk.

and since it is thursday, and it has been yet another week, how
about we just go with FIVE really good things for the week.

1. boys swim sectionals tonight and saturday. gabe is once again
bald. his senior year, last time to watch him swim....happy and
sad about this one.

2. winter olympics coverage....usa rocking the winter games.

3. dalai lama on his way for may.

4. more miles covered on my runs....healthy mind, legs and
body helps.

5. keeping with my new productive attitude


hump day happy

if you know me, then you know what i wanted to drive it home

because we have all been cooped up and snowed under - here is
some hump day happiness....
1. little monters and monkeys that i adore. check out junker jane
and these favorite things. they are nothing but for the smiling.
2. a very productive winter spent in the studio, creating, purging
and organizing. feeling very productive and that makes me feel
better about me.
3. a spirited rock from this mermie who was so sweet to send
little extras along they way. they are already spreading their
good vibes.
4. realizing that my lifestyle changes are working, i feel stronger
in every sense of the word. and would never have thought that
i could run over 5 miles.
5. little love notes that find their way to me, sometimes the
simplest phrase can turn your day around. i find peace in each
one of them.
so....where is your happy in today?


studio is a-buzz

geraldine...the devil made me do it

love me

bunny, love me and geraldine

studio has been filled with music, brushes and paint
flying, baubles in the making.

two new originals in the shop,geraldine and love me, you
can check them out


my color ..yellow..

manzanita, oregon 2009....a little piece of my soul left here.
i am blessed to have you in my world, each arm that guides
me gently each day, who sends me little spirited cheers from
all sides of this land. when you take the time to call, the light
radiates deeper.
this week when i was getting my massage, by the ever so healing
hands of kasey, she was at the end of the hour and she was working
on my head. i allowed myself to find that breath and go deeply
into my head. that warm yellow light appeared. a gift.
some days i feel like that little snail, slowly trudging along.
my underbelly occassionally snagging along the path. but then
you, whoever you may be, reaches out and i begin to glide.
aw...thanks you.


on to two

..nothing sings happy like a pair of hot pink shoes..
looking over my year goals. i have realized i have gotten off
to a decent start.

january was spent

1. organizing, filing, running numbers for taxes and getting
my biz on quicken. pretty happy with this
2. etsy has been busy and i love that, working on getting
several new originals and new cards in there soon.
3. looking for some runs this summer to participate in
4. maintaining my new body and health
5. finishing the paintings i have started.
february here is what i am looking at....

1. scrapartist shop up and running, huge learning
curve here. yes, i procrastinate because it scares me.
[note, learn to ask for help]
2. paint 3 hours, tues, wed, thurs
3. keep studio hours, so i am not working on
4. pick out paint for studio.
5. submit to mags

oh...and this. i will be working on pieces for this...

so...what have you been up too? how do you keep your business
organized? i would love to hear all about it.