high life

high life
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mixed media collage

a bit busy, but i was just
trying out a few different


indiana fall

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do you see the cherubs?
gabe and clancy were
about 5 and 3 years old
when this was taken. gabe
is now 14 and clancy will
soon be 12. they used to
love to spend time with one
another and would play for
hours. they were pals. now
they just growl at one another!

oh look how sweet they are.
those were the days.



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illustration friday

ohhhh fresh clean clothes on the line



i need to wake up! open the creative
gates and put my brushes to the canvas.
but i don't. i get so bogged down with daily
life. i can't seem to focus on anyone thing.
i struggle to fall asleep, so that by morning
i can barely get out of bed before the kids
get ready for school. oh to be the beav's mom.
you know the lovely, always prepared, always
rested june cleaver. i think june was a huge
valium abuser. is anyone that together.

i have so many ideas in my head. i have many
sketch pads, journal, paper clippings strewd
over my house [full] of thoughts, ideas....
why can i not bring them to life. i yearn
to find my own style. it is painful some days
feeling that sensation move closer to reality,
only for it to slowly sink back down. its like
when i was in labor with cheri'. i would push
and breathe, push as soon as i
would rest she would slip back up. the anxiety,
the waiting, the nervousness.

my family is so supportive, they believe in me and
sometimes, they think it is so easy. when i mention
that i think i might do this, they always say [ so do
it]. SO DO IT. three simple words. okay, so where
do i start, who do i send my art to, who do i seek
out as an agent. how do i not look like everyone
else. where does the fresh come in? if i could
just DO design would already be in stores!
i would have a booth at the stationary convention
in NYC. i love them all dearly, but is it really that
flippin easy?

i feel like i am in the middle of a lake and cant
get to shore. my chin is just above the water
and i am bobbin ever so slowly in the water. just
like the ole red and yellow bobbers that my dad
used to attach to my cane pole.

i need to focus on a couple of things, but i like to
try everything. never becoming really good any
one technique. ohhhhhh i hate feeling like this.
i know that i am so blessed in my life. but i always
feel like something is missing and i know it has to do
with my creative self.

but where is it


penelopie has posted a fun exercise.
it makes you think fast. it also allows
you to understand the blessings that
surround us. so here goes....

1. lunch at urban elements with my buddy tom [he rocks]
2. golden paints and a canvas
3. new doodle pad
4. organizing my desk
5. the bee gees
6. laughing with my kids [patience works]
7. downtime
8. going to watch my brother coach varsity football...go warriors!
9. my own studio space
10. receiving my grandmas jewel dishware

where's your gratitude?



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mixed media collage


life is funny sometimes. i talk daily with women all over the
country and one in canada. very creative, kind and talented
women. as i visit their sites daily and read
their stories, i
realize how much we really are like one another.

we all struggle day to day with our fight to believe in ourselves
and our art. we have
all seen dark days. we worry about our kids,
partners and finances. we all work to
be recognized, yet somehow,
we sometimes just want to create and it doesn't even
matter if
anyone sees it. it is ours to own.

our world is so competitive and cut throat, yet these women take
the time to answer
my questions, complement my creative force
and share their stories with me.

chances are we will not meet face to face, but they are with me
everyday as i ready
myself for a day of work. and they are with
me in the evenings as i wind down from
a hectic day.



need a vacation

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mixed media collage
ink, pastels, paper
on canvas

remember peace

"When I despair, I remember that all through history
the way of truth and love has always won.

There have been tyrants and murderers and for a
time they seem invincible but in the end,
they always fall - think of it, always."


the saaba continues

oh the woes of owning a car....
of course my clutch went out last weekend
and i went almost a whole week without
transportation. tonight clancy and i
were heading to lafayette again - gabe
had a tennis meet. we stopped at panera
bread to get a decent quick meal and when
i went to start the car back up, it wouldn't
start! i wanted to cry, but i kept reminding
myself that in the grand scheme of life
this was fixable, and really no big deal.

so i ran into borders and found a pay phone and
called my in-laws collect. oh that's right, i don't
own a cell phone. oh no, not me. i hate them,
so i had to make a collect call, like they have to
do from the county jail after a nite of binge drinking! make this painful story short. the lovely
folks who repaired the clutched didn't remount the battery.
it was loose, so we drove it about 10 blocks to some family
friends and used their tools to tighten things up. all better!

i made it to the courts to pick up gabe right as he was
hopping on the bus. maybe i will make the brownsburg
trip without any hitches!

did i mention that my in-laws

are my heros.

it has been a crappy 7 days. the weekend was filled with
sleep to catch up and try to destress from the past week.
i pissed my former boss off [ apparently took a logo job that
was somehow indirectly aquainted with her client ] [my client
says they were not] so i got burned and have been struggling with
that since wednesday. my reverse still isn't functioning properly
and i have clients that only give me bits and pieces of info and i
have to put more time into emailing back and forth than i do
designing the piece! not to mention to whole heart-breaking
debacle in the south...where the hell is our government, what
happen to the humanity. i find it hard to sleep right now. i am
one of the lucky ones.

i am dreaming about a quiet beach, tiki
hut bar, clear caribbean
water and a bitchin tan!




the devastion in the south is only being realized.
as the days go by, i float back and forth between
my reality and what is going on around me and
away from me. my heart breaks for all who
have lost what they love most.

take the time to check out america's second harvest
and the red cross. give what you can. and please
take the time to pray for our nation and the people
who are suffering most at this time.

there are also many sites who are donating proceeds
from their sales to the victims. check these sites out
swirly and etsy.

chip in and help out in anyway you can.

-each one of us has a spark of life
inside us, and we must set off that
spark in one another [kenny ausubel]

blessings to all...