self reflection

spt - april time

about me . i love deeply and fiercely

about me . my eyes are really blue
about me . i am a scorpio....true scorpio
about me . my life is surrounded by a cast of characters who i adore
about me . i am still discovering me
about me . my toenails are pink for today
about me . i am a daddys girl
about me . my home is colorful like me
about me . i love being in my studio, alone with a little music
about me . my deck is a happy place.
about me . i will finish my squam submissions today

now....what about you.


life lessons

the past month has been a long one in the parenting
department. some days, parenting can be a lonely,
dirty job. but then you see this through your
viewfinder and all is forgotten, at least for a bit.

we love them fiercely....some days you want to
squash em' like a bug.


me on thursday

lush green green wall - how i love you

it's thursday my little cherubs and it is so nice out! can
i get an amen?! oh how i have waited for a blue blue sky.

so lets celebrate with a top 5 list....some really sweet stuff.

one.. be present art retreats. oh it's gonna be sweet! only
a couple of spots left! get in while you can!

two.. we all need our daily dose of abundance...right?! so
go check out what the most talented jess gonacha has been
up too. she is sweet enough to share pecannoot with each of us.
psst....she also has new necklaces in her shop!

three.. have you heard ingrid michaelson???? just found her on
pandora! this song is my song. far it now!

four.. polaroid girls on etsy. their imagery there is drool worthy
and i am in awe of darlene and kristen's talents. kristen has also
opened a shop, abishag, full of her gorgeous images. please go see her!

five..two weeks to finish up your submissions for the squam art show.
now get off your duffs and produce!!!!!

[ well i know i say 5, but i have one more. liz elayne is having a sale! and
she has some really sweet new pieces. so go check it out, go on...scoot!]





oh so merry.


weekend filled with so many giggles, good food, just enough
beers and one sweet waiter. right girls, you were drooling

my life was blessed the day i strolled into hamilton 71, on
squam lake. two kindred souls who i love and adore. i will
see you on the lake soon.


5 days

tracey, kelly and sarah...the roomies
in 5 short days i get to see my girls



polaroid no.4

1. Paint for the month of april, keeping design jobs at a minimum
so that i can use this time for painting. [no more taking jobs that
suck just to say i made a little money this month.]
2. submit work for group shows, publications and summer festivals
3. commit time for photographing etsy shop items, once a week and
add more to the store
4. keep the studio cleaned up and organized....including my desk.
5. find new outlets for my work and pursue them
6. say no to jobs or other things that don't fall in line with my vision.
7. look for new ways to network and market myself
8. focus on no more self loathing and self- sabotage
9. contact regional gallerys, coops and stores about hanging my art.
10. rather than being afraid - begin contact others about process, ideas
and collaborations [check - one down and many to go.]

**learn to make mojitos...oh c'mon - summer is on her way,
and all work and no play makes kelly a very dull girl.
i was inspired today by miss kalloch of athena dreams. she is
a source of inspiration.
and she found her's - here

so - you got any goals?



goodness :: mixed media :: paint by numbers refurbished

i found this paint by number at a local antigue store and knew
i had to put my touch to it. An artist friend of mine has several
paint by numbers on her casa walls. everytime i have been there
i can't stop looking at them. she has refurbished each of them
with her own style and touch. i have been wanting to give it a whirl
ever since. so much fun.

if you would like to check out kendra, you can find her here. she
not only paints, but she makes the best purses and pockets ever.