dancing queen

auntie lynne [circa 1954...ish]
today is big BIG BIG day in the nation. i am
so disappointed after visiting many blogs, that
not one, that's right no one mentioned the
30th birthday of abba's [dancing queen].
so happy birthday brought this little
girl many happy days listening to the old am/fm.
my mind swirls with disco lites and dizziness from
the constant circles of the old skate corral...all skate.
yes, yes - i know i am once again dating myslelf. but
i don't care! you are the dancing queen, young and sweet,
only seventeen...uh yeah!
today 30 years later, i still turn it up loud when it comes
on the radio. its on my mp3 players. if i am in the studio
i get up and dance, cmon - you know you do too.
if your you diggin the dancing this way
[You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life
See that girl, watch that scene, dig in the dancing queen]


bless my soul *[boots]

mixed media
acrylics, graphite
silver leaf, and
found papers
24x24x.25 inch deep
wood block
...where have your boots taken you.



as the tragedy at virginia tech unfolds, please remember them in your prayers, thoughts,
daily meditation. please remember those who are lost, suffering and in need of human
kindness. and as you do this - don't forget to say thank you for all of your blessings that
have been sent your way.

on a daily basis, i become agited - stressed, etc....and sometimes i forget that i have to
accept those that i love for who they are, not for who i want them to be.
and if you have any extra room in your day, here are some that i would like to be

caroline the divine princess and her family - new healthy cells for her body
henry, baby george and the tucker family - go away bad cells, we are tired of seeing you.
rachel and linda and uncle wilber- successful cancer treatments
a healthier heart for my dad [ he loves his food and beer]
and again, for the victims at virginia tech, their families and the community.

blessings to each and everyone of you and yours

illustration friday *[fortune]

blessed [part of the girl series]

mixed media
acrylics graphite
silver leaf
and found papers
10x11x2 inches deep
wood block

{my fortune lies within the simple tokens life has
blessed me with...healthy kids, bryce, my creative
soul and our funky house.}


bless my soul *[shaun]

dreamboat shaun cassidy

someone recently asked me who shaun cassidy was.

what?! are you kidding me. da doo ron ron, #1 hit
of 1977. hello. i felt like a knife had pieced my tender heart.
1976 was a great year, every stitch of clothing i had was
the red white and blue motif, but then the best year ever....
1977 how could anyone not know who my beloved shaun is?
but then again, you weren't even born yet.
shaun cassidy first stole my heart when i was a 6th grader.
not an easy age. i spent my meesly savings on tigerbeat
and teenbeat magazine. i then meticulously extracted every
image of shaun i could find and taped them to the wall directly
behind my bed. wallah...instant headboard. and oh so convenient
when i need a kiss goodnite. shaun never talked back. never
made fun of my hair, and he could of, considering he had better
farrah hair than i.

my mother flipped when i used six of my hard earned babysitting
dollars on his album. $5.99. it was worth the 3 nites of babysitting
it took just to make the $6. she just didn't understand that our love
was a true love....hmmmmmm.

so there you go tom, young as you may be. if you want to read
more interesting facts on shaun. you can find them here...
[you always know how to make me feel old!]


have you...


have you ever wanted to smack
someone's face when they ask....
"whose shaun cassidy?" bite
you tongue child.

have you ever ran into your first
love and barely be able to hold a
conversation, because after 25 years
you still want to lick their face.
[ie, "lick their face" is my
little expression i use when i think
someone is attractive]

have you ever laid in bed at nite re-hashing
a job that isn't coming together, only to realize
why. for instance, javascript not working, maybe
because you have neglected writing the backcode?
....there's your sign.

ever sit in your house, and feel blessed that
you aren't listening to your two teenagers screaming
at one another, slamming doors, begging for
whatever it is they want. i call that a mini
vacation and i got one last week and loved
every damn minute of it!

have you ever laughed so hard you peed your
pants?! okay - i haven't, but close. i do laugh
so hard that my belly cramps up and my
cheeks hurt from the huge smile on my face

have you dreamt that you have missed a college
class for a full semester only to remember the
week of finals

have you ever had a wave of euphoria when

you realize how blessed you are

ever smoked off a hookah

ever had a green river

well have you?!


lites of broadway

remember the bees gees song
[lights of broadway] . well
here are the lights of the camp!

if you want to see your name in lights...go here
sorry, but the animation was driving me nuts each time i opend my
blog. but it is fun to see it so go visit!

i found this at something to say....i dig her. she
always has the best stuff. thanks kim!


Illustration Friday *[green]

greener pastures

mixed media
acrylics, graphic, silver leaf

and found papers
10x11 in, wood block

i posted this before, but it was appropriate
for illustration friday . now go check them out!

happy weekend!

warm butts and easter

easter egg hunt circa 1967

do you have heated car seats? have you
ever had the pleasure of riding with a warm
butt. i was in my pal becky's car today and
had the pleasure of warmed seats. ahhhhhh.
now back to you can see by the
vintage photo - an era gone by.....we hunted
only for hardboiled eggs. with a rare peep
jelly beans and a foiled wrapped chocolate egg.
no frilly hats or lace dresses. above i model
my ma and pa kettle farm look - black boots,
leggins, gingham check nightie and my brothers
hand me down winter coat. and the cherry on
top! the hoodie.
happy easter! now i am off to cvs to get some
blessings ya'll