bless my soul *[happy]

....seeing old friends at campbells
....sitting with a group of older democrat women
....riding on the back of denny's harley [WEE!]
....delilah and the gentleleader
....g making the golf team
....margarita at little mexico
....slowly catching up's phone message and hearing her voice, it was just as i thought
....christine's new chickies jobs coming in
....homemade meals sunny skies
....mati sharing her "eat pray love" but, straight from san francisco

happy friday ya'll


have you....

have you ever bought a pile of
paper at a craft store, get it home
and realized what you thought would
be full of funky vintage style paper, is
only full of ugly crappy paper...ugh.
$4 wasted.

have you ever rented videos, forgotten
to take them back then found out that
you owe a hefty late late that
you make you kids swear not to tell you

have you ever stopped traffic on the way
to a concert, to run across to the nearest
corn field to pee, because the 4 beers you
have drank on the hour ride to the pavilion
have finally caught up with you

have you kissed a shaun cassidy poster

have you ever not answered the phone all
day, just because you didn't want to talk to
anyone and that's okay

have you ever thought about packing up
all your belongings and just moving in
the middle of the nite

have you ever wondered why i write this
silly stuff...

well have you?


sick and tired

sick and tired,
sick and tired....something has
latched onto my lungs and won't
let go.

i am so wiped and with that comes

rushing to get jobs finished, a shear
panic has surfaced from my weary

ugh...please lord, send me some health.

but even in the dark - comes some light.
c was home for spring break last
week and made sure i had warm tea, fuzzy
socks and best of all she left me alone to
rest. she is the best. she is also preparing
to sail the seas to london and rightfully so -
so excited.

i have an opportunity to do several designs
for a greeting card submission. make note
to kelly - find some damn time! right now
i am working on several logos, two websites,
and quite a few itty bitty jobs that always
seem to bring a bit of change.

i took my pops to lunch today and watching
his face beam when discussing c's trip was
almost too much.

if anyone out there has some extra time
or energy, please send it my way. this
tired chickadee says thanks ahead of time

happy wednesday ya'll


the girl in the middle

in the middle of a painting......

wow...two weeks of not posting. i have been
a busy busy girl. i am thankful for the numerous
jobs that have been sent my way. but with that
comes less time for painting. the above image
is a painting i have been working on for about
3weeks. hoping to finish soon. it is a bit different
from the girl series, yet it should be familiar. its
a large piece 24x24 and i can't wait to finish her.
today, marisa haedike was kind enough to give
me a little shot out on her podcast....can i get
an amen! i dig her podcast. it was one of the
few reasons i made myself dig in and paint. todays
topic is time management. so slip over here
for a little peace and listen.

so with that, here are where my happiness is today....
cheri's acceptance to the study abroad program, look out london!
a quick trip to arvey paper
my new exciting logo design job
the many primed boards sitting behind me
my three healthy spirited kiddos
blonder hair
our new spunky car
and of course, the many creative souls who bless my world
each day

and since today is a day of shout outs. i would love to give
a shout out to sir henry tucker. for those of you who don't
know henry. he is a young chap right here in middle indiana.
he is working really hard to fight cancer and just went through
bone marrow transplant. so stop by and visit his blog. i told
him you were all really nice. say some prayers, send zen and
many happy thoughts. he is one of my heroes.
happy thursday, ya'll!