practicality vs. the saab

practical [prak'ti kel] adj. 1 of or obtained
through practie or action. 2 useful 3 concerned

with the application of knowledge to useful
ends [practical science] 4 dealing realistically
and sensibly with everyday matters 5 that
is so in pratice, if not in theory, law, etc. -
practicality [-kal'e te],pl.

-ties, n.

in 1994 a saab 900se sticker price

was approximately $26k

2 years ago we paid $4500 cash + $6k repairs
and maintenance

cute, yes, practical, NO!
practical joke, maybe~

oh happy day....



bless my soul *[miz c]

[What are little girls made of,
made of?
What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice
And all things nice,
That's what little girls
are made of.]

oh miz poor poor girl. grandma is

already planning frilly pink dresses, so
hideous they will be. but don't you worry
aunti k and cheri' will make sure you get
some funky baby t's and leggins. we have
plenty of great shops bookmarked.

welcome to our crazy world little girl...

we can't wait to watch you grow.


bless my soul *[delilah]

sweet 16 miz d....[16 weeks]

[Buy a pup and your money will buy
love unflinching.] -Rudyard Kipling


bless my soul *[peace]

remember today the lives that are lost, those

of innocent citizens who didn't see it coming.
the forces who protect everyday and through
the night as we sleep peacefully in our homes.
those who give up time with their own families,
holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. the
volunteers who left there homes to take grayhound
buses to ground zero to find a way to help those
in need. the ones who drove supplies into the
devastation. the loved ones left behind.

regardless of political views, whose side you
tend to migrate towards, political party
or the faith you choose.




happy birthday to you....

then out of the water! sing loud while you dry!
sing loud, "i am lucky!"sing loud, "i am i!"
if you'd never been born, then you might be an isn't!
an isn't has nofun at all. no he disn't.
he never has birthdays, andthat isn't pleasant.
you have to be born,or you don't get a present.
a present! a-ha!now what kind shall i give....?
why, the kind you remember as long as you live......

[from dr. seuss, happy birthday to you]

happy birthday are such a gift.
sense of humor, kind, loyal and sensitive.
you know how to make mom laugh and
lord knows i need to laugh. 15 years have
flown is hard to believe that 15 years
ago, you laid in a hospital for 3 days before
you idiot parents could agree on your name.
but what else is new...not much has changed
now has it!



miz delilah *[she's a green dog!]

miz delilah is entering her 15th week.

she is a blast to have around the house!
with the exception of bitey face on my
ankles when i take her out to pee.
damn she has some sharp teeth.

today she is modeling her funky
[mutt high life]
bandana from
the green dog co. the proprietor

of this shop of happy is mary
kathryn and she donates a percentage
to great charities everytime you get
the shopping bug....and your pooch
will love you for it!

{The best way to get a puppy is to beg for
a baby brother — and they'll settle for a
puppy every time. -Winston Pendleton