where did i go

spt . march 09 . canon rebel
some days i feel like i am flittering
up above the world, looking down
seeing each of you busily working
away, while i just float. i feel like
the last 6 months i have struggled
to keep the creative flow moving
and have missed out on prime
opportunity. never quite knowing where to
begin, what to put my time into or where
my talents will fall.

too many days, my
home life interupts
my studio life, each
holds a deep spot
in my heart. i can feel the beaches calling
my name, the brushes yearn for more
action and the cherubs continue to grow
so fast before my eyes.

i have finally gotten the studio in a good
flow pattern. things are put away, odds
and ends have been sent to the trash,
old magazine have been pitched. does
anyone one else hoard magazines? do you
buy them because of the colors or artwork
on the cover? holy crap - i have a true

i guess what i am trying to say is that
since squam, i don't quite know where i
went. i feel like i am finding myself again.
but it has taken a bit of time. it is confusing
because i came home so full of energy, ideas
and goals.

the gypsy in me yearns to find a new space,
but right now, it is not to be. so i will walk
to my fridge door each day and look at my
little photo of the airstream i dream of, the
one with the little prayer flags draped across
the awning, parked somewhere near the water
with two rickety chairs in front, an ice cold
beer nestled in the grass....listening to a little



5 things i am grateful for....

happy 53rd mr. nelson

each day, i remember why i am so blessed and for that i am
1. my most beloved friendships, many of which began over
20 years ago and we still get to celebrate birthdays. mr.
jeff nelson is one of those friends. he is one of the last great
card warriors. each year on all of our birthdays, we get a card
from jeff in the mail. he sends them to our group of friends and
our children. we love him for it.
2. my little tribe of chickadees, who continually push me, cheer
me on, and tell me to suck it up when i am whining. you know
who are and i love you for it.
3. my studio. it brings me lots of warmth and now that i have
it flowing.....i love it even more.
4. my kids who many days drive me crazy, but through that fog
they also have me laughing hysterically
5. my hands.....that glide across the canvas and page allowing
me to create.
what more could a girl ask for.
what are you grateful for?
peace out.


self portrait's a retreat!

..the be present retreats..

"The Be Present Retreats were born from the belief that creating
is a meditation of the soul. Each retreat will be an invitation to
pause in your life and gather in a supportive environment filled
with like-minded individuals in a creative, playful, and meditative
atmosphere.The first retreat is this June and registration has already begun.

The June retreat is called Self-Portrait Excavation and is a retreat
centered around the journey that is the self-portrait. Gathering at
The Lodge at Gearhart's Little Beach on the Oregon coast
(about 10 minutes from Cannon Beach), we will immerse ourselves
in paint and mixed media, words, photography, and the beauty of
our surroundings under the guidance of Judy Wise
, Jen Goff and
me" {me is the incredible and multi-talented who is alright in my
book - liz elayne.

note....liz is one of the kindest chicks i know. i am very
attached to this girl and i know, she is working so hard to put together
a very creative gathering. so if you are looking for something to do
and you want to find something new, deep within - then do this!

and just to remind you - registration is now open and the deadline
to sign up is april 17th! you can go directly to
this page for more

cmon.....double dog dare ya!


sneak peek

"bad fog of loneliness."

squamettes.....please please please - do this

for anyone out there, who attended
the fall 2008 squam session then all i can
say is -submit! [2009 attendees, will be
included next year!]
yes, yes - i know it is scary. true it
is. but if you don't - it is even worse,
because here is what will happen...
regret shall set in.
do you feel scared, inadequate?
do you have clammy palms just
thinking about, are you suddenly
biting your nails? just flick that
little man of doubt off your broad
shoulders and simply send in your
this is what squam art workshops
are all about and this is the perfect
opportunity to have your work shown
in a gallery and not only a gallery - this
gallery is special. it is owned and operated
by our very own squammie....the lovely
miss schwake. you can check her out here
and here. not only that, but my dear
liz kalloch has had the vision to dream up
this show and share it with each of us. so
lets show her our thanks and send in our

i am sure many of us feel like we aren't ready,
we aren't yet an artist, that maybe only a specific
group is submitting - oh contrar. we are all in
this together, so jump in with me....really the
water is fine!
speaking of water, the water on squam lake
is absolutely sparkling clear. i plan of taking
a dip this fall! so if you haven't heard of any
of this and you are looking for a special gift
to give to yourself.....skip this way. there
is literally something for everyone.
[if for some crazy reason, you can't talk yourself
into this, i am available for pep talks via email,
phone or facebook.]