[without experience there is
little wisdom] -apocrypha
today i had to go beyond my comfort

zone. i am not a full of stuff kind
of girl. i am no nonsense girl. i
don't like putting on aires to get the
job. today i had sell myself. i am
up against 2 marketing firms...yes
little ole me. the designer girl. the
girl who loves to lose herself in
her studio. she could stay in here for
days - no communication with the
outside world. safely warm in her
environment. today she met/stumbled/
sold/educated. today she went beyond
her comfort zone.

i laughed as i drove to the coffee shop.
giggling to myself that i was putting myself
out there. it has been 8 months since i have
had a face to face business meeting. i didn't
have a lot of info to go on. so in kelly style-
i threw it all together and gave it a big stir.
on the drive home i reminded myself what i
should have said.....but it is done and tomorrow
it starts over...beyond my comfort zone.


right on!

How You Life Your Life

You tend to deprive yourself of things you crave, for your own good.
You're laid back and chill, but sometimes you care too much about what others think.
You tend to have one best friend you hang with, as opposed to many aquaintences.
You tend to dream big, but you worry that your dreams aren't attainable.

give it a try....i found this on the lovely enid's
blog. dig her!

hope everyone is fat and sassy
after todays festivities...i know i am.

big day
and an early morn tomorrow.
going shopping
and leaving at
4:30am - need sleep
by the way. the
above is right on.
happy friday everyone!


yesterday we had snow in indiana. i am not
a winter person, but it was very pretty.

nite our basketball team had their opening nite.
bryce really wanted me to go, so i went along
[he is the high school athletic director] one of
our students walked in with a huge megaphone
and in years past, this may have been okay.
but the students today don't seem to have any
boundaries and he of course was taunting the
opposing teams cheerleaders - so bryce had
to go sit with the students and ask him to
put the megaphone down. as we left the game
the student of course was confrontational and
bryce told him again that the megaphone won't
be in his gym. that boy was not going to back
down! so my feathers ruffled i told him i couldn't
believe how he acted and he was very disrespectful.
and then he stared me down and made a face like
you do to you mother when you are small. at the
time it really angered me. sitting here typing, i am
giggling. our admin tend to be very laxed with our
kids. they can't be disciplined. and i know i sound
very old when i say this, but i know what the result
would have been had i pulled that as a teen. needless
to say - i don't like what my husband does for a living.
he works very long hours making sure that things run
smoothly and the kids/coaches/fans are safe and taken
care of. it pains me to see how poorly he is treated.
most of the kids know that when i am around, don't step
out of line, i will call you out. but this kid doesn't know
me and i know had i continued the words, he was along
for the ride. so i did what any supportive wife would
do - i sat silent on the way home till bryce mentioned it
to the other coaches and then - i let her rip. so with all
my venting done - i send many blessing to the young
lad and his family...i really do!

seems it is thursday again and thankgiving.

here is my list...

cheri' is home . good friends . our health
good food today . my in-laws . our home

happy thanksgiving everyone....blessings galore



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The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place; from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web. ~pablo picasso


i finally was able to hang my
penelope in my orange
dining room. i looks so good
in there. i love walking through
the family room and seeing it
hanging there. it makes me
happy - it makes me smile.

one more penelope to get.
i just need to call silver
in the city to see if it is
still there.

...happy tuesday, oh and thanks miz penelope



purge -purj- vt. purged, purging -purus,
clean +agere, do- 1
to cleanse of impurities,etc.
to cleanse of sin 3 to rid -a nation, party, etc.
- of -individuals held to be disloyal- 4 to empty
-the bowels- -n. 1 a purging 2 that which
purges, eps., a cathartic - purg'er

black trash bags full of - well a bunch of trash!
not to mention 2 bags for goodwill. the 2.50 spent
on orange trash stickers is well worth the investment.

one whole weekend spent purging the house. my
throat is sore from the inhaling of all the dust
bunnys forming around every nook and cranny. but
damn the house is clean and tidy. and by ridding
my house of clutter - i feel alive - alive i say!

my family is famous for passing on crap. my parents
come to the door with grocery bags full of it - simply
stating, "we thought the kids might like this" - like
what? the 10 bags of old varsity football practice
gear that is 5x sizes too big. or perhaps the stale
triscuits begging for a slice of moldy cheese. or my
brother-in-laws 4" binders full of old glaxo welcome verbage,
all the glaxo bags full of convention freebies - hey frank.
Just throw the shit out, we don't want your
junk. - wow that felt good.

so one room left - the studio. 3 hours should be
enough to straighten up, put away and maybe
even sit a spell and crochet. amazing how
happy it made me just to move the dogs food
and snacks to a new nook in the kitchen.

a blessed sunday...


studio friday [sweetness] one likes the sweet
more than me. but at the moment
i have no sweets hidden to munch
on later - however i have finally
purchased a SWEET laser printer.

Yippee! i think i am finally done with
my 2005 list o' big purchases. b is
so thankful. now i get to start on
a new list of 2006 sweetness.

tine and melanie have it right on


check out all the


for heather

for heather
Originally uploaded by indigochickie.

so...i have been attempting some self portraits with my new rebel. hilarious!
i was laughing while telling heather [bf] about how stupid i looked in them and that i was going to have to take 60 just to get a decent shot. so of course she begged me [commanded]to post the bad ones. there is no way in hell i would do that [dig the insecurities] so here you bossy butt - sorry when kelly holds the camera she gets to choose. you aren't the boss of me! -bottom left notice i am using the hands to pull back on the dreaded double chin...hee


thursday blessings

-new jobs coming in
-a day trip to alexandria to see my dear friends
-going through pictures and seeing the good
life i have had
-diggin the kids report cards
-my blog sistas
-casey emailing me daily
-stephanie's giggles when in told her i was
piercing my nose

-mac daddy



studio friday {all things round}

oh my goodness. i have so many round objects!
even better they house color, color
very favorite thing in life.


the blonde and the scholar

flora...isn't she pretty [emma overman]

here was the conversation in our

kitchen while bryce was changing
a lightbulb....

blonde...hand me that fixture and i will wash
it while you switch out the bulb.

scholar [on chair switching out a bulb]... wow

its pretty clean

blonde...yeah thats amazing, thought it would be

scholar...which bulb did i take out

blonde...shake them, the one that rattles is the
bad bulb.

scholar...i can't hear anything

blonde...hand me a bulb

blonde...hey dumb ass, this one is still hot - its
the bad bulb.

blonde graduated 73rd in her class

scholar graduated 12th
blondes iupui degree - very reasonable
scholars depauw degree - $23,000 per year
blondes common sense - priceless


it's thursday and thursday for
me means...wake up sista and
reflect on your blessings!
here they are -

cheri is coming home tomorrow for the weekend - yea!
i made it through this week - not as bad as i thought

my new digital rebel xt
my new $19 piece of wood that extends my art space
violettes email that made me cry....thanks for the shove
my holiday better homes & gardens mag -ohhh so many ideas
healthy children
my morning swim with auntie lynne

happy thurdsday!


need to create

so my best friend whimpered
and whined at lunch today informing
me that i needed to add something
to my blog. and since i needed to
create [and she is in control of the
whole damn world...hee], i got out
my color markers
and went to town
in the old moleskine.
too much fun.
i think i could doodle
all the long day.

i also want to add that tom is a proud

new uncle of miss kasey....i am sure
he will have top notch photos on his
site soon. it is nice to see him so
happy about something, well other
than having lunch with me. i mean
really, i have such an endearing personality,
how could you not be happy when around
me. [quit laughing heather].

happy tuesday!


studio friday [secrets]

ohhhhh those dirty little secrets - this is what
i am keeping secret. and the secrets are two-fold...

1. my husband doesn't know about these purchases

(that's right tom, i have NOT told him about the
penelope yet)
2. i don't really want to share where i got them - i
like being the only one who knows about these
wonderful artists...

okay, i really do tell people about these great gals.
i send them to their websites, to the store on
mass. ave where you can buy a penelope. but
i love the fact that i have a great bunch of
sources where i can find something funky to
hang on my walls. i drool when someone says
where did you get that necklace [tine rocks]
or where did you get that artwork...oh that
came from california or an illustrator in indy.

i am just a simple girl...but oh it feels so good

sometimes to hear the uhs and ahs....thanks

happy friday!



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{look closely. the beautiful
may be small.}
-emmanuel kant

i love love love the indiana fall
sky. i took this out my bathroom
window this morning. isn't she pretty?

have a beautiful thursday...


if only

{if you could only sense how important you
are to the lives of those you meet; how
important you can be to the people you
may never even dream of. there is
something of yourself that you leave at
every meeting with another person.}
-mister rogers