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lil glitch

sorry...some reason i can't
upload my picture with hello...
keeps throwing me an error
when i try to sign in. rowdy
picture will show up as soon as
i figure this out
[may be next year!]

rowdy girls

just got back from an exciting shopping excursion with my
best pal, heather.

okay i lied-it wasn't exciting. i HATE shopping. no i mean
it, i really hate to go shopping. it is painful to stand in
the dressing mirror and see every imperfection that you
have been blessed with. this 40 thing is for the birds!
sure the glams of hollywood can spout off all they want
about the beauty of 40. they have money to spend on
cosmetics, colonics[what's up with that!], plastic
surgery, new boobs [they lift em' so high, they can
lick em themselves!] really i don't feel very different,
but i do know that my butt is not is the same spot as
last year!

i do love to shop for art supplies though. i just got
some new yarns on saturday. very exciting!

so in case you are wondering. the girlies above are
the rowdy girls...that's right, ms. heather and myself
this summer. we were out for my sister-in-laws
bachelorette bash. very fun time i must say.

no matter what, we make each other laugh. we
actually laugh so hard, we tend to annoy others
around us. everyone needs a friend like that.




dig it!

my sunroof
morning swims
warm sun on my face
pink too
jack johnson

flip flops
black licorice whips
laughing out loud
lil monsters


no sleep

six and counting

i have six days left of a full time design job.
reality is setting in. my sleep patterns
are very messy. i am not even going to
bed until the weeeeeeeee hours and of
course then i have to get up and start
all over. last friday nite i stayed up until
2am. i wasn't tired so i decided to make
a crochet hook holder from scratch! ...see
pic above.

we went to chicago this weekend to see
old college buddies of my husband. i
chicago. all the little communities nestled
away under a blanket of trees. i don't know
that i would love chicago in the winter....nestled
under a blanket of snow and high winds though.

bryce and i had to laugh as we waited for our
car to be brought out of the parking garage
by the valet. this was the scene - mercedes,
mercedes, bmw....liberty, lexus and finally
our pride and joy - the hoopty [sable].
bryce looked at me, we jumped in the car
and took off. [bryce went to depauw][his
friends all make lots of money][bryce is in
education] enough said.

i love hanging with old friends and catching
up. speaking of old friends, i get to have lunch
with one of my favorites next week. can't wait




I loved my friend.
He went away from me.
There's nothing more to say.
The poem ends Soft as it began
-I loved my friend.
poem - by langston hughes

good bye chauncey; we remember
you lovingly, we will miss chin pies,
shaving brushes, sprinkled doughnuts
and the laughter you always gave
so generously.

chauncey pattengale 1923-2005




pinch pots

pinch pots...
every teacher in the u. s. of a. has scambled this past
week to
come up with an exciting gift for their students
to produce
for their mommy's.

pinch pots...

remember running into the house friday afternoon just
gushing with excitement. praying that you keep from
spilling the beans [till mother's day]. you wanted to give
her the loosely wrap tissue paper bobble early, but mrs.
said "you must wait till sunday" !

friday [cause she just coul'nt wait till sunday] i received
ribbon door hanger. bright swatches of ribbon, tied
with a
knot adorned a hoop and little paper hearts fell
below, held on by
more ribbon. each heart held a little

term of endearment letting me know why she loves me.
i have to be honest
i sometimes wonder how they continue
to love me or like
me. i always wonder why they don't put
words on there
like...why do you yell so much, i hate it when
you curse,
i want pancakes for breakfast-i am so sick of cold
mrs. smith probably said no when they asked.

ode to mother. we grow up with our parents
. we all learn as
we go, whether we are the parent or
the child. i remember
saying, "i will never be like my mom"

i lied!

somedays, i just sit in amazement, realizing what just flew
from my mouth was my mother! i cringed, i cry, i stomp
my feet - it never stops. i think it just gets worse.

today is mothers day! call her - hug her - say thanks for

doing a great job. just don't forget her. she worked hard
and in most cases, did the best she could. we sacrifice
ourselves as mothers. we are born to do this.

to all mothers out there...enjoy today. do something
for yourself



lost innocence

sugar & spice

ever wonder where your childhood has gone.
sugar and spice and everything nice...

knealing at the sink, finishing up my daily chores. i loved
this kitchen in waynetown. bright red cabinets, barnwood
walls. pat and karen were way ahead of their time. they
could take a piece of any scrap and turn it into a functional
piece. 32 years later, they are still doing it and so am i. my
dad recently bought a kiln and has started throwing again.
he has a little workshop out in the back yard. he is happy

i often wonder if the youth today are gaining anything in this
life. we rush them from practice to practice, club to club.
grabbing drive-thru treats...hmmm and we wonder why our
kids are on prozac and obese.

we ran through the streets everyday. rode our bikes through
the country. swam in the creek built our own campfires, we
did our chores - minus allowance.

daisy tiara's
hollyhock dolls
army blankets & clothesline make for great tents
erin and i rode one bike to the pool daily - i peddled and she
steared while positioned on the handlebars - beach towel
waving in the wind

lost innocence


happy girl

happy girl

happy i really? probably not so much on some days.
but it is something i like to shoot for on a daily basis.

i am neurotic, moody, insecure and a big scaredy cat. who isn't?
i just like to remind myself that i suffer from these tendencies.
but deep within, i know that there is a happy girl just waiting

to sneak a peak of this crazy thing we call life. she even
occasionally comes out and finds her spot.

maybe one day i will just fly and rid myself of the moody

tendencies and find that inner happy self and set her