2girls, 2clicks [week*2]

2girls, 2clicks with kiki

week two and as she stated, you
can't say it without coming off
sorid....i've got topsy's and she
took the bottom.
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5 happy tings

happy blue skys....rocky mountain high

five happy things this sunday am.
one..just found out that boho girl is now a mama. oh happy day!
cedar leon is here finally. welcome to this crazy world little one.
[peace to the whole boho clan]

two..two fun productive sessions with missie. lots of giggling
over art pendants, scrabble tiles and her painfully slow computer.
seriously you need to upgrade child.

three..a surprise call from girl liz, who i adore and how constantly
reminds me that five really good things are even better reminders
of the gifts i am given each day. three cherubs and hubby who are the lights that brighten
up my world.

five..the polaroid that was gifted to me by this chick and this chickies
new artwork that i am drooling over and hoping to soon be hanging.

i am truly blessed with such kind, giving girlies in my life, along with
a husband that is strong enough to give me space, understanding and
loves to laugh at my crazy brain, many days. three cherubs who are
all grown up and still hug me most days, laughs at my silliness and
say's "i need to talk. two adorable pooches and a warm big studio
that i so love.

in case i don't post before thursday....happy thanksgiving to each
of you. maybe you find peace this week. the crazy holidays are
upon us!


in between *[2 girls, 2 clicks]

2 girls [kiki and kelly ]. 2 clicks [gears and mountains silly]
collaboration with miss kiki
day late, but i finally got to it!
this past weekend was spent in the moutains of colorado. i am
not a cold weather person. but seeing the sweet moves of the
skiers as we drove in warmed my heart. a gorgeous simple
wedding and good friends who we don't see nearly enough of.

driving between the moutains was a reminder of the simple
life i am meant to live.
peace to each of you today.


tuesday ..peace..

new ..peace.. bullet cards

i have pretty much stopped watching the coverage, today is a huge
day in our country's history. regardless of the outcome i have
watched something amazing. something raw and beautiful. and

for that mr. obama, i say thank you. thank you for restoring my
hope in the world, in the people. no matter what happens at the

end of the day - i have faith that you have made changes and will
continue that journey.

if you are looking for a bit of inspiration today go visit miss
jaime. she has left each of us a little glitter.

bumper at squam.

"when the power of love overcomes
the love of power the world will
know peace."
peace be with our nation today. and that means each of you.