frida on friday

favorite frida and free necklaces
busy busy finishing up wedding programs and a HUGE canvas.
say a little prayer that i get it all done and keep my sanity
in the process!

happy friday.....


5 really good things

my new find by
five good things.......

1. while in nashville, there was an arts and craft show
in the opryland hotel. i found this as soon as i walked in
to door. martin the dollmaker sat in his booth sketching
and making little clay spiders with wirey legs. he was the
only artist there. the rest was basically flea market vendors.
i have to say - i have never loved the trolls, but this sweet
face scooped a full load from my heart. i need to name her,
so here are my thoughts....
a. mettalise [graceful pearl]
b. nissa [friendly elf]
c. gerta [protection]
d. effie
martin and his wife celena live in denmark. celena is from
the states. they are trying to get their books published with
their freakishly beautiful dolls and illos. please visit their website.
the shop will be up soon. their trolls and fairies are gorgeous, unique
and very soulful. the craftmanship is something else. the face and
hands are polymer clay. face is handpainted. simply gorgeous.
polymer clay
2. 5 days of rest and fun with bryce. we really REALLY needed it.
3. christmas around the corner
4. 3 healthy, funny, warped, gorgeous kids
5. my little warm and creative artistic community who always have
time for my silly questions, and wrap their supportive arms around
me as i skip along in my artist path.

a big shout out to liz elayne, who is always present and here for
so many of bring your butt back to middle indiana so
we can meet for a cup of joe!
happy, happy thursday!


opryland hotel - december 07

just got back from 5 days in this place is
so full of life! a city within the city. and we went to
the legends corner bar and saw this group

johnny t and due south

....they rock.
check them out here...or here...
they had to be one of the best
live bands i have ever laid
my eyes upon.

beer + live music = dancing kelly

peace ya'll



last nite, i opened my email and this is what i found....


I saw your work in Moondance today, and I have to say its really inspiring to see such wild and crazy and might I say beautiful art come out of this itty bitty town we live in.
I love your work, and you've really inspired me to use my creativity to speak my mind instead of holding it inside, like I've been doing for so long.
Im really young and just starting out, Im only 16 so I still have time I suppose.

Thank you. (:


this is why i paint what i do. the girl is still in my head. the colors of my childhood,
comes out with each stroke.

a gentle gift this holiday season.

peace ya'll


pink christmas

fluffy pink, glorious wreath.
i had to make made my hectic crazy
day all better. i have done very little
decorating this year. just too many irons
in the fire. but still it is enough. plain
and simple just the way i like it.

if you would like to, please sign up
for my newsletters. i have some exciting
things on the horizon and i am so excited.
just need your name and email.

so go over here--------------------->

thank you oh so much!

and liz - your shirt is heading out tomorrow!




cropped image of [i am] #5 in the h.o.m.e. series

"i am home"

new items added on etsy
two new prints and the i am original
one last original from the girls series
left - [ahead]

you can find them

happy thursday!


deep breath

pink buddha.....i am out of images

" i am not a surrealist, i never painted dreams. I
painted my own reality. the only think i know is
that i paint because i need to, and i paint whatever
passes through my head, without any other
consideration." ~ frida kahlo




planted - mixed media
24in x 24in on pine
acrylics, paper, silver leaf

graphite and oil crayons...itty
bitty bits of glitter


i am putting myself on a self-imposed
internet sabbatical. i need to catchup
and emotionally prepare for the upcoming
holiday - that i am not looking forward to.

this is the last of my most recent paintings.
the next few weeks will be filled with new
ideas and canvas.

blessings this thanksgiving to each
and all. and a big happy birthday to
miss swirly, whom i adore.....



i am

i am home h.o.m.e. series #5

{ as you walk and eat and travel be where you are.
otherwise you will miss most of your life.}

the week started off very painfully. my uncle and godfather
has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. this man is so
vibrant, work-a-holic, addicted to golf and he has been in
a hospital bed for over two weeks. so it is really hard for
all of us to digest this news. as you all know i am a
procrastinator, so i have been slowly digging myself out of
a stack of to dos. if i were rich, i would hire an assistant,
but iam not so tahiti and the assistant will have to be put
on hold. one day, i am going to teach myself a lesson
and just work like hell as each job comes in and then be
done and have tons of quality free time.

i hope that life is treating you each well. the leaves are
falling here and winter is just around the corner. ugh!
but i am ready to get the house all pruttied up for
the holidays.....



free your mind

hanging - the vault, moon dance cafe

{ Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
None but ourselves can free our minds. }



slip into layers
h.o.m.e. series #4
8x8 canvas - mixed media
online shop just about ready and new etsy items coming
soon. if you happen to see any original that you are interested
in - just email me!

my life is full of layers, some deep, some brittle and thin.
today i took gabe to the natatorium to swim and on the
way there he played the guitar for me. what a gift that
is. i soaked it all in. in just a few short days he has plucked
his way through ben harpers "i shall not walk alone" one
of my favorites. he did it for me.

then i came home to such a kind email, it made me cry.
someone so dear to me. i am yet again blessed by all
the simple things. it is so hard not to remember this when
i am stressed, or tired or just plain fed up. but a little
note full of kindness - makes all of the difference.

this past week was filled with good things, things that
reminded me that i can do this. that jobs will continue
to come in. maybe not when i am most broke, or not
always the jobs i want, but that doesn't matter, they
come when i need them most.



five really good things

happy, 8x8 mixed media - canvas

name five really good things. right now.

1. selling a few originals and being asked to
do a big custom piece!

2. this mornings really hot shower, rejuvenation
at it's best

3. sitting with easy ed and putting together his
new orleans news.

4. feeling calmer about my artisitic path

5. blue skys, autumn colors and leaves falling
...liz did it, now i have done it and we
double dog dare you to do it too.

peace ya'll


fly away home

fly away home
h.o.m.e. series #3

the last couple of weeks has
been such a whirlwind. so many
things to do and take care of and
the midst of it all sad happenings,
crazy life, sad life.

my uncle tom is sick and they are looking
for cancer, caroline is still fighting her cancer -
she is on transplant #2, she is only 5.
and evan cousineau passed away last friday, one
day before his 10th birthday. his family lives near
los angeles, so if anyone out there see's anything
about his benefit, give them a call and see if you can
help. they will have a foundation. his parents names
are mark and gina cousineau, they are very involved
in the waterpolo community. evan was on the same
floor as caroline, they were bosom buddies.

i just floors me, that gina had to go home without
one of her kids and now they are expected to pick
up the pieces. so i will hold my kids even closer now, laugh
more, play more checkers and be happy when clance rings
the door bell 20 times in a row when she gets home from

check out evan's story here...

here are my blessings -

..heather calling me tonight 5 times laughing hysterically
..really great and supportive friends new art and feeling like i am on to something new girl who arrived today in a happy happy box, thischick
sent her to me with oh so many extra things - so sweet [livefree] cold yuengling lager - yum
..c's second part of her i.u. profile series organizers for the studio healthy gorgeous kids

now go hug someone you love


the big show

the camp, november 1, 2007

messy studio + productive painting = tired kelly

tomorrow i pack up every single painting i can find and
take them down to the coffee shop to display for the month
of november. i am pretty excited. it has been a productive
week. i had to bust out several new pieces to fill in some
space. i had sold a couple and donated a couple. i was
was low on fuel. this week i finished 3 pieces that had been
yearning for some attention and i just finished the 4th in
my h.o.m.e. series [ i am home ].

i have never displayed my art before. i am a bit uneasy,
but hell - it's about time. i have to start somewhere.
right?! heck yes i am right.

i have all of my little plague cards done, bio, info sheet.
and three prints framed. so i should have close to
20 items in the vault. it is a fun room. the coffee
shop once housed a jewelry store. the vault has
been converted into a cozy conference room. i can't
sit in there for meetings. i am too distracted by all
the art! darn a.d.d.!

tomorrow nite is the re-grand opening [formerly
campbell's on main ] of the moon dance cafe.
and my art will be part of that....sweet!

so that is all i have got. tomorrow nite is the first
alive after five [a new committee that i sit on for
the downtown.] we are hosting our first - first friday.

here are the logo's i designed for each.

i love designing logos. so if you are looking for
one or know someone who is - give me a buzz.
camp indigo will send you a little thank you if
you do!

i am off to finish up and head to bed.
i really got a lot of work done today. i am
always amazed at how good that makes you
feel, eventhough you are worn out.



sacred life *[mr. dalai lama]

"with realization of one's own potential and
self-confidence in one's ability, one can build
a better world." ~dalai lama

i gave myself a little birthday gift. thursday
i hopped in the car and drove to bloomington
to spend a few days with miz c. we went out
for mexican thursday night with her two roomates
and one of their mom's. then friday early morn,
miz c and i went to listen to the dalai lama speak.

as we entered the auditorium, i had goosebumps
on every inch of my body. on the stage sat tibetan
monks and nuns, sitting in yoga form and chanting
their mantras. peace simply overcame my body.
this was a teaching session. the dalai lama spoke
in his native tongue and the the translator spoke
to the audience explaining the readings. at first,
i was a bit taken back by this presentation, but i just
went with it - watching every move he made and held
on to every syllabel that flowed from his mouth.
this went on for over two hours and as time passed
he became more animated, he began to giggle. what
a gift this soul is.

then what i had been waiting for, he spoke directly to
us. his personal ideals and thoughts. i sat high in the
balcony and let the tears flow, i knew i was witnessing
something grand. a kind spirit, a peaceful man, a man
who giggles and makes you feel like you are the only one
in the room.

i wasn't going to go, i worried that the tickets were too
expensive, but for once i just said screw it - and i seized
the moment.

on the way home, i stopped at a funky new age shop. they
have something for every faith, belief or non believer. i picked
up a book that a dear chick had told me about....the four agreements.
i am soaking that up too.

his message is so simple, it is profound. why is something this
simple so hard for us to grasp on to? here was his message....

"whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn't anyone who doesn't appreciate kindness and compassion."

oh....and a warm heart.

and with that - peace be with each of you.


bless my

on my way to bloomtown to see the dalai lama
tomorrow morning. i am filled with glee and

tomorrow i will witness greatness and learn from
a peacemaker. and i get to share this all with miz
c. happy birthday to me!


if * [grow ] dear miss allison

i am allison

if - grow
8x24 canvas
mixed media
acrylics, silverleaf and found paper
[for miss allison who is learning to grow
in the midst of some hard circumstances]
if you want to see more growth....look here

I just finished this piece for
miss allison. her
sister is caroline who
i have written about many times. allison
just turned 7 and is a very brave and
giving girl.

her mom
has been in minnesota with
caroline for over 7 months. allison and her
baby sister have had to be brave girls without
their mom. many family and friends stepping up
to make sure the other girls are taken care of,
but allison sure does miss her mom.

i am hoping this little piece will make her smile.
and that the
blues and greens will match her
newly painted room.

now go hug someone you love!



*[new doo]

new doo - october 16th

so here is the new doo......dark, but boy does it make
my baby blues shine! i was trying to get a decent spt.
i don't know how others get such amazing shots of themselves,
i just not very photogenic - so i sit here taking hundreds of
them, giggling out loud at how silly i look. this one shows the
cut the best - but i was so frustrated i did the stupid tween
shot and i am sorry but i just can't look at my mouth that
way - it was silly!

this is the darkest my hair has ever been. i was a toehead
as a child - so i still don't recognized myself.


five really good things

bourbon street - october 2006

1. another team heading down to work in new orleans.
even though i don't get to make this happy that
there are still people out there with kindness in there
hearts and can make the trip.

2. hanging my artwork around the house and realizing that
i have been productive, that i do have my style as an
artist and embrassing it all.

3. last month i contemplating throwing the towel in on my
freelance design career. today i am so happy that i got over
that moment of insanity! i am truly blessed and happy to be
working in my little studio.

4. delilahblue nudging her way onto the chair, resting her
chin on my chest as i sip on my morning cup of joe.

5. my sassy new mia farrow doo, darker than ever!

thanks liz for the gentle nudge of five really good things....



what is the date today - i have it somewhere.
ah yes, here it is - october 12th. hmmmm.....

october 12th! are you kidding me - why am
i hearing christmas music on 93.1?! seriously -
is this a joke? all day christmas music, and
the sad thing is i sat there and sang along, in
a trance like state as i drove.

what is wrong with this picture?!



fall has arrived in middle indiana

last friday nite i stood on the track at 9pm, watching the
athenians thump nmhs. it was over 80 degrees! today,
just 5 days later, i am sitting in my studio wrapped in a
blanket. my finger tips ache from the cold. indiana falls
are beautiful and one of my most favorite times. i am a
summer and fall girl for sure. the summer was so dry, that
leaves are already falling and not the vivid colors that
fall normally blesses us with.

speaking of blessings - here are mine...

. finally catching up
. the henry tucker foundation - ragball tourney
. girlfriends
. cheri' being featured as a three part series for i.u.
. my colorful walls
. heathly kids
. heather receiving top honors as young lawyer of the year.
. being part of caroline's fundraising

the above images are from priebe's pumpkin patch, right

here in montgomery county. i built there website last year.
it is such a fun place. you can visit them here the pumpkin patch

blessings ya'll!



silly silly girls - canon rebel october 07

this is what i constantly find on my little rebel. i go to
load images and i find these little treats the kids leave me.
teen spt's. this is all the rage and they all make the face.

the yearbook is littered with little faces such as the one above.
self expression? can it be considered self-expression since
every kid is doing it? do you notice when you are out and
about that the kids are constantly taking pictures of themselves.
either with a digital or their cells phones.

then of course, we can't leave out the gangsta move....peace
sign at the chest.



"and a man said, speak to us of self-knowledge.
and he answered, saying:
your hearts know in silence the secrets of the days
and the nights.
but your ears thirst for the sound of your heart's knowledge.
you would know in words that which you have always
known in thought.
you would touch with your finders the naked body of your

and it is well you should.
the hidden well-spring of your soul must needs rise and run
mumuring to the sea; and the treasure of your infinite
depths would be revealed to your eyes.
but let there be no scales to weigh your unknown treasure;
and seek not the depths of your knowledge with staff or
sounding line.
for self is a sea boundless and measureless.

say not, "i have found the truth," but rather, "i have
found a truth."
say not, "i have found the path of the soul."
say rather, "i have met the soul waking upon my path."
for the soul walks upon all paths.
the soul walks not upon a line, neither does it grow
like a reed.

the soul unfolds itself, like a lotus of countless petals."
[ kahlil gibran, the prophet - on self-knowledge ]

blessings ya'll


moving on.....

well bless my soul -

3 heathly kids
art show friday nite a
more paintings on the horizon a
friends who care and help a

one last thing - how do you move on

from anger or hurt. obviously this isn't
my strong suit. how do you honestly
let it go? you are more than welcome
to leave a comment or email me!

blessings ya'll



this game of life, some days about does me in.
as my midnight profile states, i tend to "often lie
awake in bed thinking about the world and
my place in it."

i yearn to find a more creative community, i want
to move to a warmer climate.

i have had many big lessons the last 6 months. and i

struggle to find the middle ground. the ground where
i am comfortable enough to tell someone that i don't
appreciate being stepped on. the ground where i stand

up for what i believe is right. when i don't have this
balance - i carry too much anger and sadness and as
we all know, anger and sadness is like a cancer that
grows quickly, devouring your soul.

i have a new nephew who is absolutely beautiful. we
have cute kids in this family. and they all hold their
own beauty within.

i have struggled with several people this last year. and
because of the close relationship....i walk on eggshells
trying hard not to rock the boat. but i am disappointed
in them, disappointed that we are suddenly cast to
the side of their life. family relationships are hard and there

are some that you know if you say anything, the relationship
will be ruined. i am tired of going to gatherings and
biting my tongue. so where do i draw the line and say...


the little inner voice wants to scream, all the while the

voice of [don't rock the boat, kelly] is whispering...always
whispering. don't rock it, . that is the voice of childhood.
the voice of reason, the voice that i hate. because - i
need to rock the boat. i need to stand up and simply say...


and who gets the brunt of this anger, the one i need the most,
the one i adore, the one i am so mad at that we have barely
spoke for 5 days. but he hurt me. he tells me too often, don't

rock the boat kelly.

the boat needs to rocked, it is in the strong current, spinning
upstream. our families need to know that we don't agree with

this or that, sweeping this under the rug serves NO purpose.
that my kids deserve more. not more as in material things, but
the do deserve to have people show up, they need to be

how do you tell family that they are toxic for you. how do
you go to the school board and voice your distaste when you
spouse is an admin? how do you have got to make
the students follow the rules, we are heading in the wrong
direction. i tend to be too passionate, and as i voice my concerns

or opinions, i get louder and talk faster with my hands flying all
over the place.....this gets me nowhere - so i reserve this for
b, or heather or becky, they get the brunt of it.

i have many blessings in my life, but today i want to wrap

those blessing up in brown paper, bundle them up with white
string, gently put them in the back seat and drive south, south where
it is warm, wear i can walk a beach. were we can embrace each
other, without the stress of making everyone else happy.
and where for the moment
i know no one, and i don't have to be
walked all over by people
i considered friends and family.

and since that isn't in our game plan, i might just stroll downtown
and gaze in the window where my art will be hanging along with
the alaskan art and be happy with myself that i stepped out of
the comfort zone and sent my art to be juried. and i will hug my
kids when the get home from school today, and maybe toss aside
my hurt feelings and move on from my sillyness with b and ask
him to work to fix it.




You Are Midnight

You are more than a little eccentric, and you're apt to keep very unusual habits.
Whether you're a nightowl, living in a commune, or taking a vow of silence - you like to experiment with your lifestyle.
Expressing your individuality is important to you, and you often lie awake in bed thinking about the world and your place in it.
You enjoy staying home, but that doesn't mean you're a hermit. You also appreciate quality time with family and close friends.
What Time Of Day Are You?

[note: i think out of all of these i have done - this one is the true me!]


peace begins

peace begins at home - 2nd in the h.o.m.e. series

peace begins
8 x 24 x 1.5 canvas
mixed media
acrylics, ink, graphite,
silver leaf and found papers
and an ittybitty bit of glitter

[ whatever comes from the heart
carries the heat and color of it birthplace. ]
~oliver wendell holmes, sr.

-now in the happygirl shop -


my sacred life *[ lazy ]

i am a lazy girl....
i waste time.....

i sabotage myself....
i surf too much.....

i love to nap.....
i compare myself to others....
i hold grudges....
i sing off-key....

...i love to laugh
...i love to help others
...i am a hugger
...i can paint
...i am a master doodler
...i am a mother
...i can drive a stick
...i make others smile

i am lazy, i worked really hard
today to make this a great day. lots
of to-do's were scratched off my vast
list, i started a new painting. i shipped

an order today, designed logos, talked
to friends, prayed and hugged my kids.

[realize how good you really are.]
~og mandino


sacred *[ mother mary ]

my sacred life - mary

i pass this holy candle everyday and i gain strength from
mary. the best part is - i bought this while krogering.
somedays i allow myself to get into such a funk, worrying
about the silliest things

why don't i have more clients
what if i never make anymore money
how can we survive on one income
when will i have something big fall into my lap
who is reading my blog

silly - silly - silliness.

recently the national news began chirping about the
finding of mother teresa's private journals - shocking
that she too suffered from self doubt. why wouldn't
she. she is human, after all.

i gain my strength daily from many women i adore...

woman who rise to the ocassion, women who
have graciously embraced me and all of my questions
and curiosities. woman who i have learned what
womanhood really is and my girls who are growing,
and are beautiful in every sense and woman who
believe in me, my friendship and my abilities.

my days are filled with constant reminders of
what truly matters. now if i can just embrace
that each day and get rid of those silly self doubting
voices. sacred life

-see other sacred lives here-


sacred *[ sixteen ]


then out of the water!
sing loud while you dry!
sing loud, "i am lucky!"sing loud,
"i am i!"

if you'd never been born, then you might be an isn't!
an isn't has nofun at all. no he disn't.
he never has birthdays, andthat isn't pleasant.
you have to be born,or you don't get a present.
a present! a-ha!now what kind shall i give....?
why, the kind you remember as long as you live......

[from dr. seuss, happy birthday to you]

happy birthday you big goofball! you add more to
your mom's life - than you will ever know. i love
your sense of humor, your goofiness, i love watching
you swim breast stroke and playing the guitar. you
make me laugh and i love that you still come home
from school, smile and give me a big fat hug.

you are my blessing, you are part of my sacred life.

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sacred *[ caroline ]

my sacred life - caroline

each morning, i check in on caroline.
she is fighting juvenile myelomonocytic
leukemia. she is now 5 and receiving
her second transplant. the first one
failed. she is now getting a double
cord transplant. i also check in on
the henry tucker family,
evan cousineau
and isabella massa.

they are part of my sacred life.....

-see other sacred lives here-


bless my soul *[ sacred ]

my sacred life - frida

[ there is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's
going to be a butterfly. ] ~buckminster fuller

i have a frida pendant that i wear almost everyday. and
it amazes me when people ask if i know anything about her.
then they always make a big comment of [she was crazy,
or have you seen her art?! almost offended, and i get this
crazy sick gratitude, when i answer - why yes! because
i am
not at all offended by frida.

she is the butterfly.

-see other sacred lives here-


IF...*[ alphabet ]

illustration friday - alphabet [ H.O.M.E. ]

" a wonderful realization will be the day you realized that
you are unique in all the world. the world is an incredible
unfulfilled tapestry, and only you can fulfill that tiny space
that is yours."
~ leo buscaglia

10x30x1.5 canvas
mixed media
acrylics, ink, graphite, silver leaf and found papers


bless my soul *[ art show ]

ahead 10x10 and love wide 24x24 - mixed media paintings

these two pieces have been selected for the
downtown fall art exhibit. needless to say, after some
disappointing news last week, this has lifted my spirits.

i will say, when i saw the envelope in the post, i didn't
even want to open it. this is a juried show and these
two pieces will sit somewhere in a downtown storefront

i am a happy chick!

downtown crawfordsville fall art exhibit
september 28 - october 7, 2007

i would say please come and be part of it, but those of
you i talk to are no where close, but i love that i can
share this bit of good news with you.

....and thank you to each of you gentle souls who have
encouraged me, supported me and held my hand along
the way.

peace, ya'll!

love wide [revisited]

remember katrina....

we sat and watched, horrified and saddened by what
we viewed from our living rooms. please remember the
victims of katrina. for those who died, those who sufferered
and those who are still, STILL waiting for help they were

my blessings are here:

3 gorgeous, healthy, funny kids
1 understanding, patient husband
1 silly pooch

the sturdy roof, that houses us safely
walls full of color, a studio that allows me
to retreat
and keep my sanity

my extended family of friends, who make me belly laugh

listening to marley, ben harper and the be good tanya's
discovering donovan frankenreiter

and making it through 17 days of no refrined sugar, dairy
or wheatt. try it! you will feel better!

peace ya'll


pick it up and fly

beginnings + new canvas

today is a new day, a fresh start of sorts. summer is
on its way out and i am working on a new game plan.
some days the life of a freelance designer is scary and dim,
but what else can you do - but pick yourself up and fly.
the last five weeks if i have learned anything it is that i am
surrounded by friends who believe in my abilities, my talents
and simply ME. i am a blessed chickadee and i honor that.

peace, ya'll

bless my soul *[brunette]

blonde to brunette

one christmas, my sister erin
and i each got a brand new
sleeping bag and a doll. not
just any doll, but the velvet
and chrissy dolls. you could
make there hair grow, by
cranking a knob in there

our sleeping bags were the
most groovy bags ever! red
with mod flowers all over it
and each flower was wrapped
with these phrases....

[ redheads are for real ]

[ blondes have more fun ]

[ brunettes are groovy ]

wednesday i decided that i had
had plenty of fun and now i just
wanted to be groovy.

groovy + brunette = groovy kelly

i jump everytime i catch a glimpse
of myself in the mirror!



my daily grind

the past 12 days i have been on a yeast detox.
in the past 12 days i haven't put any refined
sugar, flour or dairy into my body. no diet sodies,
peanut butter m&m's, not even a bag of popcorn
touched my lips at the opening of friday night

days 2-5 were filled with exhaustion and a
headache that felt like someone had split my
head in two, with an ax. i took a nap each of
those days at 4pm sharp. by day 5 and 6, my
head felt clear and my body felt light. not at all
like my daily dose of heaviness and foggy brain.

today is day 12. Day 17-i will finish this journey.
i have lost approx. 6lbs in 12 days and i work
hard not to focus on the weight lost, but how
good my body feels. i have also been walking
in the mornings. have i told you how i hate to
get up at 4:40am to walk by 5am?!


considering that i am surrounded by friends who
have no willpower where food is concerned. we
have all taken on the complacent attitude of
if you want it, eat it, this wasn't an easy process
to start. but i simply decided to treat myself to
a bit of good health. so i just don't go out to dinner
with anyone. instead i stay home and eat fresh
foods - it does make a difference!

of course, as with any detox or diet, the trick
lies in the days following - i remind myself each

here is what my days were filled with, little mexico,
bags and bags of peanut butter m&m's, diet pop,
sugary cereal, beer, margaritas on the weekends,
large portions. it is no wonder i have put on 30lbs
since bryce and i got married. and no wonder that
when i get out of bed each morning i felt terrible -
body aches, my feet ache, heart palpatations,
short of breath.

since i have started this, the inflated tube, i call
my belly has greatly diminished, i sleep better, go
to bed earlier and feel alert through out the day.
and i am not having sugar crashes.

can i get an amen?!

it amazes me that we all complain about our
bodies, how we ache, that our stomachs are
upset and the answer is so simple - we are a
society of induldgence and convenience. growing
up - my parents had a huge garden. my mom
canned all summer so that we had healthy foos
all winter - on our table. we may have eaten
out once a month. today - we are zipping through
drive-thrus to nourish our children. we just can't
understand why our kids behavior is so erractic,
yet we continue to shove tv dinners and mcdonalds
down their throats, because mommy and daddy
have other things to do, that are more important.

me - i am guilty!

instead of running to the doctor and sit there
while they write out another prescription or even
worse - put our child on an anti-depressant or
ridalin. why don't we slow our lives down and do
something simple as we are intended
to live.

when my family slows down, eats together - we
get along better, we are more productive and

just some thoughts.....happy friday ya'll


monday, monday

delilah and the squirrel - august 2007

this morning my mood is a bit - i will label it -
antsyness. sure i doubt is a word, but that is
how i am feeling - so run with it.
here are where my blessing lie.....

an extremely supportive husband
3 healthy kids
spilling onto the canvas
my eclectic circle of friends
my 4:40am wake up to walk
creative drive
and the last 4 weeks of learning

oh....and miz delilahblue who flashes those
big baby browns and makes me feel all better

.....happy monday!


bless my soul *[the road]

serenity - backyard - august 2007

[ if the future road looks aminous or
unpromising, and the roads back
uninviting, then we need to gather our
resolve and carrying only the necessary
baggage, step off that road into another
direction. ~ maya angelou ]

on my 40th, my sister and cheri' surprised me
with a night of maya, at clowes hall. her words
graciously fed my soul. i left that evening in
awe of this brilliant woman and the wisdom
she so willing shared.



good morning' america - how are ya!

my sun august 13 backyard

school is back in session!

miz c is wearing a shiney pair of silver flats, that have
have yet to be broken in. I warned her - i would not
be bringing more comfortable shoes through the school
doors. i repeat....I would not bring the shoes! i will
lay down a $20, i will get a phone call from the school.

silly kids, you are so predictable.

the house is eeriely quiet. no bickering, no shut-ups being
exchanged - ah bliss. my domain has been given back
to me - peace at last. as of last nite, i was screaming
"serenity now!" [in my head of course]

just 11 short years ago, i was standing in the
with a little squirt and his back pack, his
younger sister swirling around us on the tricycle - as
we waited for the big yellow bus to pull up and swing
that heavy door open. doogan, their favorite of bus
driving, smiling from ear to ear. we occassionally run
in to him at a store, the kids always so happy to see
him again.

today that squirt begins his sophomore year. the
swirling chickadee on the tricycle - she is now
roaming the 8th grade halls.

{ the purpose of education is to replace
an empty mind with an open one. }
~malcolm forbes



~ good morning world - hope today treats you fine. ~


bless my soul *[the interview]

2006 - poppies, mom and pop's yard

liz elayne at be present, be here - interviewed
me to other day, via email. she is such a sweet
chick and this was so much fun. it really slowed
down a very hectic - high strung week. so hop
on over and check it out if you would like. she
also has some really fun totes and flag sets on
her etsy site!
thanks liz! i can't wait to meet up one day

blessings ya'll!



goodness....i am tired, worn out.

it was a HUGE week last week. so many
exciting things. the printer sent me a lovely
care package with several final pieces that
i designed. YIPPEE! they were a success.
i love taking an old design and transforming
it - fresh and new.

i have a feeling that this week won't be any
mellower. but as i do everyday, one foot in
front of the other.

i put myself out there last week, we will see
if anything comes of that. i also packaged
up a disk with 3 of my paintings to be juried
for the fall art show. finally after 2 years of
saying, this year i am going to submit, i did it.
and....we will see if anything comes of that!

happy monday!