..sweet peace..

oh sweet peace..

12x6 canvas, mixed media art
ready for vendor nite.
hope to see you there!

studio is full of life.
squam two weeks.



working towards squam

no panic here! just working in studio, putting all the pieces
of the squam puzzle together.
how are you feeling today?
*on a squam note, if you haven't heard already - a girlie that i
really look up to and adore has self published a book. you can
find it HERE. mine arrived saturday and it is a gorgeous tribute
to the creative life. i love her for sharing it with all of us.
now go on and check it out....cmon' you know you want to.



atra - auction extraordinAIRE original.
mixed media-gallery wrapped canvas.
vintage map of the midwest, acrylics,graphite
found papers and silverleaf.
off to the auction!



donation for airedale rescue. atra fall frolic
work in progress. i have been spying alot of sillohettes
out there. i thought this would be something fun and
different to try.
i have to add my flowers and maybe a few targets
and it will be off for the fundraiser.


..happy tuesday..

spt tuesday..woohoo

recently someone told me about a little exercise
of looking at yourself in the mirror each day. you
know who you are and don't even deny
started this!

of course, this makes me sooooo uncomfortable,
and so does having my picture taken. but there
is something about spt and a digital camera. it
is addictive! i take a picture and i look and then
i giggle or then i want to cry because my fluffy
cheeks are extra fluffy this tuesday. so out of
sheer madness - well hell, lets take another one
and then i look and then my eyelids are half
closed - so of course i laugh and i have to make
the next one better and so it goes.....

c'mon - don't give me that crap - you know
you do it too...and if you don't, i highly
recommend that you do.

now go laugh and enjoy your tuesday...

peace out.


ryan's peace

ryan's peace....finished commission
gallery wrapped canvas
mixed media
finally i am done! whew, this quickly became a hard one to finish.
but i am so glad i can now say it is done. they are picking it up
this afternoon. i couldn't pin point why i was struggling to finish
it. then i realized that i needed more space. so i put it on the
floor and it all came out. i had a sketch that i loved, but every
time i sat down to paint, i froze. then depression set in. you
know how it is you see the picture, but you cant get it wear
your vision is, on your canvas. ah finally, it came.
this is a gift for a son and husband. his favorite scripture
is ephesians 6:13-17...
"Therefore, take up the full armor of God,
so that you will be able to resist in the
evil day, and having done everything,
to stand firm."
like my home series, i used the color block on the side and
had all intensions to use the eph. 6:13-17, but i wanted something
a bit softer. so i added wings. i am always so inspired by
christine mason millers wings. hers are so comforting
and spiritual. i have some girls who earned their wings.
so these seemed to meld into the piece.
anywhoo. he is done and ready to go to his new home.
happy weekend!


oliver..the dirty martini

meet oliver...the newest member of this crazy house.

oliver the dirty martini, or ollie for short.
huge paws, 3months today, pure black
and tan airedale.
we think we will keep him.
peace out.