joe the ironman

[coriopsis in the garden]

today i was blessed when i was able to watch
a dear friend cross the finish line at the Lake
Placid Ironman Race. Joe Labbe....YOU ARE
AN IRONMAN! Joe is one of those all-around
great guys....faithful, intelligent, athletic, kind,
and a great son. his twin jim is the same way.
we have known them most of our lives, we spend
christmas eve together every year. my parents
are dear friends with there parents. Today
i watch joe, on-line, finish his ironman.

i can't even explain the emotions that i felt. but
mostly there was pride. pride for knowing him,
pride for the hard work he has put in to train.
and pride that this man graces my life, my husband's
life and my kids lives.

he is an IRONMAN!

[ the reason for any journey is this:
in a journey
discoveries are made. ]
~kobe yamada


la vie en rose said...

go joe!

Heather said...

Hi there Kelly, jeez it seems like a long time since I"ve been over here. I love this post because I LOVE WATCHING IRON MAN RACES!! I cry everytime I catch one on tv. How exciting to actually see one live and know a person crossing the finish line!!