happy birthday to you....

then out of the water! sing loud while you dry!
sing loud, "i am lucky!"sing loud, "i am i!"
if you'd never been born, then you might be an isn't!
an isn't has nofun at all. no he disn't.
he never has birthdays, andthat isn't pleasant.
you have to be born,or you don't get a present.
a present! a-ha!now what kind shall i give....?
why, the kind you remember as long as you live......

[from dr. seuss, happy birthday to you]

happy birthday are such a gift.
sense of humor, kind, loyal and sensitive.
you know how to make mom laugh and
lord knows i need to laugh. 15 years have
flown is hard to believe that 15 years
ago, you laid in a hospital for 3 days before
you idiot parents could agree on your name.
but what else is new...not much has changed
now has it!



Kim Carney said...

love the hair. Happy Birthday Uberboy!

la vie en rose said...