need the info...

my husband resigned last nite, as head tennis coach. you
can read about it here that is how i found out. men...
what the hell is he thinking, not at least telling me he
was going to do this. seriously, don't get me wrong, he
has enough on his plate as a.d. but he should have told
me. this is my everyday. i am sure he was thinking of
me and the kids, when he made the decision. but just
out of humor and a bit of spite. i called the secretaries
and told them to leave a note on his desk saying this -
[your wife has taken a job in colorado. she will call you
when she gets there, she will discuss it then...]

he is not going to want to come home for dinner!

oh sweet wednesday!


la vie en rose said...

oh my...

Swirly said...

HA! I love the note you had written for him - serves him right!!