newly finished piece - [let go]
on the way to etsy....soon

i have been tagged by miz amanda
1.) We have to post these rules
before we give you the facts.
2.) Players start with eight random
facts/habits about themselves.
3.) People who are tagged write their
own blog post about their eight things
and include these rules.
4.) At the end of your blog, you need to
choose eight people to get tagged and
list their names.

~Don’t forget to leave them a comment
telling them they’re tagged and they
should read your blog.~8 random things
about me:

1. i dream of building my own tree house,
where i can sit under soft lite reading,
taking long naps and dangling my legs
over the side as i sip an ice cold beer.

2. i cry at commercials, because i can
always relate them to something in my life

3. i develop crushes....a lot. and b
knows about everyone. he is the
coolest husband, not at all jealous. but
if he told me he had a crush - i would
want to rip her eyes out

4. i am jealous/envious by nature. i
hate this characteristic

5. i am a closet smoker. i know - it's
gross. last summer i hid a pack of
cigarettes in my studio, sealed in a
ziplock - they are better fresh!
and when bryce would leave, i would
sneak out on the deck and smoke.
then i would bury the butt in the

6. i have a learning disability. i have
known for years something wasn't clicking.
school sucked! but last year i went to
be tested for ADD, nope reading disability.
i feel better now.

7. i am a strong swimmer, but i have a
fear of drowning, i am also claustrophobic,
hate bridges and when i was little i always
thought someone was under my bed.

8. i hate going into parties. i don't like
that feeling of everyone looking at you
as you walk into the room.

okay...i am going to be the loser and
just say - whoever wants to play along
play along. the girls i know have already
been tagged! yikes!


liz elayne said...

i have always a treehouse too. i dream about it actually. i see photos in books and wish we could just build one in the maple in our backyard. some day...

love learning more about you...

and i love the colors of your new piece.

melanie said...

i am claustrophobic too, and when i was little i also always thought someone was under my bed. damn poltergeist movie scarred me for years ;)

melanie said...

p.s. beautiful new art!!

Amanda said...

i love the idea of a treehouse home...they have a hotel in oregon that is a treehouse! you would love it!

Kim Carney said...

I love the idea of a treehouse! I was going to tag you ;)

Cayden said...

it would be kinda fun to sit in your treehouse and closet smoke:)

I am terrified of bridges too! I like to sit on the floorboard of the car when we go over- as if that might save me!!

Swirly said...

I am with you on the treehouse. I want one too!!! And I think we would have been super BFFs as kids, roller skating and sharing lip gloss. :)

kellyloveswhales said...

I LOVE this piece. So beautiful and ethereal. Amazing.

Kim Carney said...

did I say yes on no. 5 and no. 8? ;)