newly finished piece - [let go]
on the way to etsy....soon

i have been tagged by miz amanda
1.) We have to post these rules
before we give you the facts.
2.) Players start with eight random
facts/habits about themselves.
3.) People who are tagged write their
own blog post about their eight things
and include these rules.
4.) At the end of your blog, you need to
choose eight people to get tagged and
list their names.

~Don’t forget to leave them a comment
telling them they’re tagged and they
should read your blog.~8 random things
about me:

1. i dream of building my own tree house,
where i can sit under soft lite reading,
taking long naps and dangling my legs
over the side as i sip an ice cold beer.

2. i cry at commercials, because i can
always relate them to something in my life

3. i develop crushes....a lot. and b
knows about everyone. he is the
coolest husband, not at all jealous. but
if he told me he had a crush - i would
want to rip her eyes out

4. i am jealous/envious by nature. i
hate this characteristic

5. i am a closet smoker. i know - it's
gross. last summer i hid a pack of
cigarettes in my studio, sealed in a
ziplock - they are better fresh!
and when bryce would leave, i would
sneak out on the deck and smoke.
then i would bury the butt in the

6. i have a learning disability. i have
known for years something wasn't clicking.
school sucked! but last year i went to
be tested for ADD, nope reading disability.
i feel better now.

7. i am a strong swimmer, but i have a
fear of drowning, i am also claustrophobic,
hate bridges and when i was little i always
thought someone was under my bed.

8. i hate going into parties. i don't like
that feeling of everyone looking at you
as you walk into the room.

okay...i am going to be the loser and
just say - whoever wants to play along
play along. the girls i know have already
been tagged! yikes!



delilahblue...14months and full of sass.

big week and i am wiped out. i am sitting
here with a cleansing mask on my face. if i
weren't so tired iwould have taken a spc of it.

tuesday nite = jimmy buffett live in indy!
bus will be full of crazies, singing the whole ride
there, drinking ice cold beers, margaritas and
big o! kelly will be out of the studio wednesday!

fins to the left, fins to the right!


bless my soul *[sassychicks]

this little girl went wee wee wee wee wee.....all the way home

this girl was part of the [girls nite out] fundraiser for the
"caroline harmon fund". someone very dear to me decided
to take
her home. in two short hours we raised $1800
there were tears, plenty of laughter, hugs - just plain old
kindess given by every chick who walked in the door.

i am so happy i was able to be part of it all. caroline's
family has received some bummer news. the first bone
marrow transplant didn't work as planned, so they are at
square one again....this time trying a double cord transplant.

as a mother, you can't even digest the pain they are
dealing with. we just do our best to support, love and
keep our sick children held high in prayer.

visit caroline here....
blessing ya' go hug someone and pass out
many smiles today!



6+ hours, journey home

at hour five i looked at bryce and asked him
if he
had a sharpened pencil that i could
stick in my
eye. after we got the kids
dropped off at their necessary destinations,
bryce and i drove back towards middle
indiana surrounded by high corn fields and
telephone poles. we called arnis as we
pulled into town, picked up the stromboli
and salad and headed home. poor delilah
was beside herself as we walked through
the front door, tail whipping anything it
came into contact with.

most of the vacation was good, i got to
read, sit by the pool and walk the dunes.
6 days was too long for 17 people. but
getting to see my 70 year old dad perform
a can opener off the diving board, while
his 10 grandkids bobbed up and down in the
shallow end, chanting...grampy - grampy

made all the crap worth it.

grampy and g...perfecting the can opener - g's smile, says it all.


bless my soul *[gone]

heading up the rode to sunny
michigan for a family vacation.
no - seriously, my whole
family is going. 15 people in one
vacation house. not my idea of
vacation, but i am going to
have fun no matter what!

i am so excited about finally
taking gabe and clancy
somewhere. the noise level
will be out of control and i am
sure the beer and cocktails
will be flowing. life is good.

it has taken me 3 months
to fire up for this little
getaway - i can honestly
say i am
happy to go.

blessings to each of
you - see you soon


how do you live

How You Life Your Life
You seem to be straight forward, but you keep a lot inside.You're laid back and chill, but sometimes you care too much about what others think.You prefer a variety of friends and tend to change friends quickly.You tend to dream big, but you worry that your dreams aren't attainable.

i have to say this is right on! with the exception of the friends.
i do love to meet new people, but i am very loyal. so how
do you live?

on a quick personal note....if anyone has a bit of time and would

like to visit a sweet little soul - please stop by and say hola to
caroline and her mom karri. they got some gloomy news tuesday
and could use a little pick me up. now go say hello!

peace ya'll....kelly