...leavin' on a jet plane.

...friendly skies, somewhere over our universe...

tomorrow i leave for the oregon coast. to say i am elated is an
understatement and for so many reasons. one, i have never
been there and i am flying into seattle - a city i have always
wanted to visit. i am going to be surrounded by beautiful creative
souls again, within three weeks. yes, i am a blessed and spoiled
girl. and in that group are many who i get to sit with and just
be. and i love that part.

bryce will be running his first marathon while i am gone. i am so
proud of him getting to this point. i wish i had half his dedication
and determination.

i am sitting her looking at a little note i received from the 2008 squam
retreat, " your dreams deeply matter. you can trust that." oh yes they
do and yes i can.

peace out.


Jill from n.h. said...

you lucky sweet women! i can't wait to hear and see picture's.
happy creating!!
xo and smiles~ jill from n.h.

Erin said...

oohh, love seattle! have a blast.

K said...

i am SO happy i met you!
i love your style.
i love your laugh.
i love your funkyness.


gkgirl said...


i hope you had a fantastic time!!