seek : the journey

workings : seek the journey

i have been messing with this piece since, well forever it seems.
trying several different paths to work it out. each time, i put it
to the side. but it really bothers me peeking out of its lonely corner.

the last time i worked on it put a little elephant over the eye of
the girl. the elephant is actually a piece of an ikea napkin, that
i took from a party.

today i put her back up on the table to show her some love and
as i sat there looking at that little pink slowly
came to me. i am a great admirer of pixie campbell and her
knowledge of how the wild protects us, how they walk with us.
her love of the "wild things" is something i am so intrigued by...
and inspired by pixie and all that she offers this world.

and with that i began to think of the gracious souls i spent 5 days
with on the oregon coast. each one showing up, checking the ego.
each of us again peeking into each others windows, realizing that
no matter what is on the outside, it is the inside that is most
beautiful. we each hold our fears, loves and goals inside that
plump red heart that glows the yellow light. right. always finding
that she may be just as scared as i am. that she is working so hard
to keep her family together. that she is working 3 jobs too just
to maintain.

so with all of those thoughts and i am working
on me and my painting. not done yet. i have a way to go. but right
now, i am happy to have the elephant in my house, towards the door.



pixie said...

thank you, dear one. you are wild inside, too.

xoxo p

Amy said...

and it makes me happy to get a peek at what you're working on and what you're thinking, what you hold dear.

those wild things make us tick, don't they? and i'm partial to elephants. . . .


Swirly said...

I always love seeing your work in progress!!

patty said...

Thanks for introducing me to Pixie - I can so relate to her sad stories of the last few days. And I love the "Journey" piece!!

Nancy said...

Lovely pieces, keep up the inspiration... I would love to get into painting someday.

Sarah said...

I'm so excited about this piece you're working on, Kelly! "Seek the journey..." I love that advice. I read it, and it hit me: what wonderful, varied lives, we can all lead, if we look for journeys instead of destinations! Full of adventures and stories... And color - like in this beautiful painting! :)

elizabeth said...

that is so lovely. full of inspiration.

i do love animals - they live so perfectly in the moment and never question whether they are enough. they know that they are perfect - just as they are.

Jennifer said...

thank you for giving us a glimpse at your work in progress. I just love it. Keep pushing along

jenny said...

I love this so much. The vibrant colors, the wording. I always love your girls. Thanks for the sneak peek!

beth said...

I love your style, no matter how long it takes to get it done for the world to see....

we and everything we do are works in progress...always.....


chrissy said...

oh kelly. what a wonderful piece. thank you for sharing that even KELLY BARTON has pieces hiding in corners! i love everything about you kelly and so appreciate you sharing your story.
kolleen said your pieces at CORE were AMAZING!
loves & missing you!