oh happy day

oh happy day apron.

i have no clue where to even
begin. life is crazy right now.

making lots of new baubles.

long phone chats that nourish
my soul.

19 sleeps till squam.

6 tee shirts that i need to
screen - bit off way more than
i can chew on this one.

need to paint, need to find
to paint first.

trying to get in shape
and shed this weight.

missing so many right now.

gabe has shingles....but
not too severe, love that

clancy shot a 40 in her
golf meet and medaled.

both will be getting there
braces off in the weeks to

another child we know
has been fighting cancer
and damn it - it has spread
to his spine.

but....with all this craz
yness - i
am ready for squam.

i am part of this
happy place..

stop by and check out all
the great artists and crafters
there! i say let the holiday
shopping begin!

...and i will have a few more
fun announcements coming
in the next couple of weeks
about another show, retreat
and goodies in the shop!

oh friend liz made the
apron i am wearing above. this
is my second, i love them - i do!
so if you would like one....toddle
on over here to check out her
fun little room.

happy friday, ya'll!


lookie:lookie, 5 really sweet things

little baubles from moodswing studios. super sweet.

1. kristen at moodswing studios has her new fall line
of baubles up and ready to own! go check them out.
i am so in love with mine. i was so excited today when
i found the package in the post, but when i opened the
envelope and found the little additionals surprises, i just
sat there with my mouth on the floor. are
a jewel. thanks so much for being so kind.

2. this chickadee....cause, i love our long chats. they always come
right when i need a kick in the arse. i am so proud of her and
all the crazy things that she is doing. present retreats.
i am so fired up that i am heading to oregon in october to see it all
first hand.

3. peach and gladys ride tonight through cool rain and some gutsy
winds. but the ride left me feeling so clear. better than i have in
weeks and that makes me happy and content. the crickets are loud
tonight making their presence known through the window - wide open.

4. the mannequin that was on my front stoop today. i feel so blessed
to be part of this upcoming show. more info soon

5. was a sweet day, filled with long chats, much needed
clarity, lunch meeting with a new opportunity and time with many friends.

to each of you who have touched my life this week, who have smiled at
me, who have given me that token kick in the arse and to the boys at
the muni....i am blessed.
Bold is a 6th. i am loving this bit of inspiration. go check
out the retrieval project. i am simply amazed. jenny and her family
have taken an idea and turned it into a lesson in life. i kinda like
that. go check out there story and maybe you will find a little something
to remind you of those lessons.

peace out.



dogs gone, dogs return
farmers market
clean studio
scold dogs
doodle girls


new baubles in the shop!

disco funk art the shop!

new art pendant and vintage pendants in the shop. each freshly
made and ready for new homes. i will be adding more in the next
couple of weeks.

i have had a very exciting and busy week with necklaces! if you
ever have a specific art pendant you would like, with your ideal
colors, please convo or email me. i love doing custom pieces.