oh happy day

oh happy day apron.

i have no clue where to even
begin. life is crazy right now.

making lots of new baubles.

long phone chats that nourish
my soul.

19 sleeps till squam.

6 tee shirts that i need to
screen - bit off way more than
i can chew on this one.

need to paint, need to find
to paint first.

trying to get in shape
and shed this weight.

missing so many right now.

gabe has shingles....but
not too severe, love that

clancy shot a 40 in her
golf meet and medaled.

both will be getting there
braces off in the weeks to

another child we know
has been fighting cancer
and damn it - it has spread
to his spine.

but....with all this craz
yness - i
am ready for squam.

i am part of this
happy place..

stop by and check out all
the great artists and crafters
there! i say let the holiday
shopping begin!

...and i will have a few more
fun announcements coming
in the next couple of weeks
about another show, retreat
and goodies in the shop!

oh friend liz made the
apron i am wearing above. this
is my second, i love them - i do!
so if you would like one....toddle
on over here to check out her
fun little room.

happy friday, ya'll!


vivienne said...

19 sleeps!!!

beth said...

looky how long your hair is !!

and ohhhhh my heart aches knowing that I'm not going to squam....but it will be there in spirit !

give elizabeth a hug for me, K ?


Liz said...

hey gorgeous! 18 sleeps now! xxooxxoo

Kirsten Michelle said...

16 sleeps.
i'm coming completely undone...
can't wait to re~connect.xoxoxo

Kim Carney said...

sounds busy but fun! I wish i could go to squam ... I really need a retreat!