...leavin' on a jet plane.

...friendly skies, somewhere over our universe...

tomorrow i leave for the oregon coast. to say i am elated is an
understatement and for so many reasons. one, i have never
been there and i am flying into seattle - a city i have always
wanted to visit. i am going to be surrounded by beautiful creative
souls again, within three weeks. yes, i am a blessed and spoiled
girl. and in that group are many who i get to sit with and just
be. and i love that part.

bryce will be running his first marathon while i am gone. i am so
proud of him getting to this point. i wish i had half his dedication
and determination.

i am sitting her looking at a little note i received from the 2008 squam
retreat, " your dreams deeply matter. you can trust that." oh yes they
do and yes i can.

peace out.


..for the moment....i got a buddha-tude..

the girls of sommers - squam lake 09

in honor of today's buddha-tude, my
overdue list of 5 happy, good things....

1. tuesday i leave for oregon, to be
part of this chicks first art retreat.
you can find more info here.

2. new work in the studio, slow but sure.

3. sitting in harry's tonight having a beer
with mr. b. this is a rarity. and a quick
trip to von's for fun little chatzky's. oh
how i love that place.

4. miss c's sense of adventure.

5. the pink book that sits beside me. at
last - a little something that shows me
that i can be a little wacky in this little
town. it is a ray of sunshine. thank you
mr. doonan.

hope this finds each of you well and happy.