the mermaid challenge :: week no. 2

clio penelope..soft, peaceful, full of grace.
2 friends::creating, supporting and cheering on
6 weeks::mermies galore keep us both on track
2 daughters who love coming up with names
3 descriptive words for each mermie

danielle and i have made it to week two! few injuries
in the process, with the exception of a bruised ego
here and there. due to our own critical minds.
we had a couple of gals play along last week and
would love to have more. wanna see more of
clio penelope....hop over here.


stef said...

Oh, I love that you incorporated penelope - my daughters name...I just might need to get this print :)

are you going to be at squam by the sea?

liz elayne lamoreux said...

this project is such fun. love seeing what you two are up to...

and this name....and her hair. adore.

Jennifer said...

I want to play along again. are there specific colors I should be using? I didn't even notice last time that you called out the colors...and I was close. :)

Both of your mermaids are so incredible. I adore them!

Swirly said...

Such a great project...I love it!

curious girl (lisa) said...

love her lilac hair!