7.08.2010 look, new doo, new day..

strawberry fest 2010

whew...i can't believe that we are already well
into july. summer is half over and i haven't even

there are some new happy things coming to the camp.
new marketing pieces, new blog look and a new
shop on the way. hoping that a re-focus will put
me back on track to goodness.

i am sending out three pieces to the squam art show
in the next week. this makes me so happy and i am
very honored to have been included again this year.

i look forward to setting my feet in the sand for my
birthday week and hoping that the followng month
i get to gather with more of the chickadees that i
love and adore. to say that i am blessed is an
understatement. i just wish you all lived next door./
once a year, isn't nearly enough.

another chickadee will be leaving the nest soon.
the last few months have been crazy busy with
the kids. bryce will soon be training for another
marathon and the lovely miss c will be heading
back to the hills of cali. just one chickadee left.

am i sad you ask, no...not at all. will this mean
more time in the studio, well yes if i get off
my ass and make it happen.

for any of you in the indy area, i want to pass
along a bit of goodness. this past week i went
to ado hair design, for a fresh style. danny
worked his magic. my hair no longer looks or
feels paper thin. he is such a fun guy. i will
be going back for more. gives a wicked head rub
too. and if you stop by, make sure to check out
my artwork! they were so kind to let me hang
some of my pieces there. they are top notch!

so with that, it is late . late . late and i need
to hit the hay....ready for that new day.

peace. out.


Jennifer said...

I love the new look of your blog. stunning!! sending you some love!

elizabeth said...

Are you going back to Squam in September??
I will def. make the trip to Sandwich to catch the show--it would be great to see your work in real-life, real-time!

oh, I am also loving your tattoo designs--wahoo!!!