simply awake

[surfin' on main]

it has been a long month for
many reasons, but through
the muck, i have also been
able to dig myself out and
feel renewed. i was able
to do that because i have
such a strong circle of family
and friends. even when i
get really down, scared and
full of fear. i do know that
it will be okay - my biggest
problem is that i DWELL on
too much negative. you know
the glass half empty. even
though i really know that it is
half full. this week i found
this on miz mawns site....
simple awakenings. yesterday
i was blessed when i was able
to sit down and talk with someone
that i truly admire as an artist.

she was kind, generous, and funny.

she put me at ease and when she
asked me "where do you want your
career to go" a light went off. just
a gentle simple she says
[swoon!] so here are my simple
awakenings - blessings - loves....

...the twisted trio now living closer

...happy times with this chickie

...watching clancy run the bases,
guarding first & winning first round

...being a [creative] - sorry tom!

...preparing for our new pup

...cold watermelon

...wilted lettuce salad - fresh from our garden

...healthy - smart - funny kids


...a cold yuengling - yummie!

happy thursday!


la vie en rose said...

*sigh* the simple things--yes, Yes, YES!

kelly rae said...

oh yes, it's so hard to get stuck in the muck, isn't it? has the new pup arrived? pictures, pictures!

Swirly said...

Blessings to YOU, my dear.