["Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot
about little puppies."-- Gene Hill]

the new addition to our family will arrive in 3 more
weeks! she is one of the four airedale pups above.
she comes from a litter of eight....4 girls/4 boys.
her daddy is ernie - ch. stoneridge wings of airetyme

and mom is holly - orrick of stoneridge. both very
handsome pups! i think this just may be the big event
of the summer!
we will be heading to the chicago area
the weekend
of our anniversary to possibly see a game,
visit the
biggest show on earth [IKEA] and bring her home.
anything to get out of this lazy little town.

stay tuned...

["The average dog is a nicer person than the
average person."--Andrew A. Rooney]


Heather said...

They are sooo soooo cute.

Misty Mawn said...

awwwwwwwwwwww~~~ So very cute!!!

Monica Paulina said...

wow-its coming! enjoy your peace and quiet while its still here :)

Colorsonmymind said...

They are so cute!

Good luck!

liz elayne said...

oh now this is delightful!!!!
can't wait to see more pics when you bring her home.

la vie en rose said...


Friederike! said...

ohhhhhhhhh, they are so sweet. Can´t you take two of them? :)

Raquelle said...

They are so adorable! Congrats on the new puppy!

Shari said...

We just brought a new puppy into our lives a couple of months ago. A tip: VIVA paper towels are the best for cleaning up little puppy messes. Enjoy! Love that puppy breath!

Sreejith Kumar said...

Ha! They look so nice....

Knit and Purl Grrl said...

Oh goodness, these are giving me puppy/baby fever!

claudine hellmuth said...

awww so sweet!! I bet you can't wait!

thanks for the link to my blog. I'll link back to ya :)