10 things i am doing when not creating

happy monday all!
i woke up this morning thinking i had
one more day on the weekend...bummer!

i found this idea on this
chick's site....and
thought it would be interesting to see what
is keeping me from my beloved creating

here are the ten things that keep me from
my art...

1. a.d.d.

2. my messy desk [ i am always behind on work,
invoicing, preliminary ideas, writing job quotes,
tax time is just around the corner and i have
not filled out the books...ugh!

3. chasing our new pup around making sure
there are no accidents

4. two walks a day with delilah

5.keeping the house picked up

6.well meaning family and friends who stop by unannounced

7.annoying marketers calling, f.o.p. who call at least twice a
week looking for donations

8.laundry activities

10. me not being able to say no to others!

and after all this i most generally need a nap around 3-5pm.
any ideas on how to get on a schedule, leave them here!
i am open to almost anything!

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