bless my soul *[new doo]

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at last....i dig my new hairdoo! short choppy bangs,
little fauxhawk. not liking this chicken neck of mine.
my god! i turned 40 and i suddenly have an old
lady neck. but i have a funky new cut/color so that
is what i am concentrating on today!

happy thursday!


Swirly said...

Love it!

katskatryn said...

wow, did you say you turned forty? you look amazing! happy to know of your blog :)

Misty Mawn said...

I love the new doo! You look so cool!!! I have always wanted my hair like that, but I always back out at the last minute. Someday I am going to do it!
Hey, thanks so much for the comment you left me this morning!!! I means a lot! thanks! Take care! xo Oh, btw... I do not see a chicken neck...not at all! That makes me think about my grandma and her skin...she had these flaps on her under arms that could knock someone out if they weren't careful..and I know, I just know I am going to have them someday I write this I have checked see their progress. Aging just sucks...I want the body I had when I was 23, the skin I had when I was 10, and the mind I will have when I am older. ;-) ...anyhow, what was I trying to say...oh yeah, LOVE the new doo!

Kim Carney said...

I think you look terrific! 40 is the new 20 ;) 50 is the new 30 ... (that is what I am telling everyone!) You are hip, vibrant, adorable ....

kelly rae said...

40? wow. you are aging beautifully. may i be so lucky!

Anonymous said...

Get a LIFE!!!!!!!!!! You are OLD