white stripe

oh....i have yet another new doo. not so much
in the cut, just trying to grow my hair out.
but the color - i LOVE it. i have really fine,
thin hair. i work really hard to get it to look
like it isn't so fine and thin. so brandy, put
in deep brown low lites, some dark blonde
and a sassy little white stripe in the front.

i may never go blonde again! i have always
stayed blonde because i fear i look like my
mom if my hair is darker. don't get me wrong.
mom is very cute, however as a daughter, i
don't want to be my mom. but i like the dark.

happy wednesday!


la vie en rose said...

you look so chic and stylish! i love it!

Swirly said...

Very cool. It is amazing what a difference a little color can make. :)

Bohemian Girl said...

mmm...i absolutely LOVE this cut and color on you.