bless my soul *[miz alison]

tis the season for giving,
the season of advent is

upon us. advent is a reminder
of the gifts we have received,
the arrival of christ' birth and
the ability to celebrate our
life we have been given. my
blessings are pure and true.
some days we forget what true
blessings have been bestowed
upon us.

if you are looking for something
to give to, during the season
of advent you may want to start
here. Penelope Dullaghan - is
looking for you. her sweet sweet
sister in law, Alison is in the fight
of her life. she is fighting cancer.
a fund has been set up to help out
alison and her husband tom.

so if you are looking to share a smile
with an extra someone, please start
here. and while you visit toms site
or alison, please take the time to read
through their blog entrys. the have
a simple, loving relationship that is

prays, zen and positive thoughts
are very much needed as well. so
if that is the gift you can give...
please do so.



Kim Carney said...

You say it all so much better than I could ever! Thank you!

la vie en rose said...

thank you for making the blogging community aware of this. this is one of the beautiful things about blogging--the way we can reach out and care for each other.

la vie en rose said...

i just tried to e-mail you but i'm not sure it went through...i wanted to tell you that i loved your little silver tree with umbrellas so much last year that this year i had to have my own...and i love it!