have you....

have you ever bought a pile of
paper at a craft store, get it home
and realized what you thought would
be full of funky vintage style paper, is
only full of ugly crappy paper...ugh.
$4 wasted.

have you ever rented videos, forgotten
to take them back then found out that
you owe a hefty late late that
you make you kids swear not to tell you

have you ever stopped traffic on the way
to a concert, to run across to the nearest
corn field to pee, because the 4 beers you
have drank on the hour ride to the pavilion
have finally caught up with you

have you kissed a shaun cassidy poster

have you ever not answered the phone all
day, just because you didn't want to talk to
anyone and that's okay

have you ever thought about packing up
all your belongings and just moving in
the middle of the nite

have you ever wondered why i write this
silly stuff...

well have you?


Swirly said...

Yes to everything except the videos. Did you ever have a Leif Garrett poster on your ceiling?


Swirly said...

One more no - I don't ever wonder why you write this stuff, I'm always glad you do!!!

la vie en rose said...


oh yes...and i won't tell you what videos they were either because that would be embaressing

can't say that i have...but it sounds adventerous...

yes...*blush*...and i have to admit that i keep a picture of johnny depp on my fridge and i still ocassionally throw kisses to it...only when no one is looking of course...

most definitely...

how 'bout EVERY DAY!

heehee...of course not...

melanie said...

yes, i've been a victim to crappy paper (they always put the only decent piece of paper on top, you know?). yes, i have paid enough late fees to exceed the value of the movie (and library books, too). yes, i often turn the ringer off and let the machine be my secretary. yes, almost everyday i face the temptation to pack it all up and move on. no, your musings are not silly at all!

Kim Carney said...

I have done most of those, except I can't remembering ever kissing shaun cassidy poster ;)

MadFlyTom said...

Yes, no, definitely, but it was the woods, not corn field, who's Shaun Cassidy?, I think I'm going to do this today, and no I never want to move again after this weekend! ahaha!

This stuff is great! Keep it coming!

When's lunch? It's been forever.