sick and tired

sick and tired,
sick and tired....something has
latched onto my lungs and won't
let go.

i am so wiped and with that comes

rushing to get jobs finished, a shear
panic has surfaced from my weary

ugh...please lord, send me some health.

but even in the dark - comes some light.
c was home for spring break last
week and made sure i had warm tea, fuzzy
socks and best of all she left me alone to
rest. she is the best. she is also preparing
to sail the seas to london and rightfully so -
so excited.

i have an opportunity to do several designs
for a greeting card submission. make note
to kelly - find some damn time! right now
i am working on several logos, two websites,
and quite a few itty bitty jobs that always
seem to bring a bit of change.

i took my pops to lunch today and watching
his face beam when discussing c's trip was
almost too much.

if anyone out there has some extra time
or energy, please send it my way. this
tired chickadee says thanks ahead of time

happy wednesday ya'll


melanie said...

hmm, sounds like your body is trying to tell you to slow down and get yourself some tlc. hope you are feeling at your best again soon.

as for extra time or energy, oh how i wish. if i had any to share, you bet i would gladly send them your way!

"I wish I could stand on a busy corner, hat in hand, and beg people to throw me all their wasted hours." Bernard Berenson

kelly rae said...

and when you find all that extra time, could you please share with me?

Kim Carney said...

I am totally sending you some my energy! I wish I could help you ... do you need a brainstorming phone session about logos ;)