five really good things

bourbon street - october 2006

1. another team heading down to work in new orleans.
even though i don't get to make this happy that
there are still people out there with kindness in there
hearts and can make the trip.

2. hanging my artwork around the house and realizing that
i have been productive, that i do have my style as an
artist and embrassing it all.

3. last month i contemplating throwing the towel in on my
freelance design career. today i am so happy that i got over
that moment of insanity! i am truly blessed and happy to be
working in my little studio.

4. delilahblue nudging her way onto the chair, resting her
chin on my chest as i sip on my morning cup of joe.

5. my sassy new mia farrow doo, darker than ever!

thanks liz for the gentle nudge of five really good things....


liz elayne said...

such a great list!

(i want to see that new do!!! share a picture please...)

kellyloveswhales said...

i'm so glad you are keeping with your freelance work! you are such a talented artist-- the world needs your art! : )

p.s. this is such a wonderful idea! i'm going to do it too.

The Dream said...

Kelly- Cool list! What do you do when you go down to New Orleans? I love it there SO much, though haven't been back since Katrina. Glad that you are continuing to do your freelance - awesome! You can't turn your back on your talent.

Enid said...

Hey there girlie, will we get to see a picture of your new do? I'm glad things are working out, thanks for sharing your list.

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

when do we get to see the hair????

The Dream said...

Thanks for your response on the N.O. question. My church has done this as well, though I did not make it down to be part of the effort. I gave in a few other ways, though I would have much preferred to be part of the hands-on effort. It IS disgraceful how slow moving the progress has been, I agree.

OK, time for the HAIR EXPOSE' - bring it!